Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Nepal and moments in creative spacetime.

To my friends in the east
I send you my thoughts and prayers

thank you, and send prayers to Nepal

I am currently making this print available for sale in Canada, and also a couple other options, because I want to send some relief funds to those affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal, the money raised will be going to a friend in Nepal, he is a bit of a mentor to me, and a pillar to his community. Please proceed to my FB hälts art Page : if this is something that resonates with you. Mahaloness, hälts

This is the day I finished painting the Bassbus, I could hardly stand, 100% stoked inside

Inshala jam art sesshin with Brooke, an aweosome bivisualizer collaborator.

Entheos live art social experiment, halfway point, also representing my Hawaiian brethren

Hillhurst Hardware mural c.2010…the mural life.

my wonderful collaborator Agent R, doing her thing, garden art

Maui Shamanic Dreamtime work sesshin c.2012

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life flow (a Southern journey…)

When I travel down these streets and highways I am a traveller, here to explore this place in this world, while simultaneously travelling in this galaxy, through a universe and so on. My raison d’être is simple, explore life and document the experience through artistic practice. This is very much an intuitive path as I flow with energy of the environment I am in flux with, carrying me through like a leaf in a stream, that flows into a river, that flows into the ocean.

post surf in flux road moments


post surf glow

in the studio with hälts ART, a timelapse peaceful presentation, click here

super gracias

-artist glow

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no time zone

I have done my share of drifting in this lifetime, going to places that I have never been before, experiencing the unknown, observing and participating in rituals that strengthen character and connection to this place called home.


moments in spacetime and experiences in peace of mind.

doing live art at Entheos festival BC


a moth friend, it has been my experience that insects visit me while I am in it.IMG_4133.JPG

eagle medicineIMG_4323.JPG

studio where I leave the hectic world and enter the no time zoneIMG_4321.JPG

The magic of it is in the doing. -Zen and Zero


hälts art shop and gallery

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Todays Mahaloness is brought to you by the number 23.
fotoMahaloness -paintaverse discoveries made while out on creative explorations. Color theory alone does not explain these discoveries and much further research is required. Color is my first language, the multitude of color combinations I have discovered in the lab is astonishing, and I simply cannot say what the overall effect of all this exposure to color will have on me, I guess I will just have to explore this matter a little deeper.








All fotos are the property of Mahaloness consent is required if you would like to use these images in any way, and always please reference the fotos at the very least. Mahaloness

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Dammit Jim I am an artist not a mathematician!
foto’Mahaloness -fractions in creative spacetime explorations
Also this blog is dedicated to my friends, family and loved ones, and to all my fellow human beings who are living in this lifetime and doing the good work, Mahaloness


think rainbow…20130722-173619.jpg








poor little buddy, wait it isn’t real!




what are you? (and yet another of my bug friends hangs out late night on the mural, all welcome. 20130722-174616.jpg
The sound of a Hawaiian Prince named Kamilo playing the ukelele accompanies me while I am writing this one….it gives me great pleasure to announce my latest mural project is completed, I look forward to sharing the finished product with you. This also means I will be getting back to some more writing and I am very excited to share the latest creative spacetime explorations with you. Mahaloness for now.