Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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in the current 

The sun is shining and hälts finds himself in the current of artistic process. The harvest time has been fruitful as hälts has been painting live at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals. It has been a real pleasure to share the creative process with friends and strangers alike providing hälts with new perspectives, as viewers share their thoughts and provide new insights into the subject of art, and this wonderful life. The joy of painting is as much about the journey as it is the destination, inspiration is a two way street, this is Mahaloness way. 


In this lifetime hälts has made many marks, and in this lifetime he will make many more, he make them count, make them resonate, make them sing, make them gentle, make them vibrant, make them communicate the heart, mind and spirit and what it is to be human, freedom . 

hälts minimotion ‘in the current’ soundscape: la la la​


hälts be like bee and polinate the Earth with his art.

the moon refelcts light so that we may see even in the darkest hour.

mountain face🐇🐇🐇hälts hybrid art

‘the crystal lens’ hälts live art in progress

‘hälts in flow’ foto: Walt Flemming

hälts live art detail, in progress, layers building, more marks to make …

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behind the scenes

This is my creative space following a five day painting sesshin. I often find myself working on multiple projects at once. In my studio there is no beginning or end.

– in view is the Tara painting, Obama (”Are you a Believer?” (no. 5), the skull painting, and a ‘Bee’ hand painted hat (wearable art), amongst all of my paint, brushes and art related tools (including a very well used iPad device.)

constant creativity.

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Sesshinal Mahaloness

Upon entering the studio, with warm coffee in hand and a fresh mind the painting sesshin may commence. A sesshin is a Zen expression for ‘collecting heart mind’. Which is to say it is the settling of the mind, to touch the mind, and to convey the mind. Traditionally It consists of a 2 to 7 day period of intense practice in seated meditation, referred to as zazen, and also consists of walking and working meditation. It is something I came across only recently and after researching it I found it made a lot of sense to me. I look at painting as a ritualistic, meditative practice of calming the mind, channeling energy and ideas, and being in ‘heart mind’ space. I have adapted certain components of the a sesshin to my process, and my ritual. Fundamental components to positive creative out flow is ritual and practice. Creating your space and being able to immerse into practice with full concentration and discipline may not sound easy, in fact it is does require work. It has taken me many years to figure it out, and perhaps from the observer outside of me, it might seem low tech, and even rather makeshift. It is in fact a streamlined operation. I know my tools, my paint, my brushes, and my set up. The logistics of painting requires its own set of conditions, and in the case of logistics, I am a black belt. It has been fun developing my kit, learning what works and what doesn’t, and trust meI have received many ‘expert’ opinions over the years of what works best and what doesn’t. The thing is we are unique machines in ourselves and what might work for you may not work for me, and this is the ‘compromise’ of making art, choosing your modus operandi wiki link and seeing it through. This is a challenge and one that does come with a slight chance of fear. The fear is learning something new, and thats it. Once you get through the fear, and it does pass, the learning becomes inspired and the work doesn’t seem like work at all. When I am in my space, in sesshin, I am in heart mind, I am flowing and the good work continues to unfold.
If this blog interests you, and you are in Calgary, Ab, Canada, I am running art classes and workshops at Hughes on Tenthlink to Hughes Fine Art, Mondays and Thrusdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, and for ages 13 to 17. I have room in my classes for up to 6 students per night. I am looking to also fill a 6 person classroom on Saturdays, 1-4 pm, there is no set age group, it will be a more intensive one on one guidance and instruction, with inspirational and art history forays relevant to the subject. My approach to teaching is unique, dynamic and fun. I offer extensive insight into art, art process, technique and art history. If this interests you and or anyone you know, please send me a message and we can go from there. You can contact me a Thank you.
Fotomahaloness -the studio sesshin and a drawing made in my art class for 13 to 17 year olds, we came up with mythical creatures based on 3 animals: the wandering albatross, the black devilfish, and a sun fish. We had one hour to render the mythological character and than shared and talked about our creations. I really like to emphasize developing your own style and working on techniques that will enhance your creative outflow.


Metamorphasis prosesshin(s)

This painting titled, Mahaloness, began as a live painting at an event showcasing some of Shepard Fairey’s wiki linklithographs, and than I proceeded to paint it in the studio and than at yet another live event featuring the brilliant Random Rab and than back into the studio(s). It was hanging in a restaurant for 4 months, than in a recent solo I did, and now is back in my new space and wouldn’t you know it, more paint, new symbols and painterly expansion has once again occurred. When does it stop? When it wants to is my guess.
Fotomahaloness -prosesshin(s)
Paintings do have a life of their own















Inside Sesshin

Sesshin- touching the heart-mind, intensive Zen meditation, here it refers to intensive paint meditation that is being in Mahaloness.
So why do I spend the majority of my life making paintings? That’s easy. I love to paint. Painting is a way of healing, it is a way to pass on age old wisdom, it can move a person, it is meditation, it has the capacity to create new feelings, it can be political or it can be silly. I know when I create I am exercising my freedom, which is being challenged every day by the powers that be, or by even public opinion. I live in a country where I still have the freedom to think for myself, and to express from within without facing persecution, that is as long as it is in accordance with legal parameters. So even though I have the freedom to express I also know that I am still limited in terms of outlets. This is something I have had to learn to work with. Over the years I have painted in as many conditions, both legal and otherwise, from the conventional to the the totally absurd.I have an insatiable appetite for creativity, it is relentless, it has been known to consume me. I look forward to that day when I can sit and breathe and maybe that’s when I can feel okay with the world I live in. I am one to follow my dreams, or perhaps better put, I am one to craft my dreams and allow the light of day to work its magic and reveal those dreams to you. If this is confusing or my thoughts seem all around, I can assure you this moment is profound, profound to me as I sit here in a basement and explore the inside.
FotoMahaloness -a recent commission Sesshin