Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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mind travel

This is a friendly reminder to be resourceful and let the imagination run wild.

…and now…

🍍’mind travel’🍍

Brand new miniMOTION picture show featuring the art & sounds of hälts

✒️🎥🎼🌀Mahaloness and halts teamed up to produce this experimental super short called ‘mind travel’ it is the second in an ongoing project where halts combines his 2D art with modern technology and sound, analog to digital, or something along those lines. The images were first drawn in a tiny book and than photographed for stop animation with some post editing. The music is a collection of sounds formed into a soundtrack, these sounds are from the halts archives and produced using Garageband. This is a resourceful imaginative operation at this stage in the game, I am working on new material, more to come, enjoy!



still from ‘mind travel’


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Aloha A’ina Sesshins

In 2012 I travelled to Maui to do some soul searching and connect with the land and sea. I spent much of the time sitting and drawing, channelling the energy of the island and letting my pen translate the feeling I that flowed though my being. Each place I visited grounded me by letting the environment introduce me to the A’ina, which is a Hawaiian word for ‘Earth, land’. Aloha A’ina means love for the land, love of the land. I have always felt that I am a child of the land and have exepreinced this feeling in many places around this precious Earth. The land, sea and air offer lessons to us that can be benefitial to our well being and bring persepctive to the challanges we face in this lifetime. When we shift our thoughts and let Nature mind in we open doors to healing, both for oursleves and the land we are part of.

Japanese accordion style moleskine doodle, Maui Sesshins c.2012 (aka A’ina Sesshins)


Aloha A’ina

  • ‘love of the land’

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murals of Mahaloness

Mural making is a different beast, it takes a lot of will and determination to complete them. Without a doubt the effort pays off when you see someones face light up when the mural catches their eye. 


Cirque du Soleil 

-1 of 5 artists involved with this project



Willow Ridge community mural   

Hillhurst Hardware c.2010  


Bassbus mural c.2011 (3-D mural)       

 Mexico  Dreamtime 


art from spirit, mind and heart


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mystic mind

The mind is very powerful, it can travel back anf forth, up and down, sideways, and around. The mind can tell you what to do, it can judge, it can observe, it can cure, it can surf, it can demand, it can learn, while its comprehension comperehends, the mind is a metaphor, it is an obstacle, it resists, it is nothing, it is something, the mind minds when you do not respect. 

There is more to mind than what you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or think it to be, some scientists* think 90% is perception, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and hence the myth. It is the myth that I find fascinating, and both spiritual and scientific people alike are seeking for answers within it’s mist. The following is a scientist describing the Tuknao people of the Amazin basin, and his observations of the 3rd stage of the intensified trajectory of the human consciousness, otherwise known as full spectrum consciousness, which just so happens to be associated with shamanic practice and ritual. (Although I would use ‘ritual’ loosely, there is always a different dynamic invovled with each ritual, just as their is in an experiment.) 

Here, then, we have an instance in which people take hold of the possibilities of the intensified trajectory- they harness the human brain- and believe thet they drive from their visions insights into an ‘alternative reality’ that, for them, may be more real than the world of daily life. This is a worldwide expereince. indeed, ecstatic expereince is part of all religions- as I have pointed out, people have to accomodate the full spectrum of conssciousness in some way.

*link to a video called ‘Shaman’ Voyage’, although shaman is an invented word, medicine person works well. The medicine worker is an explorer going into the far teaches of the mind that many of us have forgotten, 100 000’s of thousands of years is hard to remember. Healing/Shaman Voyage 


mystic morning whirlwind 


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exchanging gifts

Nature is an exchange between life force, we are a part of it’s weave, it’s ebbs and flows. When the ground shakes we shake, and if you have ever felt this you know what  I mean. Nature time is a calibrator, it reconnects my being to the energy of the planet, other than what the man made structures and technology have to offer. Now this is an interesting point when one asks the question, is not everything in life ‘Nature’? Are we part of a wholistic, or are we seperate and divisive, or as Levi-Strauss would call it, in a state of  ‘binary opposition’; such that we do the things we do in order to mediate between these oppositons, and that this has been going on since we have been here on Earth. Answers to this question will inevitably bring an array of life experience and individuality which I would argue is what David Lewis-Williams* calls ‘full spectrum consciousness’, which is what some think the early versions of homo sapiens were already equipped with. Over time and subsequently 100’s of thousands of years of evolution later, we have come full circle. We currently live in a world with the technolgy and tools that allows us to further seek and draw from this ‘full spectrum of consciouness’, which is rather incredible, and it feels like it has been around forever in yet it is seems so new. Contemporary descriptions of ‘full spectrum consciousness’ come in a variety of labels, and yet to me they all speak of the same thing, and perhaps that is what unites us, and regretably divides us. I wish to continune on this thought thread, perhaps I will meet some new discoveries as I explore the idea of a ‘picture of everything.’ 

*if this resonates with you, you may be interested in ‘The Mind in the Cave’ a book by J. David Lewis-Williams Thames and Hudson, or even better yet go explore and spend time with cave art and rock art. 

**all ideas expressed here at Mahaloness are not necessarily those of the author, they are from the ‘full specturm consciousness’ and are intended for entertaiment purposes only. 


The world I live in most days is the city. In citylife I am continually inundated by vibrational frequencies that foster a feeling of separation. A city is competitive, man made, hustle and bustle, fearful, fast, judgemental, and ego. Nature is humble, involved, and connected.  Although competition can be found in Nature, it is often found where there is an instability, which seems to be correlated with human related endeavors, animals given no choice in the matter because of our humanness and the hierarchies and divisions we created. – ‘hälts’




grey area, where human and Nature positively correlate


Its easy to get lost in the city, it is a complex weave that appears to go on forever.

 (b&w digiprint from the hälts streetfoto collection)


Acrylic and ink on Canvas  c.2004

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As am artist I judge, and am judged. I have come to accept that is part of being an artist as well as being human.

Now an excerpt from a book called, Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects From What Really Matters. By Robert Augustus Masters, Phd (taken from a Chapter on Blind Compassion)

‘Much of this behavior has to do with the popularized notion that we shouldn’t judge others. There are some very serious problems with this kind of thinking: First of all, we do judge others; judgement is simply one of the things the mind does. So to make it wrong—that is, to judge our judging—only drags us into guilt’s domain, splitting us into “good” (read: not judging) and “bad” (read: judging) factions. The mind—your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind—will keep churning out judgements because that’s it’s nature. What really matters is how we handle our judgements.’

In many ways I have come to the brutal realization that as long as I work at my art, that I am completely at the mercy of the world I live in. Daunting as that may be I do attempt to face it, I put my art up here, for free, in some crazy hope that someone out there will love it and buy it all. This is a dream, and one I happen to enjoy, most times, except when I get down, and fall into the miserable grumpy artist that wants to cut his ear off, wait it’s been done. So with this said my intention here for the next few entries will be to souly flog my work, yes I said souly, this is my ride, isn’t it? Please bare with me and do wish me luck.
Disclaimer: Without coming across as ‘too neggy’, as in bitter, I will say this. The art I make is one of a kind, beautifully made albeit embarrassingly creative. My work is influenced by the world I live in, and yes perhaps this comes across as ‘terrible salesman-esque’, I am terrible, I think most artists are who don’t play by the rules. I am not one to bow down to the art world, I am in the world and I make art, whether the art snobs will see that, or recognize it, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is I continue to make it. Actually come to think if it, there is a couple things artists don’t do well at: selling their work, and saying no. I often fail at both, and thank goodness I have someone very special in my life now who helps me out with the ‘just give it all away’ tendency that sometimes arises. To be clear I live in an alternate reality, and so do you, so lets get on with it. The story of my life goes like this, I work my ass off, literally, making my art. Do I deserve a prize, I would accept it, but I do not need it, I make art because its what I need to do. So to be perfectly clear here, I spend most my time eating, breathing art, and the rest of the time I write this blog, when I am not working at my other jobs, drinking coffee and fulfilling life obligations. Over the last few years I have been making channels available to purchase my art, either as prints and/or originals through this link, and yes the art’s not really that cheap but its not really that expensive either, and my art gives back, ten thousand fold. Will I do deals, no. link to Saatchi and one of my paintings called, ‘Wolfman’
So I do hope that some courageous people out there take the leap, and invest in my art today, tell a friend and share the love, and judements. Mahaloness.
Fotomahaloness – the work continuing (working title: overspiritualized?)

I might be a joke, but I am in the same joke as everyone else.

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Minding mind

It is easy for an artist to hide behind a painting. It is not so easy revealing the ‘behind the scenes’.

Minding mind….

It appears we live in a society that loves to consume, and when it comes to art and music, there exists a love to borrow/appropriate things for our own purposes. Chances are most of us have done it, in one way or another. This is a slippery slope because on the one hand music and art should be free. And, on the other hand, an artist works hard, or at least the ones I know do, and deserve to be paid for their work, supported, like our troops, and like we do anyone else. Perhaps even more importantly, an artist deserves credit. I have found when I speak up about this kind of thing it simply gets shrugged off or I am seen as being ‘angry’. To be perfectly clear, I do experience moments of anger. Collectively we humans have plenty of stuff to be angry about. Every single one of us, and I am no different. Thankfully I have been lucky enough to witness some real magic in my life, the kind of magic that lights my way, especially when I experience darkness. Throughout I have maintained a steady practice of painting, reflecting a full spectrum of colours back at the viewer, similar to the light that has guided me. For nearly a decade I have exhibited and work both, private and public environments, with whomever, human, animal or insect. I once stayed up three days straight at a music festival, painting nearly the whole time. Why? Because I wanted to. I let myself be in the mercy of the festival goers. If they wanted a colour I would add that colour. If they wanted imagery I would do my best to add that imagery. If someone wanted to paint on it, I let them. They even went as far as to dress me up (see fotos). The final piece the Mona Lisa could not touch in its beauty. I painted in the sunshine, in the rain, and in the morning mist. I painted to psy trance, I painted through lunch while most others were being fed. People brought me food, gifted me snake skins, and even sang songs to me when I was drained. To say it was a soulful experience would not do it justice. What amazed me was how beautiful and helpful those who witnessed me work were. They provided care without being asked, they just did, selfless acts. It gave me faith in my fellow man, for I have my fair share of betrayals. I will say this….the joy I get from making and sharing my art, my heArt, far outweighs the struggle.

…and some words on anger

Years of being angry
Makes me sad when I am alone
For it was not anger that I meant to express
It was love that I wanted to show.

…on making skillful art…
I am a very disciplined painter, I work hard on my skills, so that I can make art that is beautiful, poignant and timeless.

If you are one to support the arts and you would like to see more of my original art and/or you would like to order prints, you can, please go to my Saatchi link. saatchi link

Fotomahaloness – no matter what, no one owns the art that comes out of me, not even me. The last few images are the painting I made at the festival and the outfit I was gifted to wear. Not usually my colour of choice I went with it. On the third day, wearing that outfit, and no sleep, I was taken to a remote spot on the forest to be one with it, and to my amazement was confronted (10 feet from where I sat) by a Grizzly Bear, which I would later document that experience in a painting called Buddhabear. link to Buddhabear