Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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sky shark 

It’s been a active month and a bit for hälts, similar to the ocean with endless corduroy lines, there is a plethora of waves to ride. Ideas have been coming to hälts, sharks swimming in the sky, all seeing eyes watching whales gliding through the cosmos, in an effort to bring some awareness to our ocean friends who we share space with on this blue and green planet called Earth. There is a grea documentary called Sonic Sea, it details a few human related impacts on marine wildlife and offers solutions to this growing problem, and considering we get one planet to live on, it is our responsibility to take care of it as best we can. Mahaloness 


In his search for meaning hälts has come to realize it is his mission to be a voice for the planet and all its beings, the following images are a reflection of this. 

the whales are calling, do you hear them? 🐋 hälts ‘creator’ mural detail🐬

live art pop up studio at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals💚❤️💚(located 104 10 St NW) where hälts has some gorgeous prints on sale starting at $20

late night sesshin at hälts home studio, WIP painting is in effect, very Aloha

sky shark paper cutout on foto, working on bringing ideas to life

hälts Salon show, years of making marks, tapping the source, and a good indication of the joy of painting

‘Sky shark’ an idea takes shape in an effort to raise awareness of r ocean friends.

flashback to Maui Ho’okipa mural made in total darkness on a new moon circa 2012

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the whales are calling 

I was walking down a path, immersed in my own thoughts, wondering where they came from. 

💚with respect to the title please check out and enlighten yourself on the current state of our oceans, I think you might be surprised as to whats happening with our ocean inhabitants and friends, that is directly correlated to human input, and it’s not plastic, it’s related to sound. 

Lately hälts has been very active, completely immersed in the creative act, and in between working on ideas, acting, some sleeping, and translating the dream into reality, and he tries to make time to write this blog. The content is changing and morphing which is fascinating to watch unfold, as he gets that much closer to finding his voice. The search has led hälts to forests, lakes, rivers, the ocean, the sky, the stars, outwards to the cosmos, and below Earths crust. There is a time when any artist has to face themselves and ask what is it I am doing, a self check up, so to make sure that he or she, or both, is on the right path. In a world where there is billions of opinions, stories, agendas, and strategies, it is key to stick to your path, and only waver when necessary, and remember fear is your friend, when all the signs say ‘go’ you go, and whatever happens will likely surprise you both. 

‘delicate balance’ 🌿 hälts hybrid art

‘the whales are calling’ inspired by the documentary Sonic Sea (

‘Unknown Hopi’ 🐇 hälts hybrid art featuring a watercolor by hälts called ‘unknown Hopi’ and a new WIP painting ‘little painting no.2’

flashback 2010 this mural for Cirque du Soleil was hälts introduction to the art of mural making, working with 5 of Canada’s most talented muralist, who taught him how to get it done. What an honour.

new live art project happening at Calgary New Age Books & Crystals 104 10 St NW where hälts will be painting and continuing a print sale well into December brah, come say hello!

the other office kind of….hälts working on a hand drawn animated minimotion.

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The Simple Life

The simple life is what I would like to realize. The world around me says go faster, keep up, or else! To reference one of my favorite movie lines, courtesy the The Big Lebowski, ‘get a job you Bum!’. Now if I look at my other option, being an artist, a struggling, starving artist, who has been through it all and back and than back again and one more time, chain smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily and living with little to no care for my own personal well being just so I can produce work that is moving and a little bit ‘edgy’. Well to you I say no thank you, thank you though. Maybe I can be a visionary artist, flowing beautifully, Gaia my voice, wearing my symbols of Sacred Geometry on my sleeve, the Tree of Life, the pyramid tattooed on my third chakra point that is perfectly aligned with this other pyramid and when the sun hits it perfectly I turn into a snake. Let me think about it….Perhaps I should dive deep into dreamtime led by a Shaman from Liverpool who wants 1000 dollars and will certainly help facilitate a special trip to the dark side, where I can face my demons and rid myself of ego. Perhaps. Maybe I would like to continue on the path I am on, no matter what the outside world would like me to be, or how they think I should flow. This is a tricky way of being. I might offend the other who genuinely is providing pertinent information, or reason, and a helpful second point of view. I do listen to those who I feel, true teachers who come in many forms. From the little people to the old Sage, the wind, a weasel scurrying along, a brilliant mind or a river that carries my thoughts away, they all teach, if one is present and open. I am a product of all of it, how I carry on is a sign on the wall, ‘stay calm carry on’ or a status update just in case I forgot who I was. Catchy catch phrases do I read from time to time, signs, some obvious some right under my nose, mostly redundant, and perhaps even miss informed. Signs from nature are the ones I pay attention to, the planet I reside on is the ultimate teacher, the ultimate wisdom, the ultimate source, the life I live is provided by her, Mother Earth. So back to simple is where I’d like to go. Maybe that is me moving away from this concrete jungle, who eats my soul for breakfast and shows no mercy to the kind and the caring. I dream of a simple life, a life without a spotlight shone in my face and a officer of peace threatening me and telling me how to speak, how to act and how to be. Still I have to be reminded that teachers come in many forms. There is a lot of things in this life that would love nothing more than to tempt my anger, and fill me with fear, push me over the edge and see me fall from grace. There forces are at work all the time, pushing and pulling, attempting to disrupt peace of mind. To these forces do I welcome open arms, enter, teach me what you find relevant and than watch as I move on to the simple life. The simple life is not the easy life, quite the contrary, it is a life that will test me, every cell in my body, every action, each step as crucial as the next, as I leave behind me the bullshit and disgrace, no longer destitute, chains released. As I do so my protective shell begins to disappear, as I transform back to simply me, heart and soul, true self, one. I now dream that I will one day work with my hands, instead of paint, with dirt and land, transformation is at hand.