Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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the artists path

 You’re a beautiful soul 

Touching peoples lives

Like wind through the forest



the eye of the dream (hälts hybrid art)


‘you are never alone’ (hälts hybrid art)


‘multidimensional rose’ (hälts hybrid art)


‘the other side flower’ (hälts hybrid art)


‘the elders pathway curve’ (hälts landscaping current project)


‘beetle run’ (hälts docufoto, insects are a regular occurance in my art, and landscape work. )


hälts using old school hand tools to shape his elders path, made with love and kindness.


‘multidimensional landscaping’ (hälts hybrid art)


the humingbird friend pays a visit with hälts during pathway sesshin


‘seeing the design’ (a vision hybrid artwork by hälts)


‘fire in the sky’ (hälts art BC sun, sky, clouds)


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far away eyes

Time disappears as my curiosity leaps out the window towards the village below. Wandering soul searching with far away eyes for a newness in a magical land whose history has never been properly told. As the wheels hit the tarmac mental state goes silent anticipating the journey to come. Been such a long long time since I was gone.

-the winged beast once again meets with Mother Earth…

to be cont……..

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painter mind

I treat every thing I make as a unique beautiful entity that demands my full attention. I am open to all mediums, all genres, all surfaces, and all materials. I let my curiosity and intuition guide me and in my experience this can open up a lot room for fantastic possibilities.

paint for poncho
acrylic on wood panel


studio sesshin: painting a tara

painting the journey one thing at a time, mark after mark, and so it goes.

live art set up, painting on plexiglass


sea container mural, every surface offers it’s own unique set of challenges.IMG_3811.JPG


made on maui art
mixed mediaIMG_4277.JPG

Big Ha bus mural art
completed 2011IMG_3492.JPG

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