Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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where you been?


On that note it’s been a while since I sat down to write, I really haven’t had much to say, or write. So to break that spell I have decided to share some moments from the last few months, bits and pieces of adventure, art and revelations. It’s been a year of change for me, as life does what life does, serving up surprises and some things not so surprising. The course I have taken is a necessary one, albeit difficult. I did attempt to run away from a few things, including winter, this never really works out, I’ll explain that in a post to come. While I was travelling I came face to face with some demons which I had been wrestling with. I think it’s safe to say that I am not the only one and many of us experience these moments. The general response is to fear them and if caught off guard they can really rattle one’s cage, or meat sack, depending on how you look at it. No one wants to walk into dark forest on their own naked, and for good reason. However in order for me to come to terms with some of these things I had no alternative. My experiences have taught me to have faith that it will work out, and everything does, just not always the way we’d like it to. It takes courage to see these moments through, and that’s where I am at, building the courage to see it through. After a bunch of disappointments I find myself brushing off the dirt, and putting one foot forward at a time. 

Metaphors and moments in Mexico, where hälts travelled to in late spring and would spend two months on a exploration of self, life and art. 

detail of the shaman skate by hälts, a great way to travel to the other side, and a metaphor for this story

surfboard packing, however I didn’t need of bringing the fish, fixed fins and a bunch of layovers to Mexico was enough to leave her at home, next time.


transport options are wide in Mexico, the metaphors begin

16, I saw this number numerous times, it is a good number for hälts

There must be a party, I didn’t get the invite but I known where to go.

Worn down rocks and an ocean, there is a metaphor in there somewhere….

a new wall that I would paint, fresh canvas incognito

‘Spirit of Oaxaca’ hälts watercolour WIP

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Dreaming away old

Hello this is hälts, welcome to my page, Mahaloness, it is a great honour to be here and this year is the year to dream away those old lies and let the golden light shine bright within and travel light years all around. Interesting note Mahaloness has been going nearly 5 years, with peaks and valleys, one day 1000 people, and for days and weeks not a soul. The most important thing for me to remember in all of it is to be just keep doing, keep making, and offer what I can in this short and rather unpredictable life. Over the years I have had my share of ‘mistakes’, which turned out to be life experience, and from this life experience wouldn’t you know it my art has flourished. I have been one to experiment with different things, creative explorations DEEP into the abyss of unknowing. In this place I am myself, free to express and not taking that for granted. The depths to which I go is dependent on where I am at, I am human after all and life infliences art, as much as art is a subjective experience, both on the artist and viewer side of things, we are all viewers, I just want to document the world as I see it, this may not fit into a preconceived notions of how things ‘are’, they are for me honest representations of my spirit, body, and mind. So thank you from my heart for being here, for sharing and in this world, the Internet, we are all a strangers getting to know each other, which is pretty cool. I am stoked for the year to come my friends, there is a fire in this here belly. 

Side note: If you would like a sick hälts mural on your wall, in your nice villa, they take 2 weeks, are in the range of 2500-5000 or I am willing to negotiate, interested parties please contact me, don’t be shy. Mahaloness 


the Mahaloness zone, hälts work station and space station, creative exploration all da time.

mew hälts WIPS watercolor to acrylic painting, keeping in good company always.

it’s healthy to reflect back and see things for that they are, perhaps not what you thought they were, it’s a good time to say goodbye to the old lies and reconnect some good ol grace and dignity, a magic bus hälts painted in 2011, a happy little accident, hälts is an accomplished mural artist and can transform most anything you see here on Mahaloness into a stunning mural, for you beautiful villa⚡️

a foto of hälts as a kid with his old friend and a watercolor WIP in a collaboration with a photographer based on Tibet @pazu on Instagram, check him out cool stuff going on there.

⚡️hälts is opening up a Mahaloness art shop on Etsy, soon prints like this beauty hybrid art will be available for sale, details coming soon⚡️

‘Red eye’ a new hälts minimotion with soundscape ‘mix it together’ featuring a squirrel with glowing red eyes, the healer (I’ve got a garden in my head’ remix) animation, recent art sesshins, hälts working on a new Tiki design, channeling Lono and a red river.

🍍Pineapple Express watercolour series, in different stages of production, some of these will be available on my new shop on Etsy, shop will be opening very soon…

tapping ancient⚡️⚡️⚡️hälts hybrid art, you could say hälts is well connected to his ancestors

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what it is

Art exploration involves getting past the blocks of the mind and surrendering to the act. The time it takes to learn will exponentially increase the more one desires to master the art.

acrylic on wood
studio painting

IMG_6552‘I have a dream’
acrylic on canvas
live painting for black history month (2 hours duration)

IMG_6553black swan
acrylic on wood

ink on paper
post surf doodle

early stages of bus mural
digital remix


Thank you kindly.

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Dark compassion

An excerpt followed by a poem followed by fotos courtesy Mahaloness.

‘Heart anger refers to approaches in which openly expressed anger and compassion consciously and beneficially coexist…Heart-anger is anchored both in full-blooded aliveness and clear caring for the other. As fierce as it sometimes can be, heart-anger is but the emissary of wrathful compassion.’

Spiritual Bypassing -Robert Augustus Masters Phd.

Spiritual bypassing is not about denying the spirit, nor does it mean that spirituality doesn’t exist, it has more to do with the fact we suppress our anger, and in ways that one doesn’t even necessarily think about (including mediation, intellectualism and work). We live in a world where anger exists. We see daily examples of anger turned aggressive, anger turned into acts of terror and we immediately award hero status to the ones who ‘saved the day’ and suppress the underlying current ; the root to the core of the matter; the dark undercurrent, and we cannot just turn our backs on it, or shun it, or bypass it, or rise above it, and/or simply suppress it. In order to stop violence we must know what it is, and bombs, bullets, whatever the execution is to suppress the darkness of humanity , it seems that by now history provides a blueprint of how that works out. By embracing our anger we face fear, and we watch it and we learn from it. Seen through eyes of compassion and from the heart we illuminate the dread and the discovery might just be less drastic than if we just ‘move on’ from it, which has it’s own implications. These are just my thoughts, as far as I see it, the only way to mahaloness is through exploration, and darkness is one of a multitude of layers that one must navigate in order to be okay with being in this lifetime.

A dark poem

Heart of darkness
do I explore
as I wonder through the mire
blackness cloaks hope
perceptions wane
anger churns
In a world built seemingly from vain
hidden demons
dressed in sequins
fooling only those who see surface
heart meets mind
turn sour grapes into delicious wine.

Fotomahaloness – darkness study continues and out of darkness shines light.






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Enter Calvin

I don’t think I have ever met someone quite like Cal, he is a man of many hats and when in the back country of Alberta he soon became someone I trusted. He stands tall, his presence powerful, in a silent kind of way, eyes like a wolf, and why wouldn’t the be they be, he is a man who has stared a wolf in the eyes. We are leaving the German’s hut, bellies full, we move north, the river a sparkling array of dancing sunlight amongst olive green water. Observing the river closely it becomes evident that a stream or small adjoining river turns the water from olive green to brown, to dark brown, depending on rainfall in surrounding areas, and there goes the Geographer in me. It also helps to pay attention to Darcy, or Shirley or Cal, you will pick up very interesting information, river wisdom, and it’s not Google, which has such an interesting grip on people and human experience, like I have said before the downloads here are something truly extraordinary. Everywhere I look I am seeking some sign of human, it’s what I am used to living in the city, instead all I see is river, forest and sky. The crew rests. I am told we are near to where Calvin has property. I breathe in, I breathe out, forest fresh all around. Suddenly I am reminded this is a film shoot, I think twice about it and move forward, no time for mind games here, this place is all about being present. Ania and I jump ship, Eppo, the director explains the scene, and action! What happens after this I do not remember, and than I hear ‘cut!’, I think to myself ‘back to ones!’ and than I remember this is not that kind of film set. The land here is breathtaking, truly peaceful, there is so little sign of human habitation here one begins to think this is a worm hole and we have landed in some kind of world that time forgot, I disappear. Tranquil moment….the wind blows through the forest canopy, cranes call form overhead, the sun is falling in the sky, the clouds dancing and shape shifting, this is truly a paradise. We walk into the forest with Calvin, that is Ania and myself, film crew recording as we come upon an old dilapidated building, okay so there are signs, relics telling stories of a different time. Calvin tells us of 100 men who were here at one time, in its height, this is an old oil site, trading post and halfway point to Fort Mcmurray, left behind are only remnants of what it must of been. It doesn’t take long for a curious mind to discover a shoe covered in moss, it gives me shivers, I have this eerie feeling we are not alone, I also wonder if this is what we are to all become, I let that one go downstream. I notice a Model T, or at least whats left of it, it is nearly grown over with moss, grass, and various vegetation. This place is lush I am taking in as much as I can because that’s just what I do. As we proceed Calvin takes us around pointing out objects that are mere fragments, albeit some that are quite large. He knows his story well, each object a link to the chain of history which act as show and tell of how the folks here drew Mother Earth’s blood from her veins, fascinating details we ought to know as Albertans, considering that’s pretty much what this place is known for. Cal shows us an old pipe into the ground that is a well, it is quite lush with vegetation and to this day it still bubbles, what a trip. Standing there I thought of what this place was like before oil, the First Nations for instance, when they were in their height, what was it like? As we walk around Cal continues to pour out his knowledge of the trading post and oil related artifacts, he tells me used to work on offshore wells as a tool push, how he travelled the world. I asked him what the scariest thing that happened and he went on to tell me about 100 ft waves crashing over the decks as he and his fellow crew watched from the safety of an elevated safe room, I envision a roaring sea, I have seen my fair share of giant waves, and know power of the ocean can shake any man’s constitution. Calvin is like a university of knowledge, in 5 minutes I learnt more from Calvin than I did in a year at university, I know a good teacher when I see one, I continue to listen attentively, I have much to learn….

Side note: This is a rather long chapter and therefore I have decided to break it up, it s a lot for one entry, and deserves the time be told properly. The amazing thing is that this is day 1, we haven’t even made it to the backcountry lodge yet, what is to come really hit a deep note with me, I will get to that in the next entry.
FotoMahaloness -heavy FotoMahaloness so much to take in!
















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Inspired moments in Spacetime, the studio vast. In my years of making art, I have had the great fortune, or perhaps I have been blessed, to paint and make art in unique environments. When I am in creativexploration, I am opening up to the energy of the location. I face my fear, the fear of creating and essentially exposing myself to the environment, only guided my my faith that it will work out. I find that my fear of the unknowing, the uncomfortable heightens my senses and this is when I able to channel. When I am channeling I am clear, there is no worry, the daily chatter quiets and a calm sereneness surrounds me. This is also true for emotions. I am neither sad nor happy, I am only calm, unaffected.

Environmental creativexploration and shedding light on the unconscious while revealing self, a digital painting








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Being thankful

It is so easy to get down on the world we share, ups and downs, often times the downs affecting us deeply, while the good times seem to pass so quickly, they happened and made lasting impressions that are yours for as long as you are here. Be grateful for the good times, they offer medicine to get through the tough times, they are the light in the dark, offering strength for whatever is to come. Remember that despite the hard times you have made it to here, and that truly is a blessing. This is the gift of Mahaloness, it is always available. When the thoughts turn dark remember the magical moments, put yourself in that state, maybe this is by looking at a color that reminds you of that time, or looking at a picture, listening to a song or smelling a flower, whatever it is just do it, and breathe, breathe in the goodness and exhale letting go of the pain and the suffering that is not yours to own. Even if it is seemingly difficult to imagine, you can do it, it is empowering and over time you will see the change, things that affected you before will come and go, visualize it leaving your body and find peace in your life.
Fotografica: magical moments, surreal to the naked eye, as real as I imagine them to be, reminding me that this life is magical, it compels me to go further and continue the good work, especially those moments when everything else seems impossible.