Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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BC and Art…

I don’t have a whole lot of words to express. I could on about how I am feeling, or talk about the weather. Or, I might say that winter has been a chore, and most certainly not a bore. I embraced the winter this year, I let old things die, and revived a passion for my painting. I spent time with the elders, made them meals, spent time listening to their stories. It is strange that we write off the elders, and treat them with such little respect. Instead we blame them for this and that, the climate, the state of the environment, and so on. They did the best the could do. There is no reconciliation without first respecting the fact that the new generations will also make mistakes, and that in the future, they will be the ones who bare the weight. I myself, my little self, think as long as the children are laughing and playing, and that the earth provides us with life, that we ought to celebrate this life, and consider how lucky we are to be here. I know I am.


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make ART make more ART

It is nice to see paintings come to life, when this happens I know it’s nearly there.

'Are you a Beliver?' No.5 & 'Mana' Works in progress currently in studio Mahaloness

‘Are you a Beliver?’ No.5
Currently in studio Mahaloness many painitngs begin to take on a life of their own, side by side, introspection, dreams and such things.

Obama 'Are you a Believer?' No.5 acrylic on wood panel c.2015 in progress...

Obama ‘Are you a Believer?’ No.5
acrylic on wood panel
As my fifth installement of my paintamentary ‘Are you a Believer?’ comes into it’s own I wonder what is on the his mind, is it the same as you and I ?……one will truly never know…

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Factory Girls

This series of paintings features three prominent international Female lead actors whom I would happily work with on a film project. The series includes Sienna Miller (Factory Girl), Catherine Deneuve, and Mélanie Doutey. The jackets and dress were made from playing cards and a mosaic of small pieces of painted canvas. The portraits are in my signature style using acrylic on panel. This series is was made in 2008 and is collectively called ‘Factory Girls’.

Factory Girls
3 x (24x24x2 in.) acrylic and mixed media on panel
c. 2008
in private collection

hälts art shop and gallery

Thank you.

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people portraits

The following is a portrait from a coffee shop series I did way back. The subject is Johnny as portrayed through several techniques and mixed media (crayon pencil, pen,digital, collage and photography). You can see orange to yellow light emitting from his body, and green light emitting from his heart region. These are representative of his aura and chakra energies. There is also a reference to Japanese manga and as well some key phrases, books and a school of fish, including the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (which I believe was recently reinstated as Hawaii’s state fish).

Note: although I am technically on vacation I thought I would post from spacetime to spacetime.

20140715-100544.jpgon the blue highway




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famous or not portraits

This is a selection of my portrait work, going back as far as 2006. Atypical art by an atypical artist.
Thank you and enjoy.

‘Are you a Believer?’
the Obama years paintamentary no. 1 thru 4
30x40x2 in.
acrylic on canvas20140322-150734.jpg

acrylic on canvas


a pearl diver’s dream
16x20x2 in.
acrylic on panel

mother earth
8×11 in.
watercolour on paper

12x12x2 in.
acrylic, feathers and birch bark on canvas

Coffee shop portrait
acrylic on recycled cardboard (frame is also recycled and hand painted)
Molly and Comet (canine portraits of hardware shop dogs)
Hillhurst Hardware Mural
Airbrush and acrylic


All images are the property of Mahaloness. All rights reserved.

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many faces

Throughout my career as an artist, I have painted many faces, from the famous to the unknown, all different and unique in their own beautiful way.

girl with pearl earring (dream in Japanese of a pearl that holds the universe remix)
16x20x2 in.
acrylic on panel

the sunshine coast mona lisa
Painted on found driftwood (flotsam)
mother earth
obama: are you a believer?
part of a paintamentary following the obama years
portrait of an unknown hopi