Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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The journey as of late has been one of discovery, learning and growing. Following a couple weeks of serious creative verve hälts is now in the process of documenting and making a video time-laspe in an effort to share his latest mural experince, both to help teach the art of mural making in a funky way and give imagination a chance to speak. Art is an expression of what it is to be human that has ancient roots. As long as I am connected to the ancient ancestors the art flows. Please stay tuned more posts coming, thank you for checking out Mahaloness, have a great day.


If you are interested in my art and would like to order a signed LTd. Ed. print, either 8×11 or 11×14 you can, I do ecommerce, Paypal, you get some nice art in 2-3 weeks. Prints are made on cardstock gloss paper.

8×11 in. $30 CDN (plus international shipping for my friends outside Canada)

11×14 in. $20 CDN (plus international shipping)

contact hälts at


another option is RageOn! All-over  printing on a variety of items including hoodies, onsies, blankets, shower curtains, socks and so on.

Please follow the link Please click here to see the Mahaloness RageOn! Gallery


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Just by chance

never underestimate yourself

The bus slows to a crawl as we enter some dusty town. I look out my window, there is tuks tuks zooming around, they’re carrying everything from humans to chickens. The bus comes to a halt. The bus driver turns to inform us that there is some kind of a road block ahead, all large vehicles, delivery vehicles, and buses are out of luck. I have no idea who is blocking the road, my first instinct is to get my stuff together and keep moving forward in a safe and efficient manner. As I get off the bus I ask the driver how long until were moving again, he gives me a look I have seen before, I say ‘gracias’. I look down a dusty street and ‘just by chance’ I see a large man announcing ‘Puerto Escondido!’, we make eye contact and seem to understand each other. I quickly grab my bag from the belly of the beast that the driver has opened, I say ‘buenos dias’ and make a run for the van, dodging vehicles, tuk tuks and dogs along the way. I get across the road and make my way down the busy street towards the man. He points to fairly small white van, I throw my stuff in the back and climb into the side. The van fills up quickly, and there is a man securing some goods on the roof. The man jumps down, the door closes he jumps in and and were off. I am feeling alive. As we move forward we come up to what looks to be Coca Cola trucks and gas trucks sitting on the edge of the road, there is people scattered everywhere, hard to make out whose who and whats what, I feel waves of anxiety so I take a moment to say a few thank yous to Lady Guadalupe. As we pull through the crowds on the street we are stopped by a group of people and I have a really hard time hearing the conversation. Best to just let this one play out, I have a good feeling, this keeps fears at bay. The group lets us pass we weave are way back to the highway and were off like a rocket, or at least as fast as this van can go in between topes. I am smiling.



super gracias.

detail of a white tara painted by hälts c.2012

hälts art gallery click here

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Full circle (the Mahaloness Tara)

This painting, which I will refer to as the ‘Mahaloness Tara’, a variation of the White Tara, is on a canvas. It was brought to me by a friend who lost his partner to cancer. Originally this was her canvas, which she had started to paint a mandala and there was poem written on it. I recieved it and decided to honor her journey with an image in the likeness of the Tibetan Tara, a Goddess that represents many things including, healing. About a year before this happened I had met a man named Romio Shrestha, at a visionary conference called Alchemeyez, which took place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is a link to Romio’s website for more info on him. His mantra is simple, peace and enlightenment through art. When I met Romio it was synchronicity and his smile was infectious. His work was up at the conference as well, huge Thangkas, intricate and unbelievable details, and when I asked Romio how he managed to get so good, he responded, ‘I am 17 lifetimes old!’ Flash forward back to this painting. Before I came up with the Tara concept, I decided to send Romio a message, the unconventional way, via a thought while in meditation, I felt his presence in the room and than I remember standing up and walking over to the canvas which sat there for three days before I put any paint on it. When I looked at the canvas I saw the face of the Tara, which confirmed what I would paint on the canvas, the Mahaloness Tara was born. It took 3 weeks to complete and than I contacted the young man who had dropped it off, and asked if he would like to see the painting, he did. He came over and I was not sure how he would react, he had literally dropped it off and wanted me to just ‘use the canvas’ and I could sense he did not really want it back, too much pain. When he arrived he saw the painting and immediately began to cry, with a smile, you see he was not sad, instead he was filled with so much joy that he could not contain it. He told me that one of the last things she did was draw a white tara, I smiled and passed it over to him. This is the power of art, it has the power to heal, and is medicine for the heart and soul.

Her poem (which was written on the canvas prior to the Tara being painted):

If you are not afraid of dying then there is nothing you can’t achieve.
If you realize all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

This painting is now hanging on the young man’s wall.

fotoMahaloness -full circle


link to order your very own Mahaloness Tara (White Tara)
Thank you very much.
This dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one: friend, family, or lover.
The White Tara mantra has a number of variations, a common one in its Sanskrit form is:
– See more at:


Painters glow

the fifth Obama just completed and coinciding with his second term as President of the U.S.A. 2012

a painters glow

I love painting as much as I love Bowness. You will only understand the later half if you are from Calgary, and you either live or spend time in Bowness. This image is from many many moons ago, and in typical fashion I am seen painting on the floor, usually until I lost the feeling in my legs. I remember this sesshin well, I was working on my line control with a 1 inch liner brush that I had an absolute obsession with. Many of my paintings during this period, the mask period, were similar to my Moleskine doodles, and at the time masks were a favourite motif for me. I have come a long way since those days, as is the case with the Obama series entitled ‘Are you a Believer?’, with my most recent Obamafive which you may have seen in my last couple blogs.

I would also like to take a moment and simply say, Thank you for being here, I will be resuming regular blogs, realigning with what Mahaloness, a new passion for living in what I can only describe as magical times. May we carry on together and be well be well be well. 

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Painting reflecting passion

Painting is my passion, if you like what you see please have a look on my Saatchi homepage where you can see more of my paintings , drawings a photography, I will be updating that page soon with new work as well. You can order prints or originals directly through Saatchi, it’s easy and I appreciate any patronage and support. FotoMahaloness shows a cross section of my work from the last several years. Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto -a collection of work all acrylic, on canvas and panel, I enjoy making portraits reflecting human spirit and hope.
Saatchi online gallery showcasing my work
Breath of Life -digital remix of the painting, can be found on Saatchi


Modern Tara 30×30 in. Acrylic on Canvas (private collection, prints available on Saatchi)

Hope (Early portrait of Obama) 30×40 in. Acrylic on Canvas, will do custom orders, this is one of a series of 4

The Shaman 18×24 in. Acrylic on Canvas (available as original or print)

Hope (1 of a series of 3 paintings altogether called Factory Hirls) 24×24 in. acrylic and mixed media on panel (private collection)

Buddhabear 18×24 in. Acrylic on Hardboard, available as original or print, based on an actual Grizzly bear encounter I experienced last year at a festival

Wolfman (self portrait) 12 x 12 in. Acrylic on canvas -private collection, prints avail. on Saatchi link and I do custom portraits, which will be another blog soon:)

Wodaabe Dreamtime 24×48 in. Aerosol and acrylic on canvas, private collection, based off of a Werner Herzog doc called ‘Herdsmen of the Sun”

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Hope is the faith that he Mahaloness will carry you through no matter what. The flow is to be ridden, similar to surfing, it requires skill, balance, and concentration, the moment you lose focus you fall, and even when you fall you fall and get back up unless all hope is lost and that seems hopeless to me. Hope is as simple as a sparkle in the eye, holding the head up high and seeing it, being in rhythm with the flow so that when the next wave comes you are prepared to catch it, and ride it with style, keeping fear at bay and believing that you have what it takes to see it through, keep seeing it through, moving forward, making adjustments along the way that you learn from previous attempts. Practice. Discipline. Integrity. Willingness. Mahaloness.
24 x 24 in. Acrylic and mixed media on panel 2009 Private Collection.
A painting that explores the world of acting, seen here a French actress named Melanie Doutey, with a glimmer of hope in her eye, yet working in an industry filled with hopeless drama, and politics, and everything that is the farthest thing from glamorous. If you have worked on a film set you know what I am saying. Also the fact that she is a woman working in often male centric arena, all within the business of cinema and the need to see returns on the investment, seems to me that in today’s day and age that filmmaking, or digital film making is in a phase where good stories may be told cinematically for very little in the way of costs, which perhaps makes for resourceful strategy, and a chance for all inspiring filmmakers to make a great movie without the big costs, although I also feel that if someone made a movie using really old film gear that this would be something that stands out amongst all the digital computer aided stuff thats being made by robots, at any rate that is my hope, we shall see what happens.


Keep on

Thank you for following or reading my blogs, in a month I went from 25 readers to over 300, I enjoy writing as much as painting, it is a good feeling sharing the experience with you all. Keep up the good work out there, and yes there will be more entries. Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, when I heard about the dolphins found dread or dying along the coast of Peru, it made me very upset, upset that these kinds of things go on. It tested the Mahaloness, it made me question things, and momentarily pulled me away from my gift, which is making and sharing art, words and Mahaloness. Perhaps we all have had a hand in it, perhaps we have all made the world what it is, and this is true if we are all connected. Don’t give up. No matter what, do. Don’t give up hope, do not give up doing the good work, and carry on. Raise your head, look up, be more on. Believe in yourself, there will be another day, a day of greatness, your shining, your Mahaloness. If the morons who run our governments make poor choices, than make good choices that offset those choices. Don’t give up on me don’t give up on you. If the world seems sad like the story of the dolphins in Peru, don’t give up. Give the ocean some love, send the a kiss, blow a kiss, send a hug, a positive thought and keep on doing this. When things seem strange, go to the light, the light that is in your heart, let it shine and send out that light. Don’t give up. In that darkest moment remember the light, remember you are love and you are loved. Be patient don’t complain, don’t send out those thoughts, send out the good vibes, the love and remind yourself that you are great, that Mahaloness flows through you and you are capable of anything you set out to be. Go, keep on, dance, sing, write, paint, be thankful. Be grateful. Be in rhythm with the Mother Earths song, no matter what. Keep on.