Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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fire within

there is a fire that burns within, which cannot be extinguished in this lifetime.


-reenactment of the internal fire courtesy camp fire.

IMG_5778.PNGmy western translation of a tibetan tara based on a vision and painted for a friend in pain, this is a healing painting and embodies the fire element including a fire breathing dragon symbolic of expressing your voice. c.2012

IMG_5777.PNGlife cycle painting digi remix c.2013


art for humanity.

hälts art online gallery, please click here

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functional futuristic design

doing it as a lifestyle


I am my own A.D. , designer, and for no better word hustler, there is no one right way to do it although if I didn’t do it than it wouldn’t be what it is.

New custom tshirt spread for my newest online gallery hälts where you can make your custom shirt please go here

deep art for the heart


Thank you, hälts

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Mahaloness Angel Funding

Woke up to sun pouring into my room and thought to my self what a wonderful idea. The idea that dawned on me was that for Project Mahaloness to continue growing and expanding that it would be nice if an angel delivered some funds so that the good work can proceed. Since being here, where I am, I have selflessly servicing my community by making non for profit art, placing paintings around town for anyone and anyone else to enjoy. There are no frills, no gimmicks, no interest charges or underlying agenda other than to communicate the Mahaloness through artistic practice in a world that is as ready for it as ever before. Recently I painted a highly visible wall along a scenic highway that lasted one day, and in that day I can only imagine that a large number of people saw the painting, even if for a second and in that second shifted something in that persons head, if even for a second. This is Mahalaoness, it is a selfless project with the mandate to spread loving gratitude to a world that deserves to be loved. Being e a traveling artist, explorer, I encounter so many people who are going through tough times, or have been beat down, or are sad, angry, I think you see where A’ina going with this. It is the intention of project Mahaloness to service those who have lost a little bit of hope, to channel the goodness on our planet so that people out there in the known universe know that someone else out there cares. It is a project that I have worked on even before it was Mahaloness, and anytime I receive funding through a sale of artwork, washing dishes, or painting murals, I take the money earned and put it back into paint. I only just recently bought a new t shirt, first one on four years, it is my commitment to art that allows me to joyfully channel funding where it it is needed most and as you just read when it comes to my own aesthetic well I’d rather be painting. Project Mahaloness is asking for angel funding, funding that can come from anywhere and anyone at anytime. We live in a modern world where email transfers are easier than ever. Money orders work as well, and even a regular old check though it must be certified. After years of grant writing I have realized that the system is corrupt. Even if you receive funding chances are most of the public whose tax dollars help fund the art will never truly enjoy or benefit from the art. More times than not grants are a way for the corrupted art world to further enhance its exclusive club and once and while it will doll out a few bucks for the aspiring artist or group, though often times with little to no acknowledgement. It is like asking mommy and daddy for money and than having to report back to them as to what you did with your money and if you’re really savvy you’ll hire someone to write a grant for you about how great your art is and your project without even knowing what was written if you are that artist! Where’s the fun in that? See project Mahaloness is about integrity and it is something that is part of the package. I deliver on both, word and action. The impact of Mahaloness is evident when countless people who have seen me working in public situations or who have witnessed a public art installation all of sudden forget there woes or tribulations and just smile. It is directly correlated with Mahaloness, the smile factor rises exponentially! I produce art that touches people’s lives, not too many artists can say this. So the next time you see a painting I made and it is on a wall and you dig it. Make me an offer, it never hurts to ask, I am a reasonable human being and if the painting speaks to you we can work something out, and know that whatever you give in return will go along way and that’s pretty awesome wouldn’t you say. I also make prints available through search for Shane Haltman and voila, there are many beautiful, soulful, healing, energy paintings also available as prints, with options and they deliver to your door! Or make a donation, no strings attached, angel funding is accepted at anytime, anywhere, and think how great you will feel knowing that your hard earned money is being put into something that is real, the intention is to spread Mahaloness, the world is ready, are you? Peace Love and Mahaloness to you, you are loved and cared for and keep up the good work all those out there who are making this place a thing of beauty, radiant, bright!
Images: every single one of these paintings were donated, I received no currency in exchange. Funds raised have helped plant trees in New York State, allowed for the Achuar Peruvian Amazonian group to travel and share there voice to a world outside that region for the benefit of our planet, some has raised money for kids art education and programs, and the eye mural was a free public installation that reflects compassionate eyes of love and Mahaloness for anyone who saw it live or in the cybervese. My story is your story a reflection and I like to call it a paintamentary, a voice that sings and celebrates the goodness of being here on Earth in this life. Thank you<3






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The good work


The good work consists of doing work you love and by doing so spreads the love to all facets of your life. I will add to this that the good work also is felt by those around you, by doing the good work the work you love, you touch people’s lives, it is as simple as that. I sometimes like to refer to the good work as Mahaloness and hence the essence of this blog, this being a blog by a contemporary Canadian artist, me, who has being doing the good work since I was able to hold a pencil and with a little luck on every continent known to man, or woman:) I take my craft very seriously, ruled by curiosity, passion serendipity, and yes I am intense, intense in tents! I am a painter mostly, though with the technology available to us today, I have broadened that classification. I could let everyone else classify what kind of artist I am and if I had to put that on a business card it simply wouldn’t fit. I am a creative free soul traveling the universe, always ready to create, with whatever materials that are available, or fitting to the the kind of work I am doing. Most recently I have been living on Maui, this is a place I hold dear to my heart, a sacred place where I am able to come and explore my creative process outside of my usual home Canada. Since being here I have been very busy, the good work calls and I listen and go do what needs to be done. It is very much karmic work, often the money is scarce and the payback is the satisfaction knowing I did the good work, the work I love and in doing so shared my gift in a positive light. This sounds simple enough, as long as ego is kept in check, and expectations are freed. The magic of creativity is flow. Flow is key to the process of the good work because without flow it is forced and the path from A to B will be riddled with frustration and chances are results that fall well short of your true potential. So in the next blogs to come I think I will explore flow more in depth and provide some specific cases that will hopefully broaden the understanding of the modern day artist, and if you think I am a starving, struggling artist, than you probably want to follow along so as to point or the magic that I have been blessed to experience and through making art share with you. Mahaloness for the opportunity to be here and keep up the good work!