Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Life on Earth

Gaia Theory was the impetus for the mural you see below. I was also inspired by ancient mythology received through literature, art, and through storytellers I have met while travelling. I chose this wall because it felt right. The business that occupied the store was a community hub of sorts, with many walks of life entering through it’s door.  The irony of the mural was that it was destroyed as a new building replaced the old. I thought this to be a symbol of how we treat Earth, as a disposable item created for our own pleasures, destroy and ‘don’t worry we’ll build a new one’ mentality. Have we become so completely self absorbed, unaware, and ignorant to the very thing that provides life? I know this to be untrue for myself and there are many folk on this planet who do give a damn, and bless their beautiful souls. And bless the souls who don’t care, they perhaps need it the most. We live together on this tiny planet hurtling through infinite space…perhaps we will meet up with a new life form that will show us an alternative way to live…or perhaps James Lovelock is right, AI and cyborgs will take over leaving us more or less pets in zoo.  On the up side we get to see what animals have known since humans decided to try to dominate Earth…maybe this the remedy we all need.

The Gaia theory was developed in the late 1960’s by Dr. James Lovelock, a British Scientist and inventor. I am not going to go into specifics here as I think if one is interested they do their own research and make their own conclusions.


Life on Earth


Summer Nights

Oh these spirited Summer Nights

so much delight

to be had

on a warm


Summer Night


Art of hälts…..

‘true self’ 💧this painting is about rising above the veil, high above your personhood, revealing the truth that sets you free 💙 I don’t know everything and that’s alright, I search for meaning in this life through painting, along the way I find some peace of mind, with a heart of gold, slightly tarnished, it’s alright, I am well on my way to the great reveal, God knows what this human does. (Painting: ‘mawyucan’ the whirlwind place mixed media on canvas soon to be painted over)


A recent watercolor in hybrid art format that again plays on the Gaia theory theme and ancient mythology.


I went for a paddle to see my eagle friend, watching them grow up into adults is such a treat! I can’t help but think we have a respect for one another, and when it gets windy and I fly on my windsurfer across the lake, its not uncommon for this big buddy to say hello, and. then fly off riding the breeze.

‘hälts went for a paddle’ 🌲 hälts SUP minimotion with eagle and a soundscape called ‘hello old friend’ 😐 warning this video may be a little disorientating, and really SUP’ping is a zigzag process, so its true to the experience, which is what a documentary is in my books.


when we truly forgive, we are free.

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random thoughts

I often think of myself as strange. I observe the people coming into my life, and the people going. I practice being in the moment because the past is done, and the future is zombies, neither one defining me, nor who I am. I have been practicing the art of presence, Being present, opening up, not so much an open book, more open to the little things that remind me that I am here, loved, and loving. For instance my little rabbit friend, Hectar, who does not judge me, nor shoot projections my way, he is just Hectar, he feels safe and trusts me, day in, day out, a constant reminder that love has no bounds, it does not change, even if everything else does when time has it’s way.


My freedom is my art, my art is my heart and soul.


Art stops me dead in my tracks. (painting: the radiant dali on cardboard from art deliveries, full circle. 

Now a hält minimotion featuring BC and stages of some watercolours I have been working on last couple weeks.

‘​Bee to a Flower’

​Painting is….my life, my heart, my spirit.

Life colours our hearts. I do what I can, sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough. Sometimes I take a walk to ease the anxiety that chases me down, looking up top the sky, it’s soft colour palette gentles the mind. I do what I can to make the memories fade, the ones that broke my spirit, hurt my heart and left me in shame. Slowly it fades, the river flows by, a bird effortlessly glides and a friend chases a friend on a Lime down the lane.

my new website for the curious

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I think therefore I paint

Over the course of my artistic practice I have been thinking about what it means to be a painter. Some artists believe they were born to paint. Others were born into paint. While some artists are just enigmas, and we may never really know why they made the art they did. So why paint? What should I paint? Who am I painting for? Am I any good? These are good questions to ask yourself, however in the act of doing these tend to become irrelevant. In the act of being a painter my intuition takes over, which is higher state of self that I have come to know and trust in my work. This is a good thing as there is a lot of uncertainty involved in the process which the doubting mind loves to feed on. It is key to see things through, this has been my life motto, even when all seems lost, and nothing is going right, I keep working through it, and this has been a real area of discovery for me.

My curiosity with painting is perhaps the mystery of painting in itself. I can’t help myself but be drawn to the mystery and, I have made it my life’s purpose to explore it. I have focused on learning ways to make pictures that are genuine hälts; with all the weirdness, the magic, the sorrow, the joy; the nuances of being human whilst living in these silly world. I am by no means well known, however I make art that is both beautiful, celebrated and adorned by some very beautiful humans out there who through chance I have had the great pleasure to meet in this lifetime.

Side note and after thoughts on painting….

I once met a man who believed our lives are predetermined, such that we have no say in our destiny. I am more inclined to believe we do have the capacity to steer our own ship, however there is a flow and rhythm to life, so determining how you want to ride through it is a good starting point. My ship happens to be art, and my main sail is painting. Art has some pretty deep roots to tap into and even after all these years of practice I have yet to fully understand it. Art remains to me a truthful experience documenting life’s mystery and just as winters reveal bits of the truths about ourselves, mark by mark, painting by painting I am revealing my experience. This may not be your experience however surely there is some common ground, that which defies the rational, and hits on some deeper spiritual level. In my practice I am expressing my truth, my inner light, and channeling what gos through my mind. This perhaps is not too disimliar to what my ancient ancestors were doing when they painted on a cave wall. When I work I am very aware of my feelings, my mood, my thoughts and my spirit. This in part is what I am communicating along with the mystery, the unknown and the irrational.

hälts minimoiton archive 2016

hälts working on a mural called ‘Creator’, a public art installation piece for peace of mind.



a window into the hälts painting oeuvre

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I have been a little MIA lately, I suppose I have lots going on in my life. And really…..who doesn’t. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get on with it. The last couple months have flown by. Ups, downs, sideways, upside down, around, twisted, sadness, happiness, and loneliness. Love came, love went, that empty feeling, don’t back down, ride the ebbs and flows that life brings. Those things that build character, and things that make me mad. A longing for something I have not found, I guess I’ll keep my nose the ground. The search continues, new dreams mapped out. Gone are some happy days that made sense at the time. Some came, some went, some never to be heard from again. Thoughts inwards, inner spirit, the quest for the truth. Moments of madness and chaos, and swarms of blue. Flowers so delicate and yet so distant as winter squeezes alllife from their memory. Wandering the city streets with no one in particular to meet. A fresh hot cup of coffee to warm the veins giving credence to the old adage,

Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.

-David Lynch


And now some halts art history…

‘creator’ a community spirit mural produced by halts and painted in 2016.


In 2004, I made a small series of paintings. It is the point in my life I decided to paint, or perhaps you could day painting serendipitously came into my life. I remember the first moment I touched a brush, I knew this is what I wanted to do, and never I never looked back.


in the flow, halts working on his 2016 creator mural (foto courtesy Walt Flemming)


in them moment of truth (foto courtesy Walt Flemming)


Creator mural at the halfway stage


Creator mural 2016


an early stage in my painting ‘Therianthropica’ circa 2016


the Zicatela community spirit mural Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico


‘Are you a Believer?’ No. 1 a paintamentary following the Obama years, 5 paintings in this series circa 2009

2004 city man acrylic on canvas 20x24inches

‘city man’ made 15 years ago almost to the day, its hard to say who found who, painting or me….the one thing I do know is that painting saved my life, circa 2004

2005 woven

‘woven’ my first foray into the abstract, this was part of series created in 2005


All images are the property and under the copyright of halts  c.2019

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CoSM Journal of Creativity

Please check out CoSM Journal of Cosmic Creativity a Journal 7 and buy one. These wonderful folks are putting their life’s work into this, it is well designed and a nice piece of thread of the visionary art world. I am a humbled and honored to be associated with CoSM, Alex and Allyson Grey, Delvin, Marisa, Ely, Syd, thank you and keep up the good work. CoSM is pushing the boundaries, and giving those who are right there with it, an opportunity to share their good work with anyone who so likes. Sharing creative insight and process is vital. It brings beautiful imagery into your life, inspiration. In this issue there is a really nice cross section of literature, for those seeking insight into visionary art, the artists, and the movement. It will take you on a wonderful journey, a cosmic visionary journey, looking inside and expanding outwards into the unknown. It is medicine for our collective time. Mahaloness
See foto for info as well and Welcome!
Also in foto the bus I painted called Furtherer, or Big Hau…and a foto of me painting, at a festival, actually a projection by Brooke Brampton, that was originally captured and given some digital magic via Shaun FreeZen, I will explain at another time, it shows something that is bigger than all three of us, it is a collective input, everything on that image was made possible by some wonderful people who came together with a vision and went for it, these moments the spirit sings, dances, and humanity is connected, through and through in every which way elsewhere and here. Mahaloness





An autobiography for the curious

If you are wanting a short entry please come again, if you are curious who I am, and would like a little background about me and what my work is about, this is for you, I apologize a bit for this entry it is not so easy to write about me and the journey so here it goes…
It all began when I was 2 and I left the house of my parents and explored the outside world, leaving a mom in fear she had a lost child and a father shaking his head. Since those early years I have worked and continued to explore the world, mainly as a visual artist, making paintings, murals, drawings and public in situ painting, in all sorts of different environments, and situations, sometimes organized, sometimes renegade. My paint is as much about spirit and energy as it is a geographical record of the human condition and the rapid changes we are experiencing. Before I was a practicing artist I was a geographer, I studied the climate, weather patterns and glaciology, the study of glaciers. I went to university for 5 years, learning at a rate that I will never match again, hungry for knowledge so I could understand the world that I found myself in. As the years went by and my knowledge based grew I went from being a optimistic curious to pessimistic furious. Often times I was angry and felt the world to be a cruel place, I was full of judgement, and felt very few cared about what was happening. Even since those times I practice practice practice, being mindful that this kind of paranoia was the farthest thing from what actually is, and what I am actually here to do. It took some dark times to see that inside the dark was a light, that the darkness I was seeing around me was my own darkness being reflected back. This a far cry from my youth when I was truly a free spirit, led by curiosity and wonder that always amounted to great adventures. The world can be a scary place, with all the bad news no wonder tensions are rising and hyper paranoia is gathering momentum. It goes back to the times when castles were surrounded by tall insurmountable walls, and we all know this phenomenon is still in practice today. My parents offered a life to me, they passed on information and provided channels that would help me to survive in a world that my mother to this day has a hard time trusting, mother’s worry, you know what I mean. Both my parents instilled eduction, they felt it important to get ahead in life, they believed that an education would allow me to succeed in life, and develop a nest egg when it was my time. So I went to school. When I began school I had this vision, that man would come together and utilize their radness, their extraordinary ability to find resourceful and innovative ways to live on this planet in a way that benefits our home. It became apparent to me that I was capable of being one of these minds, that if I worked hard that in some way I could help my fellow man and do what was right, automatic. After I left university, and feeling somewhat discouraged about humanity and the the system I found myself being locked into, I decided to go to film school. I wanted to tell my story through film, it lasted 4 months, in that time I wrote a feature length screenplay called Dark Night of the Soul. I also worked on sets for a good 8 years and gotna taste of what the film industry was all about, I never did make the film, to this day it sits in a box at my sisters home, waiting patiently for my return and some angel funding. During this period I went to opening in Toronto in 2004 and fell in love with painting. Since than I have been telling my story one painting, one drawing, one picture at a time, a paintamentary that keeps going, pieces spread out all over the globe, and this thing we call cyberspace. It seems that my years of explorations in the hopes of discovering the state of the planet, and all its inhabitants, has out out me right here, writing a b,og about Mahaloness, trying to keep it short and sweet so to not take too much of your time, while at the same time providing my story so we can collectively recognize how close we really are, 6 degrees. I have made it my life mission to be here and do the good work, to make conscious art, and showcase the goodness that exists, while tap into the flow and in all actually have no real idea of what it means or whee it is going, let alone where it comes from. It is cutting edge and I know it is, I also know it takes a 150 years to decipher the message, or at least that has been the average for the great works that artists before me put out into the known universe, some even older than 40 000 years and we still have no idea what they really mean! I love to work directly with people, sharing live process, in any,ind of environment, it’s all wonderful. It is in the live in situ work where I have a chance to talk with those who want to hear or know what it is I am working on, while also listen to peoples stories, a vital part of my methodology. Over time I have gathered information on the state of mind that each generation carries, and made paintings that if placed in one room would be a great movie, without the need for a projector. I like to paint portraits of the luminous ones, the people who have shone a light and presented their radness, unconditionally and voluntarily. In my years of doing live public work I have met so many who tell me they would of loved to be an artist, that they wanted to follow their dream but instead found themselves doing what they had to do to make ends meet. There is a growing frustration and resentment, so many beautiful people who feel with their hearts, while at the same time battling with their minds. It is in their eyes, eyes that reflect a human spirit whose dignity has been tested time after time . Even though separated by 6 degrees of separation, so many people angered by their governments only to see their freedoms recede like our glaciers. I don’t want no fight, I don’t want no trouble, I want to have a family, I want to have a nice piece of land, build a home and grow a garden. It is dream of many, while a few turn dream into a reality, self sufficient folks, the numbers growing all the time. For me it is a still a dream, it is left untouched by the reality that I face every day I wake, I am an artist making paintings about spirit and energy, about human condition, people love my work few actually buy my work and if they do it is at a price fair to them, quite often unaware of the energy I actually have put in. This is okay though, I haven’t stopped, I will continue to make art for as long as I am able. Sometimes I feel the sadness of the Earth, it can get the best of me, losing joy to the fight that is my dignity extinguishing. If this happens I like to sit under the stars, breathe, and remind myself how small I really am and than close my eyes and look inside, and nurture the intrinsic grace, go to my internal star. As a mantra I internalize love and compassion, and than send this to my friends, my family, this Earth, our home. This is why I make art that is bright, although every once and a while dark pieces do come out of me, sometimes I share them and sometime I paint over them as I did the second painting you see below, a painting about sadness, a mother losing her child to war. So this has been a rather long entry, take a moment and breathe, and look at the paintings, put them on your desktop, and if you like what you see and you are a collector, commission a painting, I do accept inquiries and will respond to those who are interested, my email is Please acknowledge that energy was put into this, and energy must be returned, it creates a balanced energy exchange, if you know what I mean.
Fotos: a painting about sadness, and pride (Scarlett Johansson esque as a modern day Marilyn Monroe staring into the mirror with a skull, holding the bible and covered by the stars and stripes with a dream to never be old. Third painting a play on Vermeer except this version includes a Japanese Pearl Diver in search of a new universe to inhabit. Fourth is Paint for Poncho, freedom fighter series. The fifth is the Green or White Tara depending on how you view it. Next is Cosmic Girl an allegory of a woman being in the modern world. second last is a detail from a painting called Lovechild and lastly is Charlotte, a portrait of a free spirit.