Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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808 soultime

It is in silence that the soul speaks.

-Vera Stanley Alder

During the summer of 2012 a spirit called me to the 808 State. I was going through some tough times and I decided to go on an adeventure, get out of the bubble I had made myself and go do some serious soul searching in the middle of the Pacific. I felt it was time to reboot my hard drive and build some new memories, new ones to replace the old ones that had ran their course. The trip lasted much longer than anticipated, one month turned into three, Maui has a way of doing that. I was given a real crash course on island life and discovered that when one is travelling alone there is plenty of silence for the soul to speak.


This so happens to be my 808 th post, so here are a few gems from my island adventure, these aren’t your typical tourist shots of beautiful waterfalls or turquoise waves lapping ever so gently on a white sand beach, no my friends these are real shots of my full immersion into island life, behind the scenes, and in between. Where it all started, Mahaloness that is.

the backyard, looking towards Haleakala


IMG_2887.JPGThere is nothing quite like a cup of coffee in a canoe….morning ritual

IMG_2901.JPGthe studio(s) outdoor styles, scorpions, centipedes and all.



IMG_2920.JPGthe gallery, ohana styles, featuring a Mahaloness protective wall mural, welcomes the good ones and dispels the negative ones. The rest of the art was made on found objects and building scraps my friend Jim gave me. The work came out so raw and I really channeled the island vibrations.

IMG_2884.JPGwhen you work outside in the elements you have to expect guests, this little guy was one of my favorites, there were many…

IMG_5528.JPGmy Hawaiian name

Akoni St. guest ohana outside wall dream maker mural installation

to be cont….

To my Hawaiian family I miss you and love you always. Thank you for letting me into your world I can never thank you enough, Mahaloness!

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this one….

This one is for my friends and family, all families, for the ones who love me, or hate me, for those who are like minded, for those who rise above, for those below, for those lonely souls who I have met before, to my lonely soul that hides behind closed doors, for the people of this country and for those all over the worldly, do I honor, love, apologize, bow low too, and say hi I love you, to the ones who came, and the ones who went, to the Earth, our mother whom do I respect. Here here to the realization of what freedom is, to living with the land and respecting this gift, that we may be free, free to live without being at the mercy of those who would rather build castles than help you or me. This is for the one and only, whomever, whatever that be, this is for you whom without I am nothing.
Fotomahaloness -this one…
Acrylic on canvas
If you like what you see and you do want to help me out, go to this link and buy some art made with 100% resiliency, heart and soul, and courage. Thank you.





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A road leads to a rainbow

A road leads to a rainbow. And! Sighted, a Mahaloness painting takes a rest leaning against a hydrant. This just in, word on the street is Mahaloness sneakers are a hit! There’s more love to come to all you lovelies, and if you are need of some Mahaloness let me know I’ll see what I can do. Keep up the good work, even when it isn’t so easy, keep doing it well.
Photomahaloness the art never stops because the love never stops.





Mahaloness Sneaks

Mahaloness on your feet, imagine that, imagine a world without dreams, or the imagination of the child, imagine if grown ups ran this place and imagine how strange and unimaginative it would be. Imagine sending the grown ups who run the planet to the moon, where they can build giant golf courses and never hit a ball so long in their unimaginable lives. At any rate it’s a good day to dream of such things, and perhaps the grown ups will follow through and move to space where they can rule the galaxy, and let Earth be what it is, a planet for a bunch of awesome rad living things to co mingle and chill, or dance, or whatever your rad imagination can visualize. The Mahaloness sneaker project is about imagination, chill, and putting stride back into the step, wherever you be and where that may take you. I love to transform old objects and give them new life, it increases the value of the item as the owner learns to appreciate the newness, ancient newness comes to mind, that’s just how my mind works, when It is on flow. When I flip out I lose flow and control and flop shall I do. AS YOU MAY NOTICE MY GRAMMAR IS QUESTIONABLE, that’s okay, I am practicing daily to master the craft, it might take me a little while, I MIT be dyslexic, so please be patient, maybe put on some vinyl, reggae sounds good, or kick it to some down tempo, or even the ukelele, always a dream. If you like the shoes send me your shoes and I’ll paint them, if you dig than you will, 250 and up depending on the shoe, it’s up to you, or you can paint your own shoes, that’s fun too, haha. Look left… Rainbow. Shoots.