Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Dark compassion

An excerpt followed by a poem followed by fotos courtesy Mahaloness.

‘Heart anger refers to approaches in which openly expressed anger and compassion consciously and beneficially coexist…Heart-anger is anchored both in full-blooded aliveness and clear caring for the other. As fierce as it sometimes can be, heart-anger is but the emissary of wrathful compassion.’

Spiritual Bypassing -Robert Augustus Masters Phd.

Spiritual bypassing is not about denying the spirit, nor does it mean that spirituality doesn’t exist, it has more to do with the fact we suppress our anger, and in ways that one doesn’t even necessarily think about (including mediation, intellectualism and work). We live in a world where anger exists. We see daily examples of anger turned aggressive, anger turned into acts of terror and we immediately award hero status to the ones who ‘saved the day’ and suppress the underlying current ; the root to the core of the matter; the dark undercurrent, and we cannot just turn our backs on it, or shun it, or bypass it, or rise above it, and/or simply suppress it. In order to stop violence we must know what it is, and bombs, bullets, whatever the execution is to suppress the darkness of humanity , it seems that by now history provides a blueprint of how that works out. By embracing our anger we face fear, and we watch it and we learn from it. Seen through eyes of compassion and from the heart we illuminate the dread and the discovery might just be less drastic than if we just ‘move on’ from it, which has it’s own implications. These are just my thoughts, as far as I see it, the only way to mahaloness is through exploration, and darkness is one of a multitude of layers that one must navigate in order to be okay with being in this lifetime.

A dark poem

Heart of darkness
do I explore
as I wonder through the mire
blackness cloaks hope
perceptions wane
anger churns
In a world built seemingly from vain
hidden demons
dressed in sequins
fooling only those who see surface
heart meets mind
turn sour grapes into delicious wine.

Fotomahaloness – darkness study continues and out of darkness shines light.






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Black Willow

Black Willow
30 x 40 in. Acrylic on Panel
This is a portrait of the lovely Leiah, Black Willow, I made it following a stint on the festival circuit last year in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, where I met Black Willow. She is well beyond her years, and certainly part of a growing world tribe. My portrait work stems from an early influence of Japanese art, specifically kabuki woodblock print art that captured the elaborate make up, costumes, facial expression and gestures of the performers. Kabuki ‘the art of singing and dancing’ goes back to the early 1600’s and the Golden era was between 1673–1841, considered the golden age. I have also included a few of my early art wearables, hand painted, that emphasize the Japanese influence in my work. Perhaps the modern day festival is the evolution of such early theatre, where elaborate costume, make up, dance have become a yearly ritual.
FotoMahaloness portrait and my earlier years, hand painted wearable art
I do commission art, please contact me if you are interested, I can do both painting with acrylic and digital paint, or a combination, there really are no limits. Price varies from commission to commission.