Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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when unkind, unwind

I spent my days with a woman unkind, it left me gutted and with a heart unkind. I am going to go to Mexico to start again, going to ride them green waves, drink coconut water and take my chances on the big wet plane. -an anonymous surfer/traveller/artist/maybe writer left written on a roll of toilet paper in a baño in Mexico, 2016


Life shows up when it wants, and how it wants. The chaos gets intense, hold on. If you can ride it out and stay calm in thee fury, you will make it. Be prepared for anything. The mind being a powerful tool, can also fool, and easily throw you onto another path. That’s ok, it happens to everyone, we all have stories to tell. These events shape our lives, however is it not so that shapes are just an illusion. Peel away the layers of perceived self, and there is a fragile thing called life, here one moment gone the next without your knowing, or controlling. To ridicule another by projecting past mistakes onto them is the antithesis to kindness. The only way to forgive is to let those wounds heal in their own time. The path to kindness is right under your feet, but do be aware of smoke and mirrors. For in the shadows are obstacles that have defeated even the best of human.


Old stuff….


a magic bus I painted, here in the halfway mark


cosmic buddha


Mexican Reverie c.2009  In the early days I was drawn to the abstract expressive, it really depends on the environment and is definitely a painting style that requires a proper studio, I left as much paint on the house I rented as I did on canvases


Photo 2019-01-18, 11 49 56 PM

paintings come, paintings go


wearable art I made from back in the day c.2006, it made it as far as New York City where a few lucky souls own a hälts original. 


a commercial spray job I did in Mexico c.2017…overdue for a new face


back when, live art, no sleep, grizzly bear, tutus, and unwavering commitment


I have been working on new paintings, experiencing personal transformations, while also take care of my elders.


then and now, weird


spiders love the art






the eagle soars


ice lake mountain


No matter what I write here, it will be the truth of that moment, even if I want to hide the things that don’t appear so Mahaloness… everything has its beauty, the good, the bad, the ugly, there is nothing to hide, nothing to feel ashamed of, because at the end of the day I am just like you, human, here to make mistakes, and occasionally  miracles. There is an old saying, countless mistakes makes something beautiful.



BC East Koots winter life, I enjoy being present with Nature as much as possible.


Current Art including painting WIP’s and also revamping my website…. relaunch in Spring 2020 ❤️💚💛


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The eye of the hurricane

In the eye of the hurricane there is said to be calm. If this is the case than when ever I find myself in the middle of a storm, I would see the things flying all around me, and yet be unaffected by them. Knowing this, will I find myself whirling around with all the debris, like trash in the sea, or will I find the calm in the storm and patiently observe it come and go. If this were the case than I would see the things that are in the storm, and can than properly assess what my course of action might be, rather than be in it, dodging and weaving, and owned by fear. Studies show that if you have a positive outlook that you are able to see things clearer, that the negative is less attracted to you, and that you will be in a calm state. Perhaps that is what art is to me. While I create art I am at peace, even though the world is going on around me, I am at peace.

For may years I feel like I have been an advocate for artists, working hard to get art in peoples view, whether that is on a bus or on a wall, or a canvas. My purpose, to be an ambassador to culture, and warm hearts that have like many of us, faced adversity and serious hardships in their life, and to empower spirit in a world that is not always fair, and not always considerate to ones temple. I often wonder how long I will continue to do the work I do, it has not been an easy ride, even if I make it look easy, and that’s okay, because I know I am in service to humanity, as long as I am in good health and able, I will do my best to carry on. The challenge is to do the good work in a world that chases numbers, or are caught up in the day to day grind, and who love and appreciate art, but find it hard to pay for it because of this or that thing. I guess this has been how its always been, though I could sell my soul, or improve my marketing skills, or hire a middle person, than again I wouldn’t have made some of the art I have. It is not so much about profitability or fame, it is and has always been about the art, from the heart, and perhaps what has been given will come around. Some food for thought as I prepare to move forward into the next.
FotoMahaloness art from the heart paintings and digital verité