Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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dream realization

MDH is my hero. (click here if so choose to follow this string of thought)

-the creative mind is a fascinating thing indeed, here I have attempted to illustrate an dream idea into reality, in the form of a magical mural that just so happens to be on a bus. (more on this story in the next coming months)


a wolf spirit cannot be tamed.

super gracias

for more hälts art click here, Saatchi online gallery link

dedicated to Julian Nobert


secret garden

My mom is a real green thumb and since I can remember she has always had a garden. I have come to appreciate her gardens over the years, more and more, and which she cares for dearly. It is to me a thing of beauty and she inspires me to also continue to work hard on my thing, visual gardening.

Molly’s secret garden, always magical.






Thank you for



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Self Portrait (Cosmic Wanderer)

This is a digi self portrait, I have upgraded from digi finger painting to using a Wacom pen, and so far I am very happy with the results. I find that the ease of the pen and the drawing program I have been using is a relief to my usual modus operandi, acrylic paint. I am not entirely sure if I will ever give up painting, but I will continue to explore the digital version, and see where it goes.
Currently I am contemplating going to Katmandu, it is a place where I can grow, and where I have the opportunity to learn from a true master of painting. When I stop and think about my adventures I must have some angels looking out for me, and I am grateful for it, the journey has been far from easy, though magical throughout.
FotoMahaloness DSP the Cosmic Wanderer and finalized Magical Molly