Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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self discovery 

I have lived mostly a revolutionary life. There is a glamour to that on surface level that makes me seem interesting to some, and to have lived a ‘fast’ life. For me though it is as if I am standing on a beach, with the sea gently caressing its shoulder and in the distance there is a sailing yacht with the name, ‘wife, white picket fence, kids, and a home’ sailing away into a stunning sunset. This has been my choice, and with that comes a price, for the unknown is daunting and challenges even the deepest primordial instincts, not to mention societal pressure to conform. This is the reality of every person who walks the less travelled path, who willingly goes there to explore themselves in an effort perhaps to learn about oneself, and to experience on their own terms, life’s lessons, and with that the choice to adjust their settings accordingly. This is a life long practice, and takes patience, stamina, perseverance, determination, amongst so many things…. and one has to be motivated to do this on their own volition. The way to get to point a to b is not exactly ideal, there is multitude of things that can and will come up that will challenge ones constitution and disposition. Finding a way to reach a desired outcome that both respects my self interest as well as the other is imperative to a positive experience, having learned both ways I can see the utility in this. This is where I will be focusing on for while, following a period of perhaps self induced pain and suffering as a reaction to certain desires not being met, at least the way I wanted them to, this is in all probability the hardest thing to acknowledge, and there exists a myriad of ways to avoid this aspect of reality, and that’s coming from experience. Self awareness is a life skill that enables us, the ‘seeker’, to navigate unchartered waters, metaphorically speaking, and extends to our place in our community, including family and friends. This is what’s been in my mind of late in this period of solitude I find myself in. I think it’s more than likely I will continue to write about this in posts to come. This also might seem a little raw, it is, as I work out exactly what it is a I want to say. Until next here is some more of my art from recent and past. Enjoy and be well!


One of my desires as an artist is to go to the other side and bring back knowledge in order to help serve humankind. 

playing with paper cut outs as I start a new watercolour, always honing my skills, pushing myself to go that extra distance🕯 underneath is a vision quest rock art I was fortunate enough to visit a couple years ago, spine tingling kind of stuff, always good to pay respects to where art has come from.

🌝 a new hälts minimotion, ‘eclipse of the illusion part 2’ with soundscape ‘early spring’ 🌿 featuring a new animation ‘jaguar eye’, a praying mantis that came to visit hälts during a paint sesh, and a few clips from @espressokino movie night, the Japanese have a way of getting under your skin and deep into the psyche, and a couple watercolur WIP seshs, enjoy and let the illusion go…what would life be if we could actually be free, who knows, so it goes. 

hälts watercolour WIP ‘Phoenix rising’ and ‘the healer’ in the background.

and lastly a link to ‘the healer’ painting which is now available as a super Ltd. Ed. sigend and numbered print on my Etsy store, here’s the link Mahaloness Etsy shop link, click here
Thank you! Mahaloness! 

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Japanese Accordion Moleskine Maui Drawing/doodle

Art and selling is oil and vinegar, it goes really well when there is bread and wine.

Featured painting today is called ‘Breath of Life’
8 x 30 x 2 in. Acrylic on reclaimed vintage canvas 2012

you can view, order and buy artwork here on this link, high quality prints are available everything taken care of!

The original painting is slightly warped like my knowledge of the Egyptian life, science, architecture, astrology, mythology, and it’s civilization. It is therefore a visionary painting in that I am visioning what that might have looked like based on what I know and the information I have gathered on my journey. The painting retells the stories I have heard, seen or been told, including the great flood, Isis as the Divine Mother (also protector of the dead, patroness of nature and magic) , cats “mau”. Sometimes I make up words like ‘paintovision’, which this painting would probably fall under if I had to categorize my work, it shows the cycle of life from birth to death and than to the underworld. Egyptians according to John Anthony West’s series, Magical Egypt, suggests that even if one was born into misery that they had a chance to redeem themselves, and perhaps this is useful insight for humans living today, it is never too late, the cycle will repeat, and we will do what we do until we do something different, than we might actually get some where else, although I am humble enough to admit that I do not what that ‘somewhere else’ is, whatever it is, it will be extraordinary.

Fotomahaloness -just too be off the wall I have included many views of a japanese accordion style doodle, it doesn’t quite fit frame, I see myself tattooing someone with this drawing, one continuous tattoo that spirals up the body, or down, depending on perspective.



Do what you love.

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Layer upon layers

Seeing the vision through may be the most difficult task an artist faces. When I am painting I find I am always challenging the voice in my head that says, ‘that’s good enough.’
Fotomahaloness -the Mahaloness painting continues, the vision strong, its getting close…
This blog is dedicated to Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso








Rootamental Joy equals Mahaloness

The Rootamental Mahaloness is living life fully with joy throughout peaks and valleys, maintaining awareness of true self and letting this flow through you. This is essential so as to service humanity to the fullest and thus set in motion actions that will exponentially grow with endless potential. Your brain will attempt to reason with this, there is no reason, it is roughly the 90% of the brain, according to science, that we have yet to truly tap, and perhaps this is true of the universe, where approximately 90% is considered dark mass. So where to begin, how do you jump in and go with a current you cannot see with the naked eye? This is a question that many have spoken about on channels like TED talks and alike, with many views that seem so close to each other that perhaps this is an indication of how close we really are. It seems to me that science and art are not too far apart, and as time runs its course these languages begin to speak to each other with wondrous fluidity and potential energy turning kinetic. The spark is happening all around and for the creative mind it present limitless possibility for truly extraordinary fruition. So to all those out there searching, do not give up hope, your part is one of many and together momentum builds the bridge bringing us closer together, perhaps like no other time before. With a bit of luck (in the context of this blog by luck I mean preparation meeting opportunity) we may see a planet that is in true coexistence, without the need to fight for something we do not fully understand, where fear and anxieties dissipate like fog as the sun rises from the east. So let’s get to it shall we, let’s bring it together and produce the extraordinary, make the most of the time you have! Mahaloness
Images as seen are some hints of the good work I enjoy producing every moment I can, I will be writing about the paintings as the blog unfolds. Hula man can be seen viewing a protective diety mural that I made recently for a beautiful individual who is fighting cancer, I will expand on this soon. Love