Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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This is Wolfman

This is ‘Wolfman’ a self portrait completed following a great search to Western Canada. It is what I would consider explorer art, or what I have coined as a paintamentary. It is not a visionary painting, it is not a traditional portrait, nor is it abstract, it is however 100% Mahaloness.
fotoMahaloness -the Wolfman
12×12 in. Acrylic and birchbark on canvas 2012
To order a print, go to this link and remember never underestimate the power of art.
Mahaoness be with you.

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Patterns. Patterns in the weave, one string leaving remnants of what was while adding to the what is. Patterns, weather shifting, Mother Nature’s song being rewritten. Patterns, full circle, deja vu. Quantum mechanics, thermo dynamics, so many trying to break on through. Patterns, behavioral manifestations unique to one while contributing to the weave of the veil that covers the all.
Fotomahaloness, exploring patterns in and out.

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Link to Wolfman