Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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As above so below.

You can support Mahaloness by buying original art and prints, its easy and there are some really nice gems available. It is a helpful and healthy way to support my craft. Thank you.
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-this is my heArt, and inside the studio

Wish list: someone out there know of a cool gallery/space that would love to display my work please forward this to them happily. This message brought to you humbly by mahaloness.





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Paia pop up art show

Last night under a brilliant magenta sky, I furthered the Mahaloness experiment. I did a pop up art show, with small works that I have been producing in Paia over the last month or so. The paintings, an array of vibrant colours painted on recycled building materials using hand drawn/cut stencils, dimensions variable. The thing I love about this kind of art exploration is getting reactions from complete strangers and breaking down walls, and sharing the magic. Knock knock, twinkle twinkle, inspiration.








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Renegade Mahaloness

Renegade, according the dictionary definition provided by the algorithm cyber world, is a deserter from one faith, a cause, or allegiance to another; an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behaviour. Many legendary renegades come to mind with the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp, Hemmingway, Frida Kahlo, Sarah Bernhardt, Pollack, Mother Teresa, the list goes on and on. If it wasn’t for the renegade I have to believe that Mahaloness wouldn’t even be an idea. The world would be a different place. It seems it is imperative to acknowledge the spirit of renegade, to crank up the heat to hyper heat, double rainbow power and say goodbye to conventional wisdom that for all intensive purposes was doomed from the beginning. You either do it or you don’t, there’s no halfway, there is no compromise, if there is than you are not really fully invested in it, the heart and mind together, concentrated without effort. Fear will arise and it has been in my experience the beast can recognize the fear and if the fear is there you will be devoured by the fear and that’s a sad note in an Ode to the apathetic human condition. The world is in some ways fucked up, when hasn’t it been? If we had facebook back in the Black Plaque I wonder what daily posts would have been, what’s on your mind? The renegade is by all accounts not out for blood, nor in a mode to destroy the world, the Mahaloness renegade knows the conventions and acknowledges their presence and works with flow, because flow is the furthest thing from exclusivity, it is channeling and working with what’s available, it is being resourceful without compromising quality and care. The tools may be crude, the radness that makes us humans makes it possible to transform the crude into beauty, useless into useful. It instills an energy into whatever it use to channel through and that is pretty renegade, Mahaloness renegade with care and gratitude.
Fotografica: moments of process and completed protective deity mural on wall added to already existing radness and Mahaloness love respect and spirit painting20120508-164621.jpg20120508-164632.jpg20120508-164659.jpg20120508-164805.jpg20120508-164812.jpg20120508-164817.jpg

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Art Show Mahaloness

Today was a Mahaloness filled wonderland. After weeks of painting in difficult conditions including: super hot ball of fire, the sun, strong winds, scorpions, centipedes, a studio made out of scrap building materials, spray paint, which I have never really worked with before, and a what would life be without a little bit of drama or theatre as I like to call it. I have been making drawings and making cut outs from stencil purposes, it became apparent as I got into process that this was the way, and than using scrap building materials (thanks to Jim, a living saint) as my canvas, this I learned was also the same way homes here were built from scraps left in a gulch from old sugarcane plantation worker housing, history might repeat itself but never in the same way as before, it’s more like continued regeneration, and constant transformation as the planet evolves. With very little planning, and sleep I woke up determined to build a gallery on the front lawn and share my work of the past few weeks with whomever was interested. Total strangers instantly warmed up upon seeing the display and new channels opened. I received 100% little person approval, and even the local cat Jack thought well of the art happening, and I guess that is exactly what it was, because of the galleries have 2 year waiting lists and you can’t afford to rent a space, the next best option is to throw yourself to the mercy of the universe, dive fully in and if the flow is on the things you truly need will present themselves, and the trick is to be ready when it does and act on it. Much love to Steve, Chelsea, Anna and Nicole, you all know who you are, bless your hearts. Today I did it, we did it,an art show called Mahaloness, we just did it, it had a decent turn out for zero marketing PR work, and that’s okay because the right people came and it blew their minds, I watched them and for once I was without words, it was a special moment,they felt the energy of the work and connected, this is in all actuality what art is, making a connection and acknowledging the human experience as something shared by many with common threads that become apparent when guards are put down and the human spirit unifying us, if only for a fleeting moment in this thing we call spacetime. It was an interesting experiment, I even painted down the street on the corner next to a bull painting (Cafe Mambo), next to a garbage container I recently painted green another story for another time. When I paint by the bull I am always reminded of Piscasso and will go as far to say that I can sense his presence, along with Basquiat who also loved this place when he was alive. With spray paint and a slightly crude piece of discarded drywall, I went into process, placing symbols of this place with flowy imagery and stunning colors. I had a few visitors all stoked to see what I was up to, no pushing of sales or expectations, just doing what I love and sharing the moment with anyone who was interested. If you are going to paint live, go bold, and remember it doesn’t have to be about painting the Mona Lisa, it’s about connecting with people and as a responsible artist getting a pulse of the environment, energy, flow, it has many names, and the thing is just to do it and be it fully, no fear, no apprehension, or doubt. So here’s to a good nights rest with a mind bathed by full moon light, this is a beautiful place to be, Paia, and this life explored through art and process so happy I am to share with you. It seems true that you have to get a little crazy if you want to see change, with grace and being conscientious that what you do reflects on everyone who shares that particular window of experience, and that’s powerful, treat it with respect and leave marks that are benefit the human experience. . . If you are wondering where I am, I be in Paia, the little town situated on the North Shore of Maui, here to do the good work, which is make art with the intention of documenting the spirit of this place, and I can write with a smile on my face that the intention is transformed into fruition, to sleep I go, bless this place, the people, the animals, the insects, the trees, the ocean, Mother Earth and anything I may of missed. What will tomorrow bring….Mahaloness automatic!.