Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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some moments from hälts pop shop

It’s hard to be bold and put yourself out there into the unknowing, that’s why I appreciate the ones who unassumingly chip away at it and do something that most would pass up for a good time. 
Behind the scenes moments in space time at the hälts pop shop: an art experiment featuring live art, art performance, art installation, day art, night art, art boutique, mini art gallery, sacred space, and life in a fishbowl. 

day art live painting performance prior to transforming space into mini art gallery and boutique.

where light meets shadow

hälts Pop Shop (mini art gallery/boutique)….which featured a new line of hälts art wearables, original art, prints and art novelties

made my own sign….

night art test prior to entering small space gallery 102 424 10 St NW a unique space in Kensington to do a pop up in.

hälts hybrid art ‘Tara azul’

prepping for the night art


hälts taking in the night art and visualizing the next time.

For those interested I have opened up a online shop click here to visit hälts art online shop with some art wearables, prints and unique art items, some of which you have seen here on Mahaloness. ❤️

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The Shaman

The Shaman. I am a white overtone wizard according to the Mayans, I am a magician, and notnone that creates magic, instead I channel magic, when I am in tune with my heart. I made this painting following a year of shamanistic painting ritual, where I physically travelled to scared places and also explored the spirit realm, through dreamtime and other means, and made contact. There is a spiraling cloud like reflection in the eye that pulls the viewer into the eyes, for it is behind the eyes that the true self exists.
Link to order prints or buy the original
Mahalonessfoto -a series of images following the journey, I will hopefully have a chance to put a video together I nth endear future.
The Shaman










Saatchi Mahaloness

This is a very nice link to an online gallery that fearlessly and graciously offers an outlet for my art. It is a convenient way to order prints or even purchase originals. I am slowly opening channels to my work and in doing so hope there are some folks out there that love what they see and feel, and would like to add that energy to a wall somewhere near them, as a high quality print, with options for canvas or poster format, it is my intention to share my work with you. Maybe even as a gift for a special loved one, a little bit of Mahaloness is guaranteed good energy. I welcome you to explore my work on Saatchi’s online gallery, I will be periodically posting new work to the site, to keep it fresh and current. I have plenty of imagery that I would like to continue sharing, and I will! I am beginning to explore the idea of upgrades to my WordPress site, stylize it up a bit, give it a bit of love, thank you wordpress for providing in the interim. I will be working away at it, bit by bit, mark by mark, it’s a challenge to find the extra time, I will, please remain patient. I am looking forward to continuing to share my work with you, and the journey. It is my goal to make my work accessible to as many people as I can, with the help of this blog, and other channels, and who knows maybe break down some of the stereotypes that are associated with being an artist, if I am lucky, though that may be a tall order. I have been blessed to witness the positive impacts my art and words make, it easily overshadows the hard times, please forgive me if sometimes I do go on on tangents, I am an Aquarius, though of the moderate variety, most times, or not. My passion for making art is alive and flourishing, and to be present in such extraordinary times, making art is something I do not take for granted, it is an honor. I will leave you with this, It is true that mistakes are a part of living, and certainly mistakes are part of the recipe for a life well lived. I dedicate my art to Earth, the planet that gives us home, life, water, food, shelter, and thankfully paint. Mahaloness Shane
Buddhabear based on a real life encounter I had with a Grizzly and a hummingbird in the wilderness of British Columbia, outside the grounds of a festival, in a tutu, one summers morning. I go to great lengths to make my art, I have lived a charmed life no doubt.


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Mahaloness Prints

If you or anyone else you know in the known universe likes what they see here, and are interested in the art I produce please take a moment and follow the link where perhaps you will find one that is right for you. I have been utilizing Saatchi online gallery, they have done a really wonderful job making a great website where artists like myself can upload high quality images into a cyber gallery format, that is welcoming you at any moment. The benefit of supporting my art is that I am able to keep making art, and sharing with you. It all comes from the heart and the art I produce brings light energy into your life, that’s been my mission since the beginning. You can order different sizes and I am consistently updating and adding current work for anyone who wishes to see it. It is an honor to be here, my love extends to you all, thank you so much for being part of Mahaloness, it is truly a blessing and I will keep producing with some help from good folks like you. The work must continue, I will be focusing on writing about specific paintings and providing the background stories and hopefully you will find this interesting. In the neat future I will share some techniques that you may also find helpful, I feel it is important to pass this on to any aspiring artists about there. Mahaloness Shane
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