Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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sky shark 

It’s been a active month and a bit for hälts, similar to the ocean with endless corduroy lines, there is a plethora of waves to ride. Ideas have been coming to hälts, sharks swimming in the sky, all seeing eyes watching whales gliding through the cosmos, in an effort to bring some awareness to our ocean friends who we share space with on this blue and green planet called Earth. There is a grea documentary called Sonic Sea, it details a few human related impacts on marine wildlife and offers solutions to this growing problem, and considering we get one planet to live on, it is our responsibility to take care of it as best we can. Mahaloness 


In his search for meaning hälts has come to realize it is his mission to be a voice for the planet and all its beings, the following images are a reflection of this. 

the whales are calling, do you hear them? 🐋 hälts ‘creator’ mural detail🐬

live art pop up studio at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals💚❤️💚(located 104 10 St NW) where hälts has some gorgeous prints on sale starting at $20

late night sesshin at hälts home studio, WIP painting is in effect, very Aloha

sky shark paper cutout on foto, working on bringing ideas to life

hälts Salon show, years of making marks, tapping the source, and a good indication of the joy of painting

‘Sky shark’ an idea takes shape in an effort to raise awareness of r ocean friends.

flashback to Maui Ho’okipa mural made in total darkness on a new moon circa 2012

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post sorrow


I think they forgot

to see 

that I am free

to be

Who I want to be

if they don’t like it

they can beat it baby

No sorrow

No shame 


hälts animation still frame for future minimotin picture show

colour heals


I miss Kamillo (foto: chillin on Kona Big Island in some cheap motel with a Prince)

modern Tara (future painting)

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I mostly work behind the camera, although lately there has been a bit of a momentum shift and I am freeing up a few rules I have held in place for quite some time now. I am the publisher of this blog and also am responsible for the images you see, either I painted them or drew them, or it is a travel document foto and so on. I enjoy sharing my treasure trove although I do admit I have slowed my tempo in the blogging world, but certainly not so for the artiverse (similar to a paintaverse) I have found myself in at the moment. In coming weeks I will be releasing a couple new art videos I have been working on in collaboration with SkyFarm Collective, one a documentary of the raw variety and the other a pure hoot, if you know what I mean. I am very excited about this and look forward to sharing that with you. I think it will put things into a little more perspective, if my blog has not done that already.

Note: I have made plenty of mistakes. I am human, and as a human I am prone to both the good and bad, and all of it I am constantly learning to love, which can be a tough go at times due to a rather feisty renegade spirit. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have moments of raw intensity, and I am aware I will likely see many more ups and downs, peaks and troughs. I can only hope that the bumps smooth out as I gain the wisdom. The one thing we can never rule out is ‘love’ and it is something well worth fostering.

fotoMahalonessthis is me at the moment when this foto was taken. The painting is a work in progress, and the skateboard is a custom kid skate paint job Mahaloness. Thank you to Agent R and Guy Obe 1 for being in my life.

20140516-010837.jpgalso the nice Hawaiian shirt I am wearing was gifted to me by the beautiful man you see below, he just gave it to me off his back because thats just the kind of man he is, Prince Kamillo, a true wisdom carrier and ambassador of the Aloha.


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best barter ever

Once upon a time in Paia when a man was down
did another man sing the Aloha into his darkened soul
Lifting his spirit
Aloha ‘Āina
Mahaloness and love
to the kindred folk

fotoMahaloness best barter ever: art music exchange, art gifted to Goldawn Won for his musical medicine when I was feeling a little down, if you live in LA CA and you like music go check out Goldawn and get some medicine for the soul.

Friday, November 22, 2013 7:00 PM –
Saturday, November 23, 2013 2:00 AM

More Events At This Venue
2419 N . Broadway
Los Angeles, CA , 90031

art: Aloha ‘Āina
-found ball point pen on salvaged building wood scrap, made on maui, c.2012


maui moment #71120131119-101447.jpg

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many places, many faces.

Art has taken me many places. In many places I have met many faces. Many faces have offered many lessons. Many lessons have made me wiser. Wisdom guides me when storms get heavy. Navigating life’s unexpected dangers to calmer waters.

-dedicated to those who have aided in the journey, as my exploring turns to stewardship, woven words and fotos come together in the tapestry if life. An accordion plays softly in the background.

-fotos to go with words


Paint for Poncho
portrait of a freedom fighter (Maia)
available for sale proceeds go towards buying ponchos for those in need of warmth. Acrylic on panel 18 x 24 in. c. 2012


Detail of a painting called ’Stewardship’ (private collection)20130928-145024.jpg
‘Woven’ the abstract years 30 x 30 acrylic on canvas 2006 (private collection)

Be well -ivy
To see more of my art follow this link

with brother Kamilo, wisdom bearer, uncle, on the Big Island of Hawaii, timeless