Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Paintaverse no.23457 (intermission)

I have seen many a paintaverses in my life, this is a real dandy.

-color exploration revealed this beauty called paintaverse no. 23457 and custom tshirt designs that support this artist with a link.
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IMG_5049.PNGcustom hälts tshirt link, thank you for your support

100% art for soul.

super gracias.

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Similar to a bird I find myself flying south, leaving the cold frozen North for some tropical rhythms. It’s been a long time coming, from anticipating the journey all the way to it’s fruition. As I look down to the Earth below my mind slowly unwinds, time to turn off the machine and dive in, excited to be going where I have not been before.


Speed: 516 mph Alt: 36102 ft somewhere over Mexico, en route to a southern town where green giants pound on ancient shores, shaking the Earth and waking the soul.






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Full circle (the Mahaloness Tara)

This painting, which I will refer to as the ‘Mahaloness Tara’, a variation of the White Tara, is on a canvas. It was brought to me by a friend who lost his partner to cancer. Originally this was her canvas, which she had started to paint a mandala and there was poem written on it. I recieved it and decided to honor her journey with an image in the likeness of the Tibetan Tara, a Goddess that represents many things including, healing. About a year before this happened I had met a man named Romio Shrestha, at a visionary conference called Alchemeyez, which took place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is a link to Romio’s website for more info on him. His mantra is simple, peace and enlightenment through art. When I met Romio it was synchronicity and his smile was infectious. His work was up at the conference as well, huge Thangkas, intricate and unbelievable details, and when I asked Romio how he managed to get so good, he responded, ‘I am 17 lifetimes old!’ Flash forward back to this painting. Before I came up with the Tara concept, I decided to send Romio a message, the unconventional way, via a thought while in meditation, I felt his presence in the room and than I remember standing up and walking over to the canvas which sat there for three days before I put any paint on it. When I looked at the canvas I saw the face of the Tara, which confirmed what I would paint on the canvas, the Mahaloness Tara was born. It took 3 weeks to complete and than I contacted the young man who had dropped it off, and asked if he would like to see the painting, he did. He came over and I was not sure how he would react, he had literally dropped it off and wanted me to just ‘use the canvas’ and I could sense he did not really want it back, too much pain. When he arrived he saw the painting and immediately began to cry, with a smile, you see he was not sad, instead he was filled with so much joy that he could not contain it. He told me that one of the last things she did was draw a white tara, I smiled and passed it over to him. This is the power of art, it has the power to heal, and is medicine for the heart and soul.

Her poem (which was written on the canvas prior to the Tara being painted):

If you are not afraid of dying then there is nothing you can’t achieve.
If you realize all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

This painting is now hanging on the young man’s wall.

fotoMahaloness -full circle


link to order your very own Mahaloness Tara (White Tara)
Thank you very much.
This dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one: friend, family, or lover.
The White Tara mantra has a number of variations, a common one in its Sanskrit form is:
– See more at:

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this one….

This one is for my friends and family, all families, for the ones who love me, or hate me, for those who are like minded, for those who rise above, for those below, for those lonely souls who I have met before, to my lonely soul that hides behind closed doors, for the people of this country and for those all over the worldly, do I honor, love, apologize, bow low too, and say hi I love you, to the ones who came, and the ones who went, to the Earth, our mother whom do I respect. Here here to the realization of what freedom is, to living with the land and respecting this gift, that we may be free, free to live without being at the mercy of those who would rather build castles than help you or me. This is for the one and only, whomever, whatever that be, this is for you whom without I am nothing.
Fotomahaloness -this one…
Acrylic on canvas
If you like what you see and you do want to help me out, go to this link and buy some art made with 100% resiliency, heart and soul, and courage. Thank you.





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In my short life there has been without a doubt in mind, hard times. They come and they go, though while in it, it seems like an eternity. My will has and will continue to aid in these times, when everything else doesn’t seem to be working, no matter how hard I work, or how much I want it to work out. It is amazing to me how much pressure I can be under and still manage to work even though on paper it seems impossible. Now I could say that it is me, and only me that makes it happen, and that time in and time out, it is me that breaks on through, and that would make for one heck of a courageous story of will and determination against all odds. This not necessarily always the case because you see there are those people in my life who I consider to be the soul tribe. The soul tribe consists of my extended family, not to exclude my blood family, they are there and as supportive as they can be, but unlike the soul tribe, they have a biased view of who I am and what it is I do. I love them for it, no matter what, even if it might hurt sometimes, it has to be that way. The soul tribe on the other hand are those people who are of kindred variety, they are there when the times get tough, like angels, and whom without I would not be here today, straight up. They come into my life when everyone else turns there backs and only feels sorry but do not have the inclination to care for or show compassion for whatever reason, and that’s just how it goes. The soul tribe is all over the world, language is no obstacle, they come in all forms, shapes and sizes, dialects, rhymes and styles. They are the beautiful souls who would care for those who are in the tribe as much as they would themselves, automatic. The interesting thing about the soul tribe is that you can meet one and in an instance that this is a soul tribe member, you know the feeling. These are the people who as an artist I am in service to, anyone else who wants to tap into it with ill intentions, or agendas, will soon realize the error of their deceit, these are the vampires and on some ways the ones who seek to hurt the soul tribe most likely due to past karmic action and jealousy. This is not to say I wish ill intentions on these folks, I only feel love and compassion because after many lessons I have learned it is healthier to let go than to resonate in the ill feelings that hate and anger bring. Stress is a killer and so is hate. So to my soul tribe, and the ones I have not yet met in this lifetime, I salute you, and send you my love and gratitude, for without you and your soulfullness Mahaloness this soldier of heART, would be ashes to ashes dust to dust. It is my will and soul that I will be there for you too, as I am able, either in flesh, and/or in spirit. Mahaloness
FotoMahaloness soul tribe, I am sorry I could not get you all in this installment, I will work you into future episodes, you all know who you are. Love. Thank you and Mahaloness to Alix and Jai and Stephy! who inspired this segment. To be cont.













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Word of the day: Vigor

Vigor is the internal fire building tools, it is the throttle to the soul, it turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Nowness is poignant to creating epic work. It is easy to say a word or think a thought and let it be a thought, when you stoke a thought with heart fire power the wheels are set in motion and the work becomes play, where doubt has no say, for a thought fueled by heart equals epic work. No matter where you are, the location is irrelevant, Mahaloness is everywhere every which way, and elsewhere. Next entry I heart think I will get into dreamtime work, a place of limitless possibility and a sanctuary of untold treasure. Mahaloness
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