Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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sky shark 

It’s been a active month and a bit for hälts, similar to the ocean with endless corduroy lines, there is a plethora of waves to ride. Ideas have been coming to hälts, sharks swimming in the sky, all seeing eyes watching whales gliding through the cosmos, in an effort to bring some awareness to our ocean friends who we share space with on this blue and green planet called Earth. There is a grea documentary called Sonic Sea, it details a few human related impacts on marine wildlife and offers solutions to this growing problem, and considering we get one planet to live on, it is our responsibility to take care of it as best we can. Mahaloness 


In his search for meaning hälts has come to realize it is his mission to be a voice for the planet and all its beings, the following images are a reflection of this. 

the whales are calling, do you hear them? 🐋 hälts ‘creator’ mural detail🐬

live art pop up studio at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals💚❤️💚(located 104 10 St NW) where hälts has some gorgeous prints on sale starting at $20

late night sesshin at hälts home studio, WIP painting is in effect, very Aloha

sky shark paper cutout on foto, working on bringing ideas to life

hälts Salon show, years of making marks, tapping the source, and a good indication of the joy of painting

‘Sky shark’ an idea takes shape in an effort to raise awareness of r ocean friends.

flashback to Maui Ho’okipa mural made in total darkness on a new moon circa 2012

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‘The journey is long from over, the foolishness of it all has come at cost no doubt, nothing that can trump the feeling of the the wild horse running free. Unbridled, unabashed, fire in the belly, running from nothing, and going nowhere in particular.’   -exerpt from hälts writings 


7 fotos featuring new works by hälts and some studio shots, reclaiming the sacredness of what it is to be human living in this planet that does not belong to us, we are visitors on this plane, take care of it, give it care, try, do it. 

Earth’s calling 🌍 hälts hybrid art made to honour all those earth stewards out there.

‘the whales are calling’ 🐋 hälts hybrid art featuring Right Whale mother and calf, the most endangered of the larger whales in the ocean and asking humans to turn down the volume underwater (check out to learn more)

‘hälts art sanctuary’ 🌿 three of his babies, the creator mural, the healer, and his newest painting underway, little painting no.2

‘the dancer’ hälts hybrid art watercolour to digital art✨

‘hälts art studio’ featuring the dancer watercolour WIP

‘trilogy’ 🕯art made with Earth in mind, the creator mural, the healer (on easel) and a new WIP with the working title ‘little painting no.2’

‘many eyes’ hälts hybrid art 🕯 drawing fotographed through a crystal lens


Life is life.

Life is life
Life is life
Life is life
a status update
15 seconds of fame
Life is life
oh this beautiful life.

fotoMahaloness in essence…
This is a painting that I have been working quite diligently at. Ongoing since 2012, it began as a live painting performance and has since evolved into this stage. Soon I will release a stop-esque animation showing the progression! I am excited to see how that comes together, stay tuned. Thank you as well for the fellowship, and the views, Mahaloness is a real low key gem blog for the 21st century, a virtual art gallery for people to step out of the mundane and enjoy the unique fruits of my artistic labour. So thank you again.
Note: I am a one man art factory operation, so small it is not detectable on most radars. If you ever have questions, concerns or would like to own a piece of Mahaloness, please leave a comment or find me on FB, here is the link.



and I would like to end it with another short digi animation, featuring creative space Mahaloness

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next to a lake…(Earthling rambles)

While sitting next to a lake…..

We do not control this. Those who think they can, will fail. Consider how old the planet is and than how old we are, it is not worth thinking about, it is bigger, longer, wiser than any human will ever comprehend. Some are in tune with it, some are out of tune, while some are filled with tunes of some kind, or knowledge of some kind, yet oblivious to her signs. We can tap into her, we can harness her energy, yet often times we fight against her, or we borrow fuel from her, as we have consume her, over and over and over again. So what have we returned? She is our collective Mother, yet we turn our backs on her, someone else’s problem I guess. Lets think and return to a mode of thought that does not rationalize our collective behaviour instead lets observe ourselves and find a way to be in tune with her rhythm, return dignity to her, and to ourselves. By respecting her and paying it forward to the youth who will be adults like you Mr(s). Politician, who aligns with big business and and tell us this is what’s best. Enough is enough was enough long ago, it’s time to present ideas of a change that will benefit us all, because the rhetoric of this is how it is, shut up and accept it, no longer applies.

fotoMahaloness -weather runs this place.





If you like fotoMahaloness and you would like a print, it is possible and relatively hassle free. I also have artwork on Saatchi link here, it is a great way to support this artist’s pilgrimage, any help helps. I have gone ahead and priced my prints at really really reasonable prices, have a look, or, message me privately though Saatchi, I am a real person, artist, and human. Mahaloness

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Dragon Tree Moon Flower

The Dragon Fruit tree, producer of the moon flower. It only buds for one night, and than wilts come morning. The moth that used to pollinate this beauty is extinct. My hope with this trip, is to write and share not only my art experience, but to also share my observations and encounters, as Hawaii is a climatic hot zone, and really is a good climate indicator for how the whole planet is doing. This includes the whales, dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals, humuhumunukunukupuakua’a, hammerheads, Lilikoi, pueo, praying mantis, and all the species that are here, either regularly or intermittently. An interesting note is that. Most of the flora and fauna was introduced to these islands, it shows that human touch, no matter how small, does make a difference, for better and for worse. It can be said that this place is a rare gem. My hope…that this is something we preserve to the best of our collective abilities. Stewardship. Love Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto the dragon fruit tree and flower in budded and non budded versions. I came across the flower at a small gathering sitting on top of a washing machine, certainly not endemic to a washing machine.





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Be you to the full

Living has led me to a life full of Mahaloness. The journey has been one of ups and downs, and making it to this moment is a testament to my stamina, endurance and resiliency. The friends I have met along the way have also been a crucial component to the formula of living the Mahaloness. While I enjoy my space, that time when I can sit a breathe, no talking, where the mind can relax from the everyday day stress, to be in the company of good people, or perhaps to surround oneself with beautiful company, is a lovely and I must admit a part of my life I do not always make time for. In the right place and the right time magic happens, and the universe opens up and welcomes you in to the greatest live theatre that humbles the human in me every time. Being where I am at the moment the magic is beyond words, and having had my share of the conventional conduits, like a discotheque, or a dark dingy bar, it is nice to know that the unconventional stage can be set too, such as a parking lot in a sleepy town with 4 wonderful folks reciting Herman Hesse, Journey to the East, on the tailgate of a small red truck, and realizing just how much I do love life and the journey, and to share the journey with kindred spirit is what is really all about. I also enjoy the fact I can share this with you, although I do admit that I have sworn some secrecy to the magic of the league I have been privy to, it is not so important who the league is or what they do, I only share my own experience and bits of magic from the journey in hopes to bring light to the world, especially amongst the dire stories I hear or read about, there is no shortage of this, no my friends I am here to share the light, and by putting this into writing it is also a reflection of my integrity and willingness to bring the goodness and let go of the past, never forgetting, instead it is important that I remember even the darkest of moments so that I do not have to learn those lessons again and surely appreciate even more the time that remains. I am sure it can be agreed upon that we as humans have made for interesting times and despite history we still find ourselves facing the indomitable and what appears to be insurmountable wall of understanding that we are all one, and yet we are so uniquely different, which lends itself to the mystery that curiosity loves to find. Until the next be you to the full. Aloha
Drawing morphs to painting, I decided to paint a painting on a rendering, which was for a development showcasing beautiful ocean lots for sale, haha, I call it ‘mystical reclamation’ and some more fotomagica of this beautiful planet we share. It is my hope, my dream we learn to live with it instead go against it, stewardship versus desecration.