Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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So as of late Mahaloness has been busy working on murals, commissions and some life stuff, it really has been a bit upside down as of late. The numbers show that traffic is down, and comments are at an all time low. Not to worry, the Mahaloness blog is about to get back on track. I am about to embark on a trip to British Columbia where I will be spending some quality time catching up on some writing and sharing my life’s work with you my fellow beings of this planet. In the meantime please check out my updated artist portfolio at Saatchi, where you can order both my original artwork and very well priced prints. You will find a wide selection of quality artworks, it’s easy, have a look today, support the arts, I share a lot of my work here on the Mahaloness, you can show your appreciation by owning your own piece of the Mahaloness story. Thank you.
click here to go to my Saatchi online portfolio

-Downside up


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Commission complete

I am very much an abstract thinker which is quite evident in my work. I work with my intuition and sometimes the magic (when you work for it, it will come).
Fotomahaloness -as this commission nears completion, I wonder what will be next. On that note I am off on a film job for a week, I encourage those who like what they see here to go back into the archives, there are some gems, and Mahaloness to you all.







link to where you can order your own prints and online gallery, for the lovers of art! or commission me for your own original painting, it’s never too late!

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Painting reflecting passion

Painting is my passion, if you like what you see please have a look on my Saatchi homepage where you can see more of my paintings , drawings a photography, I will be updating that page soon with new work as well. You can order prints or originals directly through Saatchi, it’s easy and I appreciate any patronage and support. FotoMahaloness shows a cross section of my work from the last several years. Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto -a collection of work all acrylic, on canvas and panel, I enjoy making portraits reflecting human spirit and hope.
Saatchi online gallery showcasing my work
Breath of Life -digital remix of the painting, can be found on Saatchi


Modern Tara 30×30 in. Acrylic on Canvas (private collection, prints available on Saatchi)

Hope (Early portrait of Obama) 30×40 in. Acrylic on Canvas, will do custom orders, this is one of a series of 4

The Shaman 18×24 in. Acrylic on Canvas (available as original or print)

Hope (1 of a series of 3 paintings altogether called Factory Hirls) 24×24 in. acrylic and mixed media on panel (private collection)

Buddhabear 18×24 in. Acrylic on Hardboard, available as original or print, based on an actual Grizzly bear encounter I experienced last year at a festival

Wolfman (self portrait) 12 x 12 in. Acrylic on canvas -private collection, prints avail. on Saatchi link and I do custom portraits, which will be another blog soon:)

Wodaabe Dreamtime 24×48 in. Aerosol and acrylic on canvas, private collection, based off of a Werner Herzog doc called ‘Herdsmen of the Sun”