Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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seasons change

In this part of the world the seasons change. As winter loosens its grip, the snow melts and the landscape turns from white to brown. You can almost hear the trees getting excited as they awake from their dormancy, and birds also seem to be quite  psyched. 


all fotos from recent sojourns to BC where hälts spends a lot of quality time enriching his senses and being one with the planet and all its wonder, there will future posts coming in an effort to share some of the journey with you all. 

hälts in reflection

hälts hybrid art combing nature with his new watercolor series ‘therianthropica’

Also a shoutout to all the moms all over, excellent job you rule💚🌞🌿

hälts watercolor WIP, part of his ‘therianthropica’ series

Lately hälts has been on the road, collecting content and working on a few new themes and subjects for Mahaloness, he is excited to get back to writing and share the good word, the art and the stoke. 🔥

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growing up


This is a mirrored image of a magical little forest I happened upon in British Columbia, Canada. When I am in a forest it lends to an increase in life force and connection to this planet. If the microcosm does in fact mimmic or mirror image the macrocosm than it seems apparent to pay attention to the planet and learn vital lessons that may in fact help the human component of the chain. To understand the planet is one area that we as humans really have very little clue about, considering our small length if time here, and the reliance on science that has provided models based largely on a very tiny amount of information in our short existence. This means we infer based on our knowledge of a tiny window that may or may not be entirely correct. The first half of my existence was largely driven by a curiosity of this place I find myself in, and I found nourishment via institutional realms available to me. By this I mean I learnt through textbooks, teachers and professors, trusting what I was given was factual and accurate. Now, later on life, I find the need to reexamine the world with an new found open mindedness and allowing for a whole lot of room for growth, and no doubt I think this is a huge test for many of us. Perhaps this is my raison d’être, to search for a meaningful existence through the modus operandi: produce art. One of the best ways to share my art other than being with it in real time is the Mahaloness blog thread. It is an outlet to share my artistic explorations with you and thoughts on art, life and those things I deem necessary to share with you, although I offer an abundance of imagery as well, and look to continue to do so, through these times, that you and I share.

20140226-145716.jpgMahalonessdigiportrait of me while on an art exploration…

Thank you.

You can find more of my art here

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Studio visit (quick time out)

I have been spending vast amounts of time in the studio. Cosmic comes to mind. There have been solo sesshins, and collaborative efforts including recently with Agent R, fantastic every which way, the paintamentary continues! Creativity is even more enjoyable when there is quality company. Everyday I walk to my studio, I have a show coming up and I want to be as prepared as is possible, that is a wise modus operandi because I know from experience that the work put on does pay off. Everyday I get to walk over my favorite river, the Bow. It is a catch 22, I am sandwiched by a river and a busy road. I might have to start wearing an oxygen mask, the car emissions are outstanding this time of year, bravo cars, thank you very much. Without getting bent out of shape too much, as I do ride in cars and I myself have driven them, I do not want to complain, it is something to ponder though. In my opinion I prefer the smell of gas at the pump than I do the burnt emission that cars produce and I can tell you one more thing, I high five as many of those trees next to the road as they are on the frontline cleaning the air with each inspiration. So good job trees.
Fotomahaloness -recent offspring, paintings are like children they require care and attention, even when you may not be feeling it! Art is work, even with all the talent in the world it requires a lot of intensity, for me, and that requires energy, a good internal fire, working and stoking the fire are two secrets revealed, there is always magic, you have to be working in flow to experience it. Last foto a Great Horned owl that Agent R and myself saw the other day, it saw us first no doubt.
Now back to work!