Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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time travel 

To keep words to a minimum which perhaps might seem counterintuitive to a blog called WordPress… as the old saying goes a photo says a thousand words and my minimotions multiply that tenfold. First up some flora from my mom’s magic garden. I have been blessed all these years with her green thumb wizardry, a true sanctuary it is, so peaceful and easy on the eyes, nose, ears, touch, mind, soul….

And now a couple of minimotions including on the road footage from a recent film job I was on, travelling back in time. 

​​’saw horses’ 💛 hälts went to the ranch for some work minimoiton.

​’travelling thru prehistorica’ 🚜 hälts time travel minimotion with soundscape ‘swollen river’ featuring some on the road footage captured in the past few dayzzzzzz. 

​​​’time travelling at the speed of the moon’ 🚜 hälts minimotion with soundscape ‘now and then’ featuring a bunch of recent footage travelling along country roads at the crack of dawn, and some backyard painting with some flash edits of a magic bus mural I once painted…perhaps a response to the recent sighting of the beast.


be the mountain 

the badlands 

yellow roses from my mom’s garden

sanctuary garden

old mural days and a WIP called ‘Creator’ do we or do we not hold the key to the universe?…

red bear or blue bear (painting detail)

wolf man from the hälts drawing book collection

made moons ago, I guess I was thinking about the modern self portrait

mural spontaneous mural 2012 Paia town North Shore Maui

Everything comes around and goes around; forgetting, letting go, moving onwards is futile until one finds it within themselves to forgive and be forgiven. 

early hybrid art incorporating a b&w photo and painting using digi tech

Lastly and no less important than anything else shared on this post I wanted to continue to remind and or introduce folks to my new website which features my art on very useful items with you in mind, all made in Canada and with 100 % pure Aloha. 

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an offering 

  As I travel through this unfamiliar land I begin to release the pressures that life brings, and the soul does sing. I am guided by an inner desire to explore this planet, always observing its changes, some subtle, some more extreme. Here in the coast I smell the the salty ocean air, sun kissed, all that was a problem evaporates with the morning dew, only leaving a heightened sense and clearer view. New experiences, new perceptions, the ocean brings healing to being and calms the mind made busy in the pursuit of maya and the illusions that life presents. Here I am carefree, worry free, anxieties driven by the hustle and bustle lifestyle to maintain some kind of comfortable existence fades quickly replaced by soothing sounds of lapping waves on a beach, sparkling with millions upon millions of tiny beads, birds singing, and a cool sea breeze. Let me live in this moment forever even though I know this to be fleeting, I will keep this moment in my memory banks for those days when life turns blue. 


When on the road there are people who will leave you something nice, reminding you that humanity despite the news is alive and well

morning yum made with love by my travelling companion

I am always fascinated with the local flora when I arrive in a new place.

​I love to timelapse the sky, here is the sky near Seaside Oregon, close to where the Columbia River meets the  Pacific Ocean. 
It is time to move on to see some giants, ancient trees, remanants of what was, and a reminder to continue to protect these areas, stewardship, so that future generations can experience these amazing trees in person, not just on a computer or smart phone screen. 

And now from the hälts ART vault

Here are three treasures from the vault, they show my early forrays and amalgamation of abstract, realism and surrealism. I had a lot of urban influence early on, as well I was interested in Japanese kabuki, mokuhanga (wood block printing), specifically ukiyo-e artistic genre. I have continued to work on this style as you will see in the last image which is a recent foto from my studio. 

‘easty westy’ acrylic on canvas c.2006

‘geisha’ wearable art, hand painted cap c.2005

Currently in the studio 

a new painting called ‘SLO’ and ‘forest wolf’ and some other WIP projects including a skeleton helmet for an Olympic athlete I am about to transform into a moose, more on that in future posts.

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simple life (a Southern journey cont.)

Yes, waves are on my mind pretty much all the time, each new wave I ride a chance for my soul to reconnect with Mother Earth’s energy.

-here I live a simple life; surfing, exploring, making art, and stopping to smell the flowers.

simply a necessity, local coconuts






IMG_6474.PNGsurfboard amigos


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Procreate goes floral or mahalofloradigipaint

Being in Mahaloness one will find magic. Moments when something happens and the jaw drops leaving one dumb founded and with a lingering touch of astonishment. I happened to discover something quite fantastic, and perhaps elsewhere, out there, others may have come across it, the integration of flora and nano technology, and I don’t mean simply using nano as a synthetic step towards the real thing, what I mean is this. I was sitting drawing with my finger, digi finger painting, and low and behold a pistol and stemen falls on the screen of my iPad. ‘It looks like a paint brush’, I think to myself, so I pick it up and I start to use it as a paint brush on my screen, and low and behold it makes a digital mark, a plant that works as a brush on touchscreen technology, brilliant! Next I try a pistol and stamen of the Hibiscus flower and voila similar results, so I try a flower petal and wouldn’t you know it, a mark! I will continue to experiment, and depending on the plants or flower,awhile happen to leave a beautiful scent, are completely biodegradable though some caution is recommended as you might attract bees, perhaps they can make a mark, hmmmmm. I here call it mahalofloradigipaint and perhaps I might find a shorter catchier term, I will ponder this. Until that time, keep on keepin on. I am still looking for unique opportunities out there to produce art for individuals, companies, etc, if you or someone you know is looking please pass on this blog. Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto with the lovely Molly, or at least her hand, demonstrating mahalofloradigipaint 20120706-180918.jpg20120706-181655.jpg20120706-181712.jpg