Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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the everything  

It is true that nothing stays the same. Everything that we know is always in flux, always in motion. The oceans tides moving in and out, the moons path across the sky, and the sun’s rise at dawn. When I experience the glow at dawn secretly I never want it to end,  and yet it does every time. Or how about those periwinkle coated clouds at sunset, you know the ones. It all seems infinite. It all seems so perfect. I cherish the connection I have to the natural world, it is a such a gift we share with so many things, it really is everything. 

I looked into the sun as child, and a I learned to respect the sun. 

…and now a new minimotion for your viewing pleasure. 

‘stare into the flame (day 15)’ 🌖 new hälts minimoiton with soundscape ‘night void’ featuring a meditative timelapse of my newest painting WIP, along with some footage gathered along the quest. 


Today’s letter of the day is E for everything and effort, because it takes effort to get something done right. 

hälts hybrid art ‘cold moon wolf’


I am currently working on a new project for the spring, a mural in my neighbourhood, a redo if you will as the first mural was destroyed. Out of destruction something new will come to life, I am both excited and honoured to make a new mural the community can appreciate and visitors alike. I will do some future posts on that, you’ll just have to imagine it for now. 

studying the material is a key step in any mural project if you want it to last.

The sun went down and I couldn’t find another one…for a while. -Kurt Vile 

in the studio 

This is a new painting I have been working on. I stretched the canvas, primed it and now painting the painting, all of which is very satisfying and keeps me sane in this bassackwards world. It’s far from done, however the elements are starting to come together. Painting is constantly teaching me patience, and for the most part it has been an enjoyable experience.

except for he spilt paint, it happens…

paving the studio floor in gold and the sweatpants apparently…

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make a mile brah 

 Make a mile 

make another painting


Moments from the ether, hand painting getting ready for body painting, creative explorations, never a dull moment. 


one man’s chaos , in between paint drying monent


double vision


cosmic sea turlte in a paintaverse by hälts .

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‘Mana’ ink scroll drawing by hälts while on a sojourn on Maui, tapping the source.

 available as a very fine print.

Creator mural minimotion picture show by hälts on Mahaloness Vimeo, click here jah
and just because some BC gold reflected…. 


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Mahaloness Gold

In the face of the current economic crisis it seems appropriate to develop a new currency, a currency that is valueless except to the one who places value on it. This is possibly possible, and with an evolved consciousness that we do have, we do have the choice to make a world that we can thrive. This is not to say there won’t be hitches, or even criticism, if there is one thing we are good at is criticism. So shine a light and form an idea, than put that idea into motion by doing, and be prepared to work at it, it is not going to be easy, meditate mindful that action is also a form of meditation in that you are doing being fully aware of the fact you can go back to the breath, you have the choice, conscious evolution evolving. I would like to add something, if you are one who propagates criticism, your thoughts are powerful, these are evolved thoughts and if thoughts are sent carelessly out into the universe you better believe that you are part of that process and that the doom and gloom may actually occur, this is not to say that these things will or won’t happen, it is to say that be care full, be mindful of your anger, your frustration, your resentment, you have a choice, it is available to you right now. If enough of us humans out there in the known universe do send out good thoughts than a double rainbow bridge that circles the globe is possible, and perhaps the Earth will respond as well.
Fotografica: Mahaloness Gold worth 150 coconuts, double rainbow pueo, and a frame from the film 2012: Time for Change Joao G. Amorim (R. Buck minster Fuller) check it and let’s get on the resourceful train shall we.