Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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the dream 


A human is sitting in a coffee shop, there is 2 older ladies speaking softly in French and and the ambient sound of coffee roasting, and friendly chatter fill the air. The man takes a sip of a fresh cup of coffee, he reflects following a sojourn to the mountains, reminding him of his wild side, the animal within. The coffee shop melts to the ground revealing an expansive forest and mountains with a fresh dusting of snow, fall is in the air. 


While hälts spends most of his time working on his art, he also has reconnected lately with his wild side, tapping into the Natural element, being one with it, breathing the fresh mountain air, walking where the bears walk, where the wolf pack hunts, and the moose roam. This is a place where he can give his inner human the best treatment that no salon, no spa could ever dream of. That’s not to say that these are not ways to relax and balance, it’s just that for the second half of his life he has been adapted to city life, each day his connection to Nature disrupted by airwaves, sirens and the bottom line. As the city edge wares off the inner human comes to the surface, smelling the air, feeling the earth beneath his feet, awareness wakes, these moments so few and far between. (from a recent hike with his foraging herbal healer friend Rebecca, thank you for the getting me out into the wild, hoooowwwwwwwlllllllll). A big thank you to Rebecca for your love and support.

leaving civilization behind

leaving civilization

hälts friend Rebecca has been introducing him to the world of fungi, and what a world it is

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in the current 

The sun is shining and hälts finds himself in the current of artistic process. The harvest time has been fruitful as hälts has been painting live at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals. It has been a real pleasure to share the creative process with friends and strangers alike providing hälts with new perspectives, as viewers share their thoughts and provide new insights into the subject of art, and this wonderful life. The joy of painting is as much about the journey as it is the destination, inspiration is a two way street, this is Mahaloness way. 


In this lifetime hälts has made many marks, and in this lifetime he will make many more, he make them count, make them resonate, make them sing, make them gentle, make them vibrant, make them communicate the heart, mind and spirit and what it is to be human, freedom . 

hälts minimotion ‘in the current’ soundscape: la la la​


hälts be like bee and polinate the Earth with his art.

the moon refelcts light so that we may see even in the darkest hour.

mountain face🐇🐇🐇hälts hybrid art

‘the crystal lens’ hälts live art in progress

‘hälts in flow’ foto: Walt Flemming

hälts live art detail, in progress, layers building, more marks to make …

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full circle

seeking the temple


walking the path

amidst the illusion

reaching oneness



the search continues



gone like wind

only to return

full circle. 


a hälts minimotion picture show featuring ‘K-town bliss’ (jack rides his bicycle) c.2016 (soundscape by hälts)


‘It’ll be OK occult’ alter detail

hälts hybrid, analog to digital art, The Ro Spring sesshin doodle

Amber Supernova 🛡⚔hälts hybrid c.2016

‘a painitng about humanity’ 🌍 hälts watercolour

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exchanging gifts

Nature is an exchange between life force, we are a part of it’s weave, it’s ebbs and flows. When the ground shakes we shake, and if you have ever felt this you know what  I mean. Nature time is a calibrator, it reconnects my being to the energy of the planet, other than what the man made structures and technology have to offer. Now this is an interesting point when one asks the question, is not everything in life ‘Nature’? Are we part of a wholistic, or are we seperate and divisive, or as Levi-Strauss would call it, in a state of  ‘binary opposition’; such that we do the things we do in order to mediate between these oppositons, and that this has been going on since we have been here on Earth. Answers to this question will inevitably bring an array of life experience and individuality which I would argue is what David Lewis-Williams* calls ‘full spectrum consciousness’, which is what some think the early versions of homo sapiens were already equipped with. Over time and subsequently 100’s of thousands of years of evolution later, we have come full circle. We currently live in a world with the technolgy and tools that allows us to further seek and draw from this ‘full spectrum of consciouness’, which is rather incredible, and it feels like it has been around forever in yet it is seems so new. Contemporary descriptions of ‘full spectrum consciousness’ come in a variety of labels, and yet to me they all speak of the same thing, and perhaps that is what unites us, and regretably divides us. I wish to continune on this thought thread, perhaps I will meet some new discoveries as I explore the idea of a ‘picture of everything.’ 

*if this resonates with you, you may be interested in ‘The Mind in the Cave’ a book by J. David Lewis-Williams Thames and Hudson, or even better yet go explore and spend time with cave art and rock art. 

**all ideas expressed here at Mahaloness are not necessarily those of the author, they are from the ‘full specturm consciousness’ and are intended for entertaiment purposes only. 


The world I live in most days is the city. In citylife I am continually inundated by vibrational frequencies that foster a feeling of separation. A city is competitive, man made, hustle and bustle, fearful, fast, judgemental, and ego. Nature is humble, involved, and connected.  Although competition can be found in Nature, it is often found where there is an instability, which seems to be correlated with human related endeavors, animals given no choice in the matter because of our humanness and the hierarchies and divisions we created. – ‘hälts’




grey area, where human and Nature positively correlate


Its easy to get lost in the city, it is a complex weave that appears to go on forever.

 (b&w digiprint from the hälts streetfoto collection)


Acrylic and ink on Canvas  c.2004

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animal human

In the book Man and his Symbols there is said to be an anima and animus within every man and woman. There is also an animal element which is a theme that comes up in my work, reminding us of our connection with all living beings on our planet, and the Earth herself. As humans continue to hurt the environment due to progress it is clear as day that we must act as stewards now more than ever before.

animals in my art…

magic 3-D bus airbrush art,animal motifs woven into human form

Isis breath of life
acrylic on canvas

48×48 in.
acrylic on canvas

20140118-104713.jpgwhale in phosphorescence
made on flotsam (salvaged driftwood)
c. 2012

acrylic on panel
(painted following an encounter with a Grizzly bear)

12×12 in.
acrylic, birch bark and feathers on canvas

20140118-105229.jpgCharlotte’s portrait
acrylic on paper

find more of my art here
order prints and/or originals, or send me a message/questions through my Saatchi profile and/or the comment section, thank you.

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Situation Critical

We as a human race need to come together and agree that the old system is not working and a new way of thinking, that is not even that new, ancient newness, is truly the only way we are going survive on this planet. With all the media that perpetuates human suffering and fear, and good people fighting good people, and bad people leveraging off of the weak, and hypocritical finger pointers judging others instead of showing love and compassion, just to protect their own interests, we are so lost, what happened? It is time to reconnect with the land and the ocean, the animals, the plants, and each other. The longer we wait for things to get worse, so to will our dignity, and our love, be lost. I work at being optimistic, and as I have written about previously, it is important that I do not succumb to despair, it seems like an easy route to take, I will not accept that to be my fate, Mother Earth means to much to me to let her down.






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The good work


The good work consists of doing work you love and by doing so spreads the love to all facets of your life. I will add to this that the good work also is felt by those around you, by doing the good work the work you love, you touch people’s lives, it is as simple as that. I sometimes like to refer to the good work as Mahaloness and hence the essence of this blog, this being a blog by a contemporary Canadian artist, me, who has being doing the good work since I was able to hold a pencil and with a little luck on every continent known to man, or woman:) I take my craft very seriously, ruled by curiosity, passion serendipity, and yes I am intense, intense in tents! I am a painter mostly, though with the technology available to us today, I have broadened that classification. I could let everyone else classify what kind of artist I am and if I had to put that on a business card it simply wouldn’t fit. I am a creative free soul traveling the universe, always ready to create, with whatever materials that are available, or fitting to the the kind of work I am doing. Most recently I have been living on Maui, this is a place I hold dear to my heart, a sacred place where I am able to come and explore my creative process outside of my usual home Canada. Since being here I have been very busy, the good work calls and I listen and go do what needs to be done. It is very much karmic work, often the money is scarce and the payback is the satisfaction knowing I did the good work, the work I love and in doing so shared my gift in a positive light. This sounds simple enough, as long as ego is kept in check, and expectations are freed. The magic of creativity is flow. Flow is key to the process of the good work because without flow it is forced and the path from A to B will be riddled with frustration and chances are results that fall well short of your true potential. So in the next blogs to come I think I will explore flow more in depth and provide some specific cases that will hopefully broaden the understanding of the modern day artist, and if you think I am a starving, struggling artist, than you probably want to follow along so as to point or the magic that I have been blessed to experience and through making art share with you. Mahaloness for the opportunity to be here and keep up the good work!