Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Behind the work, the paintings, there is a human. Life experience and the universal. Humbled, but not humble. I have been tempted to believe that what I do has no value, somehow unimportant, overlooked, underrated, a luxury item, privy to the few. No mind, let those think what they want to think. One says you should do this, meanwhile never stopping to see the painted canvas right under their nose. I am no lesser than those crowned as important, albeit quiet, one hears more in the silence. I have no regrets for taking this path, and would not trade it in for anything this world has to offer. I am fine with dying with all my artwork, a painting sold does not change a thing. These marks I make come from my heart and soul, an inner spirit unwavering to what life brings. Mind wants to say you’ve had enough, tears that fill an ocean, brought back to life as rain. Those who have witnessed the magic how I do love dear. I don’t believe in hope, I don’t believe in hype. I don’t make art for fun except when it is. I don’t believe in what most people tell me, I do as inner spirit says. I don’t expect you to understand this, I don’t want to explain because you want me too. I trust in art and the I am. There is no planning for the future, no ten year plan. There is no what’s before me, nor the illusion of the past. Look beyond the superficial, and see there is grit, there is sorrow and there is pain, there is love, even when it rains. Lovingly transformed into beautiful art, for a garden grows from the waste of what is left behind. I am who I am, a reislient , heart strong, empathetic, no fool to the game, human being to my last breath.

‘SLO’ painting acrylic on canvas 2018, a 2 year painting project, available


‘Mawyucan’ acrylic and mixed media on canvas, I do actually know the subject in this painting, or at least one time I did, availableIMG_9692

I like to go to remote places to paint, somewhere in Oaxaca Mexico.IMG_9677

and connect with beautiful humansIMG_9676

sometimes solitary, sitting quietly with canvas. IMG_9620

the silent assassin at work. IMG_8945

here one moment, gone the next. IMG_8954

ULLR bar mural Invermere BC 2019 Part 1IMG_9067

ULLR bar mural part 2IMG_9068


full ULLR bar mural 2019 likely will keep adding elements. IMG_8926

masking a mask IMG_8869

sometimes I set up lightsIMG_3143

Be well a friend said to me

Thank you

You too

My friend.


💛 stay golden

special treat part 3 of the ULLR bar mural mini motion series.


Never give up.

The I am loves you.

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a healing journey 

Mahaloness is a way of being, it is not a dogma, nor is it a religion, it is derived from the word mahalo, it is an extension mahalo, it is to be in state of thankfulness and in a state of Aloha, taught to me by an elder who felt compelled to pass along some of his wisdom, his name was Kamillo, shared insights into his people, played his ukulele until dawn, and the shared stories of Hawaii, ancient to present. The birth of Mahaloness started when hälts, the author and artist behind Mahaloness, was in a period of conflict between being an artist and trying to make a living with his art. This created conflict between making art to survive versus making art to heal. The line was drawn in the sand and a tug of war ensued, back and forth, trying to find balance, which seemed ever so close, yet so far away. Following years of this back and forth hälts reached a crossroad, choose to be a struggling artist, with a cynical attitude, choose a path to spirit reclamation and a chance to fill the shoes of healer. He made the right choice. Thank you and Mahaloness to those who have witnessed some the journey, hälts remains humble in is here to serve. 

Moments in creative space with hälts, there is a little bit of everything here, including a hälts hybrid (top) and some fotos from a recent mushroom healing forest forage camping sojourn with a beautiful friend, and an elders path hälts spent a large part of the summer working on, so many lessons, so much wisdom, and as a friend pointed out, a lifelong endeavour. 

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2 Taras

The healing associated with the act of witnessing art is an area of research I am very interested in.

-the following is 2 white Taras I painted in succession to one another for art patrons, although I may be far from the conventional idea of a ‘Buddhist’ nor do I presume to be an overtly religious person, I do believe this imagery, inspired by my friend Romio Shrestha (Master Tibetan Thangka painter) has similar vibrational qualities as the sound of ‘Aum’ and other Buddhist meditation mantras. This is not a new idea, artists such as Mark Rothko and Bryce Marden have had similar ideas in terms of art’s capacity to heal, this is a pathway I find myself going with.


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lens magica

Occasionally I look through my trusty lens magica, a special glass lens gifted to me while sitting on a rock on a bigger in the middle of the pacific ocean.


There are some paintings that embody real magic, the thing is when I write about the magic it seems to take away from the magic, so where does that leave me, or you? Well I guess I will think about that, while I ponder here is one of the magical ones sitting on the easel during ritual.

a White Tara for Miles
30x30x2 in.
acrylic on gifted canvas


Thank you
hälts art store and gallery

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Green. Vibrant. Healing. Appealing. Heart chakra, Summertime, or all the time, depending where you are from. When I work with colour I often wonder what exactly so much exposure to colour does to the mind, the body and the soul. Colour resonance produces waves that can penetrate to the core of my being. When it comes to working at large scale I am receiving high doses of it, it floods my senses with its resonance, although according to this link on colour resonance it has never been shown that human and or otherwise can receive too much colour, thats good news for this artist. (the link I shared is one view, although I have heard many wise artists share their thoughts on colour, and in my own experience working with colour is that each colour and also certain colour pairings can produce the most wonderful, vibrational experience, further explorations are certainly in the making.
fotogreenMahaloness -go green







Detail from my latest mural project, putting green to work, the colour that just keeps on giving20130727-120320.jpg
Mahaloness peace and love.
This blog is dedicated to Mother Earth, thank you.

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last night INT.

Enter the Night
David Starfire Govinda, Jay Michael put on by evovled productions presents
What I do is set up creative space in conjunction with the already fluid and creAtive space provided.
Last night’s interiors, face and body painting along with good vibrations. My set up is nearly always on ground level, simple, unlike some of my contemporaries who place themselves higher in some instances, I like ground level, it is inviting and interactive. I paint on my knees and treat it as a sesshin, in that it is place to settle the mind, to touch the mind,
to convey the mind, to be one with the space, therefore connected, responsible and aware. is it spiritual practice? I cannot answer that, it is however, constant practice.
Mahaloness Flashback 2010 Inshala 4 with visionary Shaun Friesen Video link
Enter Green Tara and Agent R
The painting I painted all night, black and white, back and forth, no rhyme, no reason, and even let a few who dared to paint on it. The act of making a mark is very empowering, and art instills a confidence in the moment, which one can choose to carry with them to the next.


My desire is not to mAke art
It is a necessity.
Support my art go to my link and click support. Mahaloness.
Love and kindness to you.
Art live at Govinda, David Starfire and Jay Michael
Evovled productions Evolved link
Thanks to Jay Kylee and Corrine, and DF Govinda, mahaloness

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Hard times only love can remedy

These are trying times for me right now. I am a ghost without a home, nowhere in particular do I roam. A wanderer, a vagabond, making art that makes those who see it, feel it, connecting with the universal, even if there are those who are skeptical. Typically these are the folks who say ‘it’s priced too high!’ or ‘is it graffiti?’. It takes a lot of courage to choose the artist path, holding head high even if their is a serious lack of air supply. I am nearly a master, of my style, many miles I have put in and plenty more to go. The plight of the artist, labelled as starving artist, what a false claim to make, considering artists are the visionaries of the human race. These are hard times, and they have always been hard times, so many lessons for those who roll with the spirit and by doing so, expressing soul. As the plot thickens I try to recall the good times, the only solace I know. I chose this path. When I wake up I see what tomorrow brings, while I tell the monkey on my back that its time to leave. I do love what it is I do, perhaps too much which has made it a challenge to not get swept up in the emotional. I walk the line.To those who choose to hate, who promote war, I can assure you that I will continue to create, and it will not stop until there is peace on Earth. Good times, bad times, come and go, while something higher guides me when it is dark. I now seek to make art that is healing, through colour and form, symbolism and graceful strokes. This is my life, a cosmic explorer, healing souls, and reflecting the love that is in this world.
Fotomahaloness -When the times get tough, may humour and a light heart be my guide through the toil and I make a pledge to follow my words, which at times I admit get lost….and some of my work.<3<3<3









A painting for Agnus

A painting for Agnus
This was a blog I wrote for it tells a story of art and healing

This canvas was gifted to me by a friend who recently lost his partner Agnus. This was her canvas, which she had started painting it and was unable to finish it. I recieved it and decided to honor her journey with the Green Tara, a Goddess of liberating women. It has been a challenging piece emotionally. I can feel her energy on the canvas, and I swear a couple nights ago her spirit was present as I was painting. It is a healing spirit painting and a story about Agnus’s rebirth.
Agnus’s poem (which was written on the canvas):
If you are not afraid of dying then there is nothing you can’t achieve.
If you realize all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

Mahalonessfoto -painting completed titled Modern Tara (Year of the Water Dragon)


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Up in the air

I am in up in the air, I don’t know what comes next. It is most certainly uncertain what the future brings, I can only be now and observe as the the future begins to take shape. I have been asked repeatedly, ‘what’s your plan?’ Well, I am going to wake up and shake off the cob webs of yesterday. I am under my own guidance, I will pleasantly listen to your suggestions, lovely as they are, thank you friend, now what is it you want me to know? Walking purposefully and breathing is key, taking no guff, certainly! In the last week I have been called a vagabond, drifter, gypsy, and someone mentioned to me that when my hair was long, I reminded them of Jesus, if Jesus was white that is, I do not know. I prefer ‘nobody’ or ‘ghost walker’ as I travel through this existence without being seen, taking control of my own destiny by letting go of the control others want to place on me. I do not collect unemployment, I do not live off of food stamps, I do accept the generosity of friends and in return I can offer unconditional loving friendship (until you condition it), healing and art in return. For this is what Mahaloness brings, I am simply channeling, passing on the Aloha, in spirit I be. href=””&gt;20120715-115813.jpg