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Conditions being favorable along with a relentless appetite for creative process and exploratory gusto, do I return with yet another installment, number 314 of the Mahaloness blog. Grammatically I can be scary, and yes one might say at times I am even ‘moody’ (theres probably more than one)…well without losing my precious readers due to my absurd skills, and without further adieu, here is Obama five. Within this abtract portrait of the US of A’s 44th President is the profile of the very man himself, Barack Obama. Why paint Obama? Well its simple really. I started the Obama series titled, ‘Are you a Believer?’ just prior to Obama being elected president in what would be his first term. At the time I was in New York and the Obama pusle was strong. Words like ‘hope’ ‘dream’ and ‘change’ were becoming fashionable, even if the general consesus seemed to be that the States were into some tough years ahead following the likes of Bush and Dick Cheney, dirty rotten scoundrels to the core, not that it matters now. I made the painitng as a paintamentary, meaning that I would listen to pubilc discousre on the subject of Obama, or late night radio, Charlie Rose, google, etc….whatever came up I paid attention and subsequnetly document the story through a painterly channel. Over time I painted three more Obamas, each time new elements to the picture unfolded as the story was being written. ‘Are you a Believer?’ link.
Last night I finished Obama five. It includes Obama with eye closed in a thought, or perhaps this one is a dream, for there is more to this image than meets the eye. The image is filled with smaller images, each one a clue and vital link to the overal story. Now I am certainly no politician, and nor do I want to be. I realize there is plenty of veiwpoints that attempt to define Barack Obama, who he is and what he is doing as president of the mighty US of A. Are any of them right? I dont know. What I know is that if I can put somehting out there into the workd that might shine some new light on the subject, without forcing it down peoples throats, or even necessarily chooisng sides, instead I offer a picture, or a window to contemplate what you would do if you were the president. Really! What would you do? We live in an interesting times my friends, its good to be here and while I am I will continue to document the experence and share it with you. I might be tempermental, I am a bit like the weather after all. To all creative genuises out there, keep it up. To all you teachers out there, keep it up. To all you humanitarians out there, keep it up. To all you who think you do make a difference, keep it up. Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto -snaps of recent painitng and Obama five ‘Are you a Believer?’










How’s my blogging?

I may not drive a car but I do blog, so with this in mind please remind yourself I am a visual artist, writing and blogging are new to me, relatively new that is, I am no Hemmingway, or HST, but I am dedicated, and in some ways a man possessed, which has its own inherent challenges…what I am trying to convey is that this blog is superfluous, although there are some gems in there, unfortunately for me writing doesn’t always flow like paint does. I also would like to note that I wholeheartedly do not want to explain my paintings, this has nothing to do with you, the reader, it is something I am working on, day to day. To confuse you even more, l am able to explain the work, it does come from somewhere, but if I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me unless that is if I was doing a live talk and you and I were there, which is clearly not the case because you are there and I am here. This is okay, I will continue to post, for those onboard, thank you, for those new to the scene, welcome, and please forgive me for my ineptitude with words, I think I might be dyslexic, and that’s oaky. I am the author of Mahaloness, and I am okay with that. Being that this is a fairly linked community, and that interconnectedness is the real deal, I Mahaloness will do my best to post the most Mahaloness I can, meaning I will promote positive vibrations and inspire to be inspired and continue on this path, maintaining the good work, and giving thanks to all those who help me be here, and to extend that back accordingly and in gratitude. We live in an interesting times, so much going on, and for what it’s worth, I am happy to be here, part of it, and hopefully by doing what I consider the good work, which is sharing my art and experience, that it benefits your time as well as mine. To all the good folks doing the good work, whether it is Alex or Allyson Grey, Autumn Skye, Aude Ray, Adham Shaikh, Blue Lunar Monkey, Beatfarmer, Jake, Jim, Mike, Molly, Nicole, Anna, Francisco Goya, Willy Nelson, Oprah, Ram Das, Laura, Tara, Michelle, Romio Shrestha, the Dalia Lama, MCA, Shane, Halla Halla, Hana Kyle, Tyler HVW8, Austin at, Caroline Weaver, Riley Tease, Carl White, it goes on and on and on, keep up the good work, it is essential you do, vital, and is beautiful in every which way. It is easy to get caught up in the unpleasantness that life can bring, it is human, it is also beautiful to be human, here and now and with all of you, Mahaloness.
FotoMahaloness paintings
Breath of Life, 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas (available as original or print)
Hope 24 x 24 Acrylic and mixed media on panel -private collection
The early years, an abstract, my first abstract made when I was around 20
An evolution in style