Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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I have heard the desert is a place of stillness. It is somewhere one can go to find solitude, and once there even loneliness fades away as memories lose their reference. Here the imagination can be whatever it wants to be, unhinged, it floods the desert with a magical whim. Perhaps this is why I am a painter, the need for solitude and stillness.

When I sit and paint it is a requiem, an act of rememberance to honour those who painted before me, the brave souls who sacrificed all sorts of life comforts, guided only by their voice, their craft, their art. When I paint I am in a place of stillness, peace, and contemplation. In this place I can breathe how I want to breathe, which is slow, and long. Sometimes it takes a whole day to find that zone and by night I go for as long as I can before exhaustion sets in. There are days when I don’t want to work and it can be a fight to work through it. As soon as my hands get to work the idea of not working fades away into oblivion. Everyone has their way of doing things, and I suppose I am no different. My art has been my own invention, albeit I have borrowed and taught myself techniques that are far from new. I have managed to put them together uniquely in my own way. Painting is an experience, a process, some trials, some errors, frustration, anguish, joy, peace, zen, and without a doubt there will more paint required. One can learn techniques and process, however the subject of the art and what I’d call the fuel is something one has to discover for themselves. I have discovered that art is a bridge, so whether or not I am making a surreal painting, or I am making something realistic, my focus is in how to establish a connection with the viewer. I am not entirely sure whether these insights interest you or not, I am not the best at talking about myself.

 I do find it fascinating that I am in the eyes of science very close to being a chimpanzee, a matter of a few different strands in my DNA, isn’t that something, and yet I am also close to something beyond the physical world that which I cannot see, yet sense and feel as being everywhere, omnipresent, and sacred. I honour the sacred in every painting sesshin, that is perhaps why I love painting, it is a slow process that makes me aware of subtle rhythms and movements, even though I am in my solitude, I do not feel alone when I am in the zone. 

hälts minimotion 

‘new adventure’ 🚀 hälts minimotion with soundscape ‘chimp love’ featuring my day working on ‘sacred place’ and you know what it went pretty f⚓️🌜king well all said and done, still got some work to do, what’s new.


stages in process

hälts hybrid art featuring a detail of ‘sacred place’ and painters tape and paper.

zig zags, going back to the beginning…

hälts painting zone, sacred space

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‘The journey is long from over, the foolishness of it all has come at cost no doubt, nothing that can trump the feeling of the the wild horse running free. Unbridled, unabashed, fire in the belly, running from nothing, and going nowhere in particular.’   -exerpt from hälts writings 


7 fotos featuring new works by hälts and some studio shots, reclaiming the sacredness of what it is to be human living in this planet that does not belong to us, we are visitors on this plane, take care of it, give it care, try, do it. 

Earth’s calling 🌍 hälts hybrid art made to honour all those earth stewards out there.

‘the whales are calling’ 🐋 hälts hybrid art featuring Right Whale mother and calf, the most endangered of the larger whales in the ocean and asking humans to turn down the volume underwater (check out to learn more)

‘hälts art sanctuary’ 🌿 three of his babies, the creator mural, the healer, and his newest painting underway, little painting no.2

‘the dancer’ hälts hybrid art watercolour to digital art✨

‘hälts art studio’ featuring the dancer watercolour WIP

‘trilogy’ 🕯art made with Earth in mind, the creator mural, the healer (on easel) and a new WIP with the working title ‘little painting no.2’

‘many eyes’ hälts hybrid art 🕯 drawing fotographed through a crystal lens

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my purpose is to make beautiful art

To say I put my all into this magic bus would be an understatement. The way I painted the bus remains a mystery to most as most do not even know who I am nor do they know that I painted it, in yet I did. I painted the bus as beautiful as was possible for one man, and like all of my art it is meant to be contemplated and not possessed. This lucky bus has been redeemed.


This is where I will sit and write my book about my experience painting a magic bus called ‘Big Ha’.

IMG_2149.JPGthe school bus I painted (from concept to completion)





IMG_5261.JPGputting sacredness back into art since 2012.



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sitting quietly

From the natural to the super natural, these are the universes and yes paintaverses I tend to find myself in.

featuring: Paintaverse 874538, Yuma Falls B.C. and the sacred garden Buddha located on Maui, what a gem of a place to sit and be still. The Buddha statue inspired the Buddha painting seen below in a ‘bursting with art’ studio, as I prepare for my Lost Art Exhibit Experience.




Many of the images you see can be purchased as prints, its as easy as contacting me, please go to my homepage for contact info.
Thank you.

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One with Earth

One with Earth.
Feet planted
Shoeless do I stand
On this here soil
Sacred Land.

FotoMahaloness -foto montage of creative flow from a recent art exploration/gig featuring inspired moments, drawings, and soon completed painting. Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you to Eppo and Stepper Homes, and everyone else, you know who you be.














Lastly, I am asking for your help, I put some of my ART up on a new online gallery space called, I am looking to get some likes on my page there (hit the I <;3 button) and help to get my work out there, and potentially on a NYC billboard and who knows where esle. Any help counts, and Mahaloness to us all<;3. click this link to go to Pass it along if you like as well! Mahaloness over and throughout


Transformational Tara

The Transformational Tara (Sanskrit: star) is a painting that I worked on in the early winter of this year. The canvas was gifted to me by a fellow I met through a friend, he had lost his partner to cancer, and brought a canvas that she had started to work on. He asked if I could paint it, I agreed to do something with it. This kind of work is what I would like to do all the time because it is art and also a process that can help to heal both myself and those who the painting is intended for. Perhaps intentional painitng is the term, ‘intentional’ being a catch prhase of the times. The Tara figure originated in Hinduism and was adopted by the Buddhist faith, she is a savior goddess, her name Srolg-ma, meaning ‘she who saves’, is especially popular in Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal. The mantra of Tara is (om tare tuttare ture svaha) is the second most common mantra heard in Tibet, after the mantra of Chenrezi (om mani padme hum). Tara is the goddess of universal compassion, she is virtuous, and also reflects enlightened action. She offers longevity, protects Earthly travel and is a guardian for travelers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment and liberation. So with a little background info to wet your whistle, I spent a few days with the canvas, and in the photos I have attached you can see a black and red ring, which have symbols and a poem written 365 degrees within the black and red.

Agnus’s poem (was written on the canvas)
If you are not afraid of dying than there is nothing you can’t achieve
If you realize all things change there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

It was a challenging piece emotionally, I could feel her energy, which was in the canvas, and there were even a couple of moments when her spirit was present, while I was painting. I had also received some messages from a Tibetan friend and renowned Thangka painter, Romio Shrestha, please follow this link to learn more about Romio, an amazing artist, being and light. (
His guidance at the time was perfect timing, and I went on to paint the Transfomational Tara with the intention of liberating her spirit and healing her partners. It is an area of healing that is respected with varying degrees of openness. I believe that it is something that can benefit the sick and the dying, and those who are grieving after lose of a closed loved one. I am especially in service to those people.

Link to Saatchi where you can order the Transformational Tara as a high quality print

I have attached pictures of the transmutation of the painting, it coincides with Agnus’s transmigration. The Transformaitonal Tara is now in the collection of her partner, when he saw it he smiled, and I could see the light in his heart. Even though it was a difficult work to make, and having faced many thoughts of my own immortality, as well as sickness and disease, it really was a transformational painting. It re-opened my eye to how the simple act of painting can touch those who are open to receiving. This is what I live for, and put my love into. Many thanks to my courageous friend for seeing it through and I wish my friend love and light.
FotoMahaloness the transmutating Transformational Tara, in relative sequential order.
br />;












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Intrinsic Mahaloness with emphasis on the halo

According to Mahaloness every single living thing on Earth is awesome. Whether it is the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you move, the way you grace, it’s all wonderful and quintessential Mahaloness shining through. When you really feel the Mahaloness, it is like thank you and I love you, and by ‘you’ I mean the you you really are outside of the bubble you think you are in. On occasion it has been known that being in extended Mahaloness physical manifestations will occur to confirm and affirm your radness, while at the same time engrave a memory so that you will have good references the next time you are in a funk, in a valley of fog, misunderstood and feeling all alone. It is at these times that Mahaloness can remind you about the fact you are rad, that you are beautiful and extraordinarily uniquely paramount to the Big picture that runs all the time, everywhere, elsewhere, here and there. In fact while you think you are alone someone misses you at the same time perhaps in another space. This has been demonstrated by human innovations like Facebook, where you can feel your day and than review what others were thinking at the same time, amazing reference tool and perhaps underrated for this very thing. So to you beautiful beings out there in the known universe go ahead and be the impeccable you, carry yourself with dignity and if you are doubting this exercise remind yourself of that time you were rad, whatever that is, and close your eyes, smile, focusing on your breath, as you dote internal light shines bright, in all colors of the spectrum, than open your eyes and wow! As part of a daily routine I recommend you stare at cobalt teal for as long as possible, than magenta, pyrrole orange….

than look up. Mahaloness
Foto: silver finger, a result of extended Mahaloness, washes away with soapy warm water once you are amazed by your radness.
Second foto is a still from a video by PF Bentley, Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha, flow with this link and watch this man serenade a waterfall, and find a waterfall immediately
Third image is a digipainting I made recently which depicts what you look like when Mahaloness is flowing, or welcome to Mahaloness.




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Sacred Protective Deity Paintings Mahaloness

Sacred protective deity painting is a lot of words, so to make things simple, this is a part of what I have referred to as Mahaloness. To explain Mahaloness is the equivalent of explaining what Zen is. Words are limited to what the dictionary defines and I am pretty sure that Mahaloness is not in the dictionary…yet. What I do know and in my experience Mahaloness consists of doing the good work from the heart, letting spirit flow, no matter what the environment, setting, or location is. Being an artist of the day I practice wherever I am, with what is available, and one of the wonders of flow is that while working and being in flow the things that you will require have a way of presenting themselves as long as you are in Mahaloness, or in other words the universe is saying you are on the right path. In the case of this protective deity installation (hidden mural) preparation met opportunity, or what some may call this luck, I say Mahaloness. A string of moments woven together produced a picture on a wall, that is a protective deity, animal like, with Jaguar like features of colorful varieties, never seen on Earth until one fine near full moon night. A calling led me to this wall and in a matter of hours I had produced the image above with the intention that it will be painted over and will only be known to those who were there, unless you have the ability to space time travel and can figure out exactly what wall it is, I never rule these things out. It is almost ready to be covered and only a few lucky people saw it in its openness, once covered it will remain there imbedded in the layers, and will act as a protective layer for the occupants of the home, as well as the surrounding community. I have been yet unable to map out the exact trajectory of the protective field, though I imagine it is quite extensive. I should mention that the owner of the house where the protective deity mural is has Leukemia and has been going through chemotherapy. When he first set eyes on the mural on the wall, he had no idea this was happening, a huge smile appeared on his face, and attests to the healing qualities of Mahaloness. A rule of thumb to the wise, when Mahaloness calls and says ‘it is time to do the good work’, do the good work, if you hesitate the ego will interfere with the process and this is something you must be mindful of if you are interested in exploring the practice of Mahaloness. This blog is dedicated to Michael, may you heal well and be well my brother.