Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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when I’m there 

I walk this earth alone, yet I am not alone, there is 7.4 billion and rising humans here with me. I have often felt a connection to the wolf, in fact there was a time I visited an old shaman who pointed out that my spirit animal is a wolf, a lone wolf. When he told me this my whole life flashed before my eyes, and everything made sense to me. I am hälts, a painter who spends most of his time alone, making paintings that recollect things that I have experienced in my travels, mostly alone. Even when I was with someone I felt alone. This has been my curse and blessing, because on one hand I am human and as a human affection to another is something desirable, on the other hand the world is so complex that the notion that one will fall in love with one person and will live happily ever after seems but a dream. For now I will continue making marks, building character, and painting. I am hälts, I am nobody, unknown, alone, right next to you.


I’ve been working on multiple paintings lately, I am very much a slow painter, and this series collectively is called ‘SLO’. 

‘SLO’ this work started out as a live painting which a I am now finishing up in the studio

‘forest wolf’ WIP stars out as a live painting I have continued to work on this darling in the studio.

and now a new special minimotion 

‘when I’m there’ 📽new minimotion in studio sesshin special edition with soundscape ‘I think of you’ featuring some recent art explorations in SLO mo, some cloud timelapse, paper shadow art, and a bus ride ride, from Bowness to the Pacific Ocean, these are the places I revisit when I am sitting and painting in my studio. 

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Such is

I be ‘such an artist’. Stumbling along free spirited, prone to delirium, fumbling, bumbling, and possibly messy. My mess is my order, what appears chaotic does have order when you’re me. Painting hours toiling in anguish, trying to push through the layers of cliches, searching in deep waters, though not quite as deep as James ‘lower the bar’ Cameron. Hours upon hours of time spent in front of a canvas, compelled to tell the story that wants to come through me. Creativity is my skill, my techniques in tune with the flow. I am a rebel, I am an explorer, and passer on of knowledge that has been on this Earth since forever before. As Mysteries unveil and new ones form does the painter in me attempt to capture it all,mark after mark, the great story evolves…. until it is I am exhausted….this is how it goes.
Todays orchard of creative thought made possible through Mahaloness, creativity and good support from you all.
FotoMahaloness -fotos to accompany words and inside the flow, good energy, good times<;;;3 also special thanks to Agent R, M and M, M and J, Eppo, Keisuke, and Brooke. And. Take a seat! Relax and enjoy a reclaimed seat, courtesy of Mahaloness, you deserve it.