Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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new myths 

A myth can transcend space time only when it is appropriate to the time. Life is changing so fast the myth doesn’t have enough time to experience metamorphosis, and subsequently is lost. In realizing this, it is than of outmost necessity to revivify the myth. 

Q: What is good and what is bad in life? 

A: Well it’s simple…everything is as it is supposed to be, sometimes good, sometimes bad, neither better or worse, neither pulling or pushing, however to put this into practice is not so simple. 


Building the layers of painting knowing that this image I make has been done before, however it is the right time for this one to happen now. 

creating new myths for the present. 

‘sacred place’

Sunshine Coast Mona Lisa painting on flotsam now reimagined in hybrid art

in between

This blog is more poetry than prose, one thing I have been struggling with is translating the poetry into prose, perhaps this is an ironic twist considering blogging is so word driven. My best post ever was without words, wordless, using only visual poetry and juxtaposition of images. This is by far the most efficient way for me to express the soul both through the heart and the mind. These artworks reflect the need or desire to be in the center, and let the binary oppositions be binary oppositions without the fuss, without judgement and without blame. This is a practice that will take a lifetime to master.

a painting in it’s purest state

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4 Nobles

1. Life is suffering

2. the cause of suffering is our grasping and fixation

3. suffering ends when we let go of attachment to the ego

4. there is a path that leads to the cessation of suffering


painting the Buddha is natural, for we are all Buddha nature

painting the Buddha is natural, for we are all Buddha nature

pro love and compassion

pro love and compassion

A bear in the forest once taught me the true meaning of fear and for a brief moment all suffering ceased.

A bear in the forest once taught me the true meaning of fear and for a brief moment all suffering ceased.

chop wood fetch water

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explorations (a Southern journey suppliment)

I have been rewiring my brain through artistic practice for the well over ten years and yes there has been major growing pains along the way, and yes there has been hurt, yes there has been rejection, isolation and periods of self loathing, self doubt, anger, depression and yes I wanted to quit more than I care to remember. So what keeps me going, what is driving me to continue? Is it morphic resonance? Is it stupidity? Is it instinctual? Is it from inside or outside? The answer is I don’t know. The fact is I am like an arrow, once released it cannot return the bow.

-explorations includes research trips, my Southern journey is a self funded operation to explore the southwest regions of Mexico and to visit with friends. There is a ritual to my exploratory nature, one such example is the documentation of the in-between moments.


IMG_5715.PNG always loyal, Negra greets us near the homestead
‘this is not your land, you are a visitor’

IMG_5716.PNGwhere I channel the input, making the right space ensures good work flow.


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