Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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‘Tonight was the best one of them all.’ -Wisdom.
A response to a poignant blog I read by Christian Mihai blog
Mahaloness says ‘yes art, good for the heart!’
Also today, and perhaps this is too early to say….today folks I am a teacher. It looks like I will be working with the little people, it is a great opportunity and something I look forward to writing about no doubt. I will provide details soon. And! Last night! epic Halloween art battling! I had a chance to work with my closest of friends, colleagues and peers, that of Agent R and Wisdom, who not only provide amazing quotes, art direction and managerial attributes, but also who show impressive art savvy and output, very well done. Also a shout out to Freyja, Danny, Derrick, Elijah, Rich, and all the gang at Gorilla House. Gorilla house live art is where it is at. gorilla house live art
FotoMahaloness -Fairies, sparkles, magic sticks, vampires, cloaking devices, magic, and art, what more can one ask for? The last images feature Golden’s new Teal replacement for Cobalt Teal.<;;3<;;3<;;3
Be kind and graceful and life will be kind and graceful back.



Danny given er, well done good chap!20121101-133134.jpg




The burden of freedom in a hearts prayer while bullets turn to doves bringing peace over Mother Earth


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Great teachers come in many forms.

Mahaloness to Jim for being a great teacher and friend, whom without people like Jim the Mahaloness project wouldn’t be what it is. He has shown me so much, and provided a place to freely create the kind of work that I was put on Earth to do. So to Jim, and all the Jim’s out there in the known universe, it is an honor to be of service! Jim good vibes for being Mahaloness, you might just be the quintessential Buddha of our time.