Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Work as Play

I am a bit tired after a long week working on a film set. It was a surreal experience, and a lot of hard work, mostly night shoots, so going to bed at 5 am became the routine. Before going to bed I worked on my paintings, and if experience has taught me one thing, you can paint even when you are exhausted. Painting is meditation, it is breathing, and no matter what we have the ability to be aware of the breath and subsequently control it. The act of meditation quiets the mind, and when the mind is quiet the work flows effortlessly. This is a place where I call home, when I am in creative practice. There is no beginning or end, there is only the will to continue on, breathing while working with, playfully, the medium of choice, the brush, the pencil, the knife, and witnessing the journey to wherever it is I am going.
Mahaloness paint -paintings in progress…











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Dancing Mahaloness equals yum

The Mahaloness equation just keeps growing, and what would the world be without dancing? It is a gateway to creative flow when inside process and out. When outside process dancing is a great way To let it go, let the DJ with the disco ball cape offer a channel, dimension, and with clear mind, let loose, lead follow side by side and embrace the moment with all your heart. You can dance walk, walk down a street and add some dance steps, solo dance, dance with people, dance with your cat, let it go and enjoy a dance, it is a meditation, cathartic activation. Be a tree dancing with the wind, swaying and let the energy carry all thoughts away.The tree of Mahaloness is deep, roots into the subterranean, trunk reaching high to the sky, leaves breathing, all at once grounded and connected to the sky. Dancing is like a stick person it has been around since the beginning of this thing we call time. If you forget to dance you forget to be human, and in the opinion of this author if you forget to be human, you forget your inner light, your lighthouse for the world around you, and will find yourself alone. Just remember that the Mahaloness is always going to be your friend, by your side, inside, outside.
Foto: Pregnant succulent, at the most giving point of her life, the little ones can be seen those the offspring, and so she may thrive. A Lilikoi, yum, and a picture says a thousand words. Mahaloness





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Play. Whatever you are doing, play. Play in your sleep. Play with eyes closed. Play free. Play in your dreams. Play music. Play guitar. Play something you only dreamt of before. Play open that door, walk outside, jump up and soar. You want to be Mahaloness, play to the hearts rhythm, let it flow and free your constitution. Play. Play to your hearts content. Play, open mind, let the inhibitions go, explore the child that made you who you are. Play!