Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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INT. Cave. Night. 

Do you ever wonder where creative expression comes from? As I dive deep into the question I see myself in a cave, putting marks on a rock wall. Here, I am unable to comprehend comprehension, I am completely void of social influences, it is me and a wall, although the wall itself is a veil, which seperates this world from another world. Primordial instincts tell me that I am not alone. I place my hand on the wall becoming instantly connected to this other place and the veil dissolves, it becomes clear what I need to do. 


cave mind

ink to digi rock digifoto collage 


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baby sea turtles (a Southern journey cont.)

-a poem to set the tone

heading in car
down a lonely highway
pitch black
accelerating into the unknown
Illuminated by headlights
soon arriving
enter a room filled with information
we are about
we are about to
baby sea turtles
and possibly a mother delivering
precious cargo to these shores
soon walking
under the moonlight
first sighting
a giant toad
night beach experience
heart beats
deep breaths
eyes alert
awareness heightened
walking with care
lit only by the faintest of lumens
so not to disturb the baby turtles

Many years ago I painted a batch of canvas bags for a show in New York city. On one of the bags I painted a sea turtle. I could not have predicted that 8 years later I would be standing on a beach, at night, in Southern Mexico, witnessing the miracle of hatching baby sea turtles.
-turtle bag NYC Seed and Soil show 2007


This is a miraculous event considering the journey turtle mothers make just to get to these shores in order to lay their eggs. It appears to be left up to complete chance whether or not these baby turtles will make it back into their marine environment.

(fotos to go with poem)
-on the road
turtle info center
a giant toad greets us on the playa


Similar to ants, although with a little less grace a multitude of baby turtles crawl out from a small hole in the sand, all over the beach little baby turtles shuffling their way to the ocean, some with more luck than others.




the baby turtle mortality rate is quite high, although it is much safer for them to travel at night it remains clear that predators exist day and night.
the cycle of life continues…

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fade to black

The longer I am in here the more I begin to realize how foolish I have been living. Its easy to get lost in all the of ‘what ifs’ and I have spent far too much time thinking about events that I cannot change. The past is the past.

fade to black.


Following a few minor setbacks with my bank card and visa I find myself on a bus, it’s evening going into night and my main objective is to get to Puerto Escondido, 13-15 hours, 2 buses, first stop Acapulco. Travelling via bus at night was ‘not recommended’ in my pre-travel research, I will have to trust in a divine force that wants me to get to my destination, the hardest part of doing something is getting past your own self doubts, fear in other words will have to take the back seat, better yet the trunk.




IMG_4974.JPGI wrote a screenplay once with a working title, ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, sitting here I can’t help but feel as if I have entered my own screenplay….
fade to black.

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