Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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‘The journey is long from over, the foolishness of it all has come at cost no doubt, nothing that can trump the feeling of the the wild horse running free. Unbridled, unabashed, fire in the belly, running from nothing, and going nowhere in particular.’   -exerpt from hälts writings 


7 fotos featuring new works by hälts and some studio shots, reclaiming the sacredness of what it is to be human living in this planet that does not belong to us, we are visitors on this plane, take care of it, give it care, try, do it. 

Earth’s calling 🌍 hälts hybrid art made to honour all those earth stewards out there.

‘the whales are calling’ 🐋 hälts hybrid art featuring Right Whale mother and calf, the most endangered of the larger whales in the ocean and asking humans to turn down the volume underwater (check out to learn more)

‘hälts art sanctuary’ 🌿 three of his babies, the creator mural, the healer, and his newest painting underway, little painting no.2

‘the dancer’ hälts hybrid art watercolour to digital art✨

‘hälts art studio’ featuring the dancer watercolour WIP

‘trilogy’ 🕯art made with Earth in mind, the creator mural, the healer (on easel) and a new WIP with the working title ‘little painting no.2’

‘many eyes’ hälts hybrid art 🕯 drawing fotographed through a crystal lens

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many lessons

Life brings many lessons, some take time to learn, don’t be too hard on yourself, patience is your friend. It is easy to feel that everything must get done now….a sense of urgeny….this can also overwhelm, this too will pass, it will be okay, be easy on yourself, sending love to all of you out there who get these words, be well.


 Remembering that the world is a very big place filled with people like you and me, this really does go a long way.   


Back to the studio workong on my skull painting, it just keeps transforming before my eyes, or is t me that is transforming , is it a dream, a vision, a life lesson, it is all ofmthese things and so much more, have a great day.


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Thank you💚

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tapping into whirlwind power

‘whirlwind place’- becuase a shaman’s ability to fly was sometimes called ‘whirlwind power’.  

-from David Lewis-Williams, ‘The Mind in the Cave’ p.170 (a must read if you are an artist, or you have a curiosity of human consciousness and its possible origin) 


Tapping into Whirlwind power often informs my heart work. 

 Whirlwind studio sesh docufoto c.2015

   Mana Maui doodle c.2012 found pen and sea shells on the underside of a reclaimed bamboo floor tile 

 travelling to another place; another dimension

  whirlwind power moleskine ink recollection doodle c.2015

 dream whirlwind, dream mural installation Maui c.2012

Unless we acknowledge the suppression of our darkside we will fail to realize transformation.

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Inside the cocoon transformation awaits

fotoMahaloness -inside the studio, much like a cocoon, from the outside it may look as if nothing is going on, when in fact inside a painting is being born. I was wondering today how wonderful it would be if we as humans could stop fighting for a second, lay down our differences, resign from our agendas for just a nano second, and just say hello to one another, wouldn’t that be great. Wishful thinking perhaps, dare to dream and I will leave it at that.





dedicated to Tarek. Peace and love halla halla


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The Simple Life

The simple life is what I would like to realize. The world around me says go faster, keep up, or else! To reference one of my favorite movie lines, courtesy the The Big Lebowski, ‘get a job you Bum!’. Now if I look at my other option, being an artist, a struggling, starving artist, who has been through it all and back and than back again and one more time, chain smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily and living with little to no care for my own personal well being just so I can produce work that is moving and a little bit ‘edgy’. Well to you I say no thank you, thank you though. Maybe I can be a visionary artist, flowing beautifully, Gaia my voice, wearing my symbols of Sacred Geometry on my sleeve, the Tree of Life, the pyramid tattooed on my third chakra point that is perfectly aligned with this other pyramid and when the sun hits it perfectly I turn into a snake. Let me think about it….Perhaps I should dive deep into dreamtime led by a Shaman from Liverpool who wants 1000 dollars and will certainly help facilitate a special trip to the dark side, where I can face my demons and rid myself of ego. Perhaps. Maybe I would like to continue on the path I am on, no matter what the outside world would like me to be, or how they think I should flow. This is a tricky way of being. I might offend the other who genuinely is providing pertinent information, or reason, and a helpful second point of view. I do listen to those who I feel, true teachers who come in many forms. From the little people to the old Sage, the wind, a weasel scurrying along, a brilliant mind or a river that carries my thoughts away, they all teach, if one is present and open. I am a product of all of it, how I carry on is a sign on the wall, ‘stay calm carry on’ or a status update just in case I forgot who I was. Catchy catch phrases do I read from time to time, signs, some obvious some right under my nose, mostly redundant, and perhaps even miss informed. Signs from nature are the ones I pay attention to, the planet I reside on is the ultimate teacher, the ultimate wisdom, the ultimate source, the life I live is provided by her, Mother Earth. So back to simple is where I’d like to go. Maybe that is me moving away from this concrete jungle, who eats my soul for breakfast and shows no mercy to the kind and the caring. I dream of a simple life, a life without a spotlight shone in my face and a officer of peace threatening me and telling me how to speak, how to act and how to be. Still I have to be reminded that teachers come in many forms. There is a lot of things in this life that would love nothing more than to tempt my anger, and fill me with fear, push me over the edge and see me fall from grace. There forces are at work all the time, pushing and pulling, attempting to disrupt peace of mind. To these forces do I welcome open arms, enter, teach me what you find relevant and than watch as I move on to the simple life. The simple life is not the easy life, quite the contrary, it is a life that will test me, every cell in my body, every action, each step as crucial as the next, as I leave behind me the bullshit and disgrace, no longer destitute, chains released. As I do so my protective shell begins to disappear, as I transform back to simply me, heart and soul, true self, one. I now dream that I will one day work with my hands, instead of paint, with dirt and land, transformation is at hand.