Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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life flow (a Southern journey…)

When I travel down these streets and highways I am a traveller, here to explore this place in this world, while simultaneously travelling in this galaxy, through a universe and so on. My raison d’être is simple, explore life and document the experience through artistic practice. This is very much an intuitive path as I flow with energy of the environment I am in flux with, carrying me through like a leaf in a stream, that flows into a river, that flows into the ocean.

post surf in flux road moments


post surf glow

in the studio with hälts ART, a timelapse peaceful presentation, click here

super gracias

-artist glow

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Suppose we speak of the death of a cloud. You look up in the sky and don’t see your beloved cloud anymore, and you cry, “O my beloved cloud, you are no longer there. How can I survive without you?” And you weep. You are thinking of the cloud as having passed from being into nonbeing, from existence to nonexistence.

-Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm’ c.2012 by the Buddhist Church p.53

fotoMahaloness As my curiosity drives me through this lifetime I seek teachers, knowledge and wisdom. In doing so I slowly discover my true nature and with some discipline put that into my daily life. Similar to a cloud this practice is in a steady state of flux.