Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Aloha A’ina Sesshins

In 2012 I travelled to Maui to do some soul searching and connect with the land and sea. I spent much of the time sitting and drawing, channelling the energy of the island and letting my pen translate the feeling I that flowed though my being. Each place I visited grounded me by letting the environment introduce me to the A’ina, which is a Hawaiian word for ‘Earth, land’. Aloha A’ina means love for the land, love of the land. I have always felt that I am a child of the land and have exepreinced this feeling in many places around this precious Earth. The land, sea and air offer lessons to us that can be benefitial to our well being and bring persepctive to the challanges we face in this lifetime. When we shift our thoughts and let Nature mind in we open doors to healing, both for oursleves and the land we are part of.

Japanese accordion style moleskine doodle, Maui Sesshins c.2012 (aka A’ina Sesshins)


Aloha A’ina

  • ‘love of the land’

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no time zone

I have done my share of drifting in this lifetime, going to places that I have never been before, experiencing the unknown, observing and participating in rituals that strengthen character and connection to this place called home.


moments in spacetime and experiences in peace of mind.

doing live art at Entheos festival BC


a moth friend, it has been my experience that insects visit me while I am in it.IMG_4133.JPG

eagle medicineIMG_4323.JPG

studio where I leave the hectic world and enter the no time zoneIMG_4321.JPG

The magic of it is in the doing. -Zen and Zero


hälts art shop and gallery

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Art 101 and studio space

-No surprises here
-Have fun
-Love what you do
-no matter what reason wants to tell you, be mindful of mind, it is not always ‘right’
-welcome can’t along and show it a good time arting it up.
-Make good marks, the case of painting it is all about marks, from a philosophical point of view, making good marks goes beyond the canvas, though I will say that if you want to make art for yourself that’s great, do it, by all means, if you are going to make art for you and than share it with the world, prepare yourself for one heck of a wild ride, chances are you will see it all and than see more after after, keep making art, don’t stop, watch the self consciousness levels, the higher they are the more difficult it is to share, be a tiger, go forward strong, be a shark, stream lined and efficient and be magnificent, there really is so much time
-there is no such thing as ‘where to begin’, simply, begin.
-if you decide to paint a bus, do not get run over
-if you decide to paint a dream paint a dream
-if asked to paint someone else’s dream, give them a paint brush and kindly say ‘DIY’
-have fun
That’s all for now
Various studio spaces I have in or on over the years