Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Humans and Art

I recently took part in a group show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The show was under the title ‘Humans and Art’. It featured around 180 artworks and really could easily be called a true Alberta biennale as it showcased some truly remarkable Alberta talent in visual art, performance art, sculpture and music. In Calgary it’s easy to become sceptical of the local art scene. For one it is run by some of the old guard and with all due respect, these people should of attended this show if they truly care about emerging artists in this city. Being a bit of an underground movement this will take a little time to catch on no doubt. In my humble opinion it’s better to meet a living artist and celebrate their work with the artist present, than it is to revere and celebrate dead artists. Don’t wait until we’re dead to support us, this stigma is so damn cliche and frustrating to the hard working artists who are trying to make a go of it and legitimize themselves as part of the arts and culture of Calgary. We deserve to be part of the dialogue, we have plenty to say and this wave is  growing, which most likely makes the old guard shake in their skin. For me it was a real honour to contribute to this show. It is a movement with a tonne of potential and if I were you I’d pay it some appreciation otherwise similar to movements before in this city, it will go where it is appreciated and we will lose yet another truly talented and awesome group of individuals who truly benefit the soul of the ‘small town’ that is the City of Calgary. These are just some of my thoughts, whether you agree or disagree it doesn’t matter, the point is you can’t put a price on an energy that is this positive, so make an effort to come enjoy and support the next shows, you will leave with a heart full of love and be so damn inspired, you will most likely pick up a paint brush yourself and ride the wave.

🌊 ‘Humans and Art’  a new hälts minimotion docu special with soundscape ‘SLO unravel’ featuring the @humans_and_art group show which took place May 12, 2019 and featured an incredible Alberta talent pool of artists in visual and sound, coming together in one room which reminds me of an early wave that came through Calgary many moons ago…it was a real honour to be in a room full of some truly passionate and hard working artists and also for all who came and supported, a beautiful night of celebration in the small town city of Calgary ❤️💛💚 

Shoutouts to 

@colville_troy , Shanise Ford, Suzanne Piechotta, Alexandra Jaco , Dean Miller (incredible painter artist human featured at the end of the minimo) @bluvelvetti @gbglassblowing @gkpainting @dawsonbrown.sickbassbro @saga_of_the_frog @plasticheartsurgery and all the artists and humans involved @junctionyyc 👌 please tag people I missed in the comments ❤️ my Mom and Dad and Nicole, to all my family and friends, couldn’t have done it without your help, you know who you be, you rock👌🌞👌


Getting up at 4:30 am seems ridiculous, when it’s for art it’s alright with me. 

The setup is a lot of work, editing 180 art works is no easy task however with a bunch of hyper talented artists working in unity you get is me pretty sweet results. 
KillMidi from Lethbridge AB was one of many folk on the wheels of steel and made the room vibrate with some sweet sounds. 

Yes I put art up in the entrances of the washrooms, one of my first art shows I did was in a restroom hallway, turned out to be a great place to show work, who knew…

Art is a bridge and brings us together, end of story. 

‘The Symbols of Spring’ by Shanise Ford and Alexandra Jaco 

Hälts in nearly all white, pre show and ready for the night, a light in the night, fresh canvas, clean slate, reclaiming spirit, pure soul, authentic to the bone and so on.

The future looks bright. 

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buena energia

Everything I see, touch, smell, taste, hear and feel is energy for energy percolates, pervades, penetrates, permeates in everything, every being, everywhere and elsewhere.

Following a rendezvous with some friends I find myself sipping a coffee in a cafe cinema chocolate shop. There is a wall mural, it is my first real introduction to the art of this region, it hits my sensibilities with a right left combo, as the ghosts of genius past observe my every move, it is good energy. I walk into a small screening room, the smell of stale popcorn fills my nose and I take a seat looking at what appears to be an empty screen soon filled with a telepathic picture of whats to come.
foto montage to go with words



The beauty of beauty is it just is. As the sun sets, day quickly turns to night, the ocean says, ‘hello, where have you been?’

hälts art gallery

let your light shine


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808 soultime

It is in silence that the soul speaks.

-Vera Stanley Alder

During the summer of 2012 a spirit called me to the 808 State. I was going through some tough times and I decided to go on an adeventure, get out of the bubble I had made myself and go do some serious soul searching in the middle of the Pacific. I felt it was time to reboot my hard drive and build some new memories, new ones to replace the old ones that had ran their course. The trip lasted much longer than anticipated, one month turned into three, Maui has a way of doing that. I was given a real crash course on island life and discovered that when one is travelling alone there is plenty of silence for the soul to speak.


This so happens to be my 808 th post, so here are a few gems from my island adventure, these aren’t your typical tourist shots of beautiful waterfalls or turquoise waves lapping ever so gently on a white sand beach, no my friends these are real shots of my full immersion into island life, behind the scenes, and in between. Where it all started, Mahaloness that is.

the backyard, looking towards Haleakala


IMG_2887.JPGThere is nothing quite like a cup of coffee in a canoe….morning ritual

IMG_2901.JPGthe studio(s) outdoor styles, scorpions, centipedes and all.



IMG_2920.JPGthe gallery, ohana styles, featuring a Mahaloness protective wall mural, welcomes the good ones and dispels the negative ones. The rest of the art was made on found objects and building scraps my friend Jim gave me. The work came out so raw and I really channeled the island vibrations.

IMG_2884.JPGwhen you work outside in the elements you have to expect guests, this little guy was one of my favorites, there were many…

IMG_5528.JPGmy Hawaiian name

Akoni St. guest ohana outside wall dream maker mural installation

to be cont….

To my Hawaiian family I miss you and love you always. Thank you for letting me into your world I can never thank you enough, Mahaloness!

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sometimes you have to go down that road

moments of creative bliss while on the road…

one night moments before going down that road…
20140530-001954.jpg…the after result of going down that road. Location is a large feild, next to the ocean. The building so I am told is an old WW 2 lookout hut which is painted regularly by locals and international artists. It was pitch black that night, new moon, couldn’t see a thing. I do remember very were strange sounds all around me, thankfully the spirit of creativity was looking out for me. Mahaloness.

20140530-002327.jpgI put this one up on an ohana, sometimes I do repeat myself in my art when the message is worth it. Somewhere just off Akoni St. Paia. Mahaloness to Jim.

20140530-003552.jpgthe playful side of my art although I would consider this mural a protective mural keeping away unwanted spirits and negative energy. It is meant to be painted over and hidden in the wall, which it was, art like life is impermanent.

all murals were completed in a day or in the case of the black wall mural, 2 hours at night, blind folded. These are what I would consider fast murals, working with minimal paint, stencils, and free hand technique.

this instalment of Mahaloness is dedicated to those who walk the path.


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– Maui, specifically Akoni St. In Paia (paa ee ah). These are energy paintings, if I had to classify them, made next to a sugar cane field, on red Earth, adjacent to the volcano, surrounded by Lady Pacifica, on this beautiful planet. Aerosol on beautiful Redwood panels (found wood on site). 2012
-Also considered as my early Mahaloness period

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Yellow Mahaloness

How about a quick run down on the colour/color Yellow.

Planet: Mercury
Mercury stimulates the the nervous system conferring a quick intellect
The positive influence of Mercury suggests that nothing can stay stagnant, which relates to impermanence
-yellow predominates in all herbs, and especially purgatives, nerve stimulants, such as senna, sulphur, castor oil, phosphorus, etc…remember your last trip to a natural hot spring
Too much yellow can over stimulate and can be quite disastrous, caution too much yellow!
Yellow is 3rd in the scale of the colors
Musical Note: E
Jewel: yellow topaz
Represents: luminosity
A yellow aura, pale/bright/pure, represents high wisdom and intellectuality, when dark yellow appears this represents treachery, deceit and cowardice
Mahalonessfoto featuring predominately yellow hue, including a very squiggly road line, and too much yellow has the potential to make one overly squiggly








Saatchi Mahaloness

This is a very nice link to an online gallery that fearlessly and graciously offers an outlet for my art. It is a convenient way to order prints or even purchase originals. I am slowly opening channels to my work and in doing so hope there are some folks out there that love what they see and feel, and would like to add that energy to a wall somewhere near them, as a high quality print, with options for canvas or poster format, it is my intention to share my work with you. Maybe even as a gift for a special loved one, a little bit of Mahaloness is guaranteed good energy. I welcome you to explore my work on Saatchi’s online gallery, I will be periodically posting new work to the site, to keep it fresh and current. I have plenty of imagery that I would like to continue sharing, and I will! I am beginning to explore the idea of upgrades to my WordPress site, stylize it up a bit, give it a bit of love, thank you wordpress for providing in the interim. I will be working away at it, bit by bit, mark by mark, it’s a challenge to find the extra time, I will, please remain patient. I am looking forward to continuing to share my work with you, and the journey. It is my goal to make my work accessible to as many people as I can, with the help of this blog, and other channels, and who knows maybe break down some of the stereotypes that are associated with being an artist, if I am lucky, though that may be a tall order. I have been blessed to witness the positive impacts my art and words make, it easily overshadows the hard times, please forgive me if sometimes I do go on on tangents, I am an Aquarius, though of the moderate variety, most times, or not. My passion for making art is alive and flourishing, and to be present in such extraordinary times, making art is something I do not take for granted, it is an honor. I will leave you with this, It is true that mistakes are a part of living, and certainly mistakes are part of the recipe for a life well lived. I dedicate my art to Earth, the planet that gives us home, life, water, food, shelter, and thankfully paint. Mahaloness Shane
Buddhabear based on a real life encounter I had with a Grizzly and a hummingbird in the wilderness of British Columbia, outside the grounds of a festival, in a tutu, one summers morning. I go to great lengths to make my art, I have lived a charmed life no doubt.


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This is what I do

This is what I do. No matter what you think about me, how well you think you know me, or what I say, none of it will change the fact that this is what I do. I work with heart and mind in alignment. All the bullshit, all the pressures, the anxieties, the confusion, the ups and downs will ever change what I do. I am an artist, that is the role I play. This is what I do. I choose Mahaloness, I will continue to follow my dream, no matter what, automatic. I make marks, beautiful marks, with beautiful colours, this is what I do, when my time comes, I am aware that the work I make, the art, will carry my light. You want to judge me, you want to doubt me, you want to humble me, go ahead. You want to see me fail, I say to you that I will continue to bloom. I am deep into my work, going 10 years straight, working at it every day, and for better or for worse it has been my choice and I accept that. I paint, I photograph, I write, I build sculpture, I make art. I channel spirit, if you are unfamiliar with spirit or question spirit than this is your choice, and that’s okay too. I am aware of the impact I am making, and as long as I am aligned with love and compassion, than the work I do is exceptional. When the storms roll in and toss me around than the work turns chaotic and flow can be difficult. It doesn’t mean I give up, even if the universe is a beast and wants to eat me up, I am a satyagraha, a peaceful warrior and will overcome all obstacles. I am Mahaloness. I just want to be free, I just want to bring light into the dark times we are in. What else am I to do, I don’t know. I just want to be free, I just want to see my dream through and share it with you. Even in my darkest moment I will shine within. I will find solace in fulfilling my dream, and deliver my beauty, automatic. I am here on Earth to be of service, you want to eat me up, use me up, manipulate me, and challenge me, go ahead, I will smile within and send you love and compassion. I just want to be, I just want to dream, I just want to love and be loved, I just want to live by living and reach out to those who find struggle within. I am aloha, I am joy, I am your friend even if you are my enemy. I will not wait, I will not plan, I will not follow the directive that you give to me, I chose this path and will follow it through with or without your approval, I will love you even if my humanness gets in the way, beyond the superficial, emotional, I am a light being, filled with verve, here to do my work, the good work, the path of Mahaloness.
Fotografica Mahaloness are visual clues I leave, some portray the art, some the energy that feel, the flow that flows through me, channeling creative spirit. I will see it through, if you are an art dealer and you want to pick me up, pick me up. I just want to make art, okay.

The sun and the clouds. I made a sculpture from beach debris at a place called cove near Paia, 2 little kids walked by, they were around 5, as they passed they said to me ‘that’s cool’, the work did what it was meant to do, if a wave came and took it away than I would also say that the ocean loved it too. The paintings are my abstract work, when I travel to a place and there is a lot of stimulation, I tend towards abstract, it is more true to the moment, and channels pure energy without the aid of symbols. The Mona Lisa was painted on the sunshine coast BC it was made on floatsam, sea debris, she is the Sunshine Coast incarnate. Kissing turtles on recycled tike meant for the dump transformed into Mahaloness gold.The green and orange/red picture are energy photos, part of my photografica collection. If you like what you see let me know, especially if you are in a dark period, I can help to the best of my ability. love and compassion is best shared. If you are an angel funder and you like what you see, become a patron, it is never too late, and if you have to make excuses than carry on.









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Spirit of Mahaloness

Spirit channelling is my gift. From the A’ina, the land, energy flowing, spirits calling, bedazzled magic Mahaloness brings. What is to be, I do not say, for as long as heart does sing, and rainbow powers bright, that love may prosper and angels guide us and free us from desire. To the ones I love, family and friends, fellow beings, be well and may this inspire, for you like me are spiritual beings that make this life worth while. Be safe from harm and may wellness be your path, relinquish suffering and discover your true being, do let it wonder.