Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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bridging the gap 

I act as a bridge between the spiritual and material world, recollecting my experience into my art. 


Creatve space is a space intended to foster creativity, it is a space where one can dive in and be one with the flux of life. 

Maui creative space for channeling Mana

textural landscape

shaman skate underway, multi-dimensional vehicle

dreamtime is where I see visions and bring them to life on my canvas

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first Dawn patrol (a Southern journey…)

For those new to Mahaloness this blogisode is the continuation of ‘a Southern journey’ which is my account of a recent trip to Mexico. Being an artist I find travelling heightens my senses and gets me out of my comfort zone. Travelling also teaches me many lessons that I carry forward into my artistic practice. I hope you enjoy.

somewhere near Puerto Escondido, Mexico
November 16th, 2014

I awake to this new land, the air ambrosial with the aromatics of the local flora filling my nose. Following the ritualistic morning coffee it is time to make speed with my surfer kin to a local river mouth, where there’s a sweet surf break. The anticipation runs high and I experience a shiver of excitement up and down my spine, duende, a good sign indeed. Art, meditation and surfing bring me joy and are essential to healing the deep inner turmoil I have struggled with for the majority of my adult life. All three activities, more like loves, have played a major role in getting me through the hard times, when not even a good party would help. Truth be told no party has ever made me feel the way surfing, art or meditation does. In fact it is my goal in life to perfect all three, which simply means I will happily keep practicing, combining the rhythms of surfing, the cycle of breath and the fluidity of the brush stroke into a wholistic and complete healthy lifestyle. Fundamentally we deserve health, joy and a feeling of wholeness in this lifetime. When this is taken away from us either, by our own volition, or otherwise, we lose our glow, and once that happens life can take on a much different meaning.

-on the road to the local surf break






IMG_5566.JPGwolf moon homage


super gracias

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I find joy in painting Tibetan Taras, here is one of my Tara paintings remixed with a bit of modern technology.

Tibetan White Tara
is always looking out for me.20140610-153531.jpgand a poster for an up and coming show I have been working away at now for a good long while. More info coming, so much to do so little time, breath in breath out okay good to go.

20140610-153858.jpgand a link to the FB events page here
If you are in the Calgary pease come down, July 3rd is the opener of not your typical art opening, something to experience

Thank you Merci Mahaloness


Atypical Artist

When I began making art all I really knew was that I had verve for being creative. I knew that I had a good eye for things, and however you want to interpret that, that is for you, and you only. I do not consider myself a typical artist. I am my own artist, and in some ways this make me a trailblazer. The subject matter comes from life experience, and I have plenty of life experience to go on. I am a hard worker, so rarely does a day go by when I do not produce, whether it is a drawing, a doodle, an temporary installation, a mural, a photograph, or a painting. It all comes from my wild imagination and the belief that spirits channel though me when I am in flow. I have to admit this is quite often difficult to write about and even more difficult to market when it is my imagination that I am selling. I also work with energy, and from time to time I find myself in very strange environments, rarely locked away in a studio, I prefer to put myself out into situations and see what comes up. I am unconventional in every which way, and often my work is misinterpreted, though well liked none the less. I am a stubborn artist, I rarely like to compromise my style of work, especially if it is commercial work or a commission, which makes me difficult to work with if the person who is asking me to do something for them does not appreciate the vision I bring, or is closed to the possibility. This can present its own set of challenges and throughout my career I have met most with success, and a few that turned sour. The ones that did not work out so picture perfect can diminish the work, if I let it. Only I know the countless hours and the expertise I have gained from working with certain mediums and medias, and the knowledge base I have independently developed by working at it. Over the years I have developed my style, while also being fortunate enough to have met and worked with great teachers. What is interesting to me is that now I can see how the different techniques have come together, and no matter what the subject matter is, the style carries though. The art world loves me, the art world hates me, because they love my art, but turn there back on me when I challenge them, they are not so open to change, and that’s okay, its a story that can be retold in situations outside of the art world, and will probably never really change. I never thought that choosing the artist way would be easy, and certainly it has not been a cake walk, it has been ups and downs, moments of celebration and moments of desperation. It has made for an interesting life, and one that I am forever grateful for. At times it has made me hard, and even angry, these moments churn the fire and although it can be difficult for those around me, it is part of who I am, and in my experience I have had to fight for what I believe in and that has not always been met with glowing colours. This said, I have no regrets, even if I have said out loud I do, in my heart I know what I am doing is what feels right, despite what economics, or reality would rather suggest. I am not so sure what the future holds, currently I know I am facing a storm. I know from experience that while in storms new ideas are born, and if channeled well I can make breakthroughs as long as I can mind the mental warfare that wants me to stop. If I did stop would it matter? I don’t know, that is no for me to determine, it is the artist way to be in service and continue the work because as you may or may not know that is what we are in it for, to make art, whatever else happens outside of me is not in my control. Experience has taught me that when I try to control the outside all the good work can be lost and the light can turn to dark. I think a lot of artists I studies early on can attest to that, it’s important to remind myself that I am light, I will do what whatever I have to to create work no matter what, channeling spirit, tapping into flow, working from my heart and being mindfully aware that I really do not know.