Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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the path 

 Art is journey, it is all encompassing, always changing, one might even say transforming. In this lifetime there is only so much time, so small sacrifices are made in order to make healing, positive, meaningful art. What goes in is what will come out, and to be self aware is a vital part of the process. Tapping source and Nature exploration is necessary, while letting the subconscious be what it is, mindfully aware of how it  dances. Finding balance in a world with seemingly endless information is helpful, it is easy to be overwhelmed. There is an urgency to get things done because time seems fleeting and life demands, the essential practice is to breathe, ground and remain in a state of calm in the storm.  This is a daily practice that wavers and undulates, constantly learning and growing, this is the the path hälts is on. 


new hälts minimotion ‘between’ and the soundscape is called ‘tapping source’ 

the healer painting superimposed over the woods and mountains of BC, Canada, Naturally

the carver, hälts main vehicle in between destinations)

hälts ink ‘spirit eye’ from the white lodge book

hälts palettes mirrored

‘double butterfly’ hälts hybrid art (painting to digital)

hälts ‘in it’ (live painting at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals located 104 10 St NW)

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enter Dawn.

we all deserve a new beginning.

I have been sitting in the same seat at the bus terminal for the last 2 hours watching human nature in a bus stop. A small child, maybe 2 or 3 years old, provides a lesson in perseverance. There is a metal fence that surrounds where the buses pull in to drop off and pick up passengers. There is one gate to get in and so far the small child has made three attempts to get the gate to open. The terminal is mostly quiet except for the intermittent sound of some kind of ridiculous prize vending machine, and when it does the small child makes an attmpt. On his fourth try he is successful, I can’t help but be happy for him and laugh out loud, the security guard catches it too, a priceless moment. Soon a bus pulls up, I look to see if its the right bus and I walk up and ask the attendant ‘Disculpe, Puerto Escondido señor? He looks at me asks for my ticket and nods his head, good enough for me, it’s 3:30 in the morning, my eyes are getting weary, sleep deprivation says hello. I get in the bus and find a seat, it’s a small load, I get set up and lean my seat back. i must be tired as I am impressed by it’s range, a spanish dubbed movie kicks in, I think it’s called ‘Noah’. I watch as much as I can until my lids succumb to gravities weight. In my dream I look out my window, a woman in what looks to be traditional dress of the region smiles and says hello. I ask her ‘have we met before’, she says ‘si’. In my mind I am unable to make the connection even though I have a feeling she speaks the truth. I look into her eyes and blink, the next moment it is dawn.


enter Dawn.

My eyes open to a a mystic morning. There is a mist blanketing the green landscape, the sky is periwinkle. I have no idea where I am and its a good feeling. Next stop Puerto, that is if I am on the right bus and haven’t missed my stop, I decide to stay up and take in the scenery, soon I am being hurtled into the color green.