Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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creative explorations

There is no end in sight when it comes to the good work.


-set ups, famous portraits/painter papparazi and in between the brush strokes surf trips to rekindle the soul


live art set up for Black History month circa 2013 -endless creative explorations


Sunshine Coast Mona Lisa c.2011 acrylic on driftwood (flotsam)


¡Dali! watercolour c.2015


Red Tara analog (painting) to digital art c.2015


‘Buddhabear’ acrylic on wood panel c.2012


Surf trip in between paintings, taking care of the spirit and tapping the Source.


In the studio, two paintings on the go ‘Mana’ & ‘Are you a Believer? No.5’ c. 2015

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analog to digital

opening up to the spirit of creativity is the best thing I ever chose to do.

fotoMahalonessThere is a rather unique chemistry when it comes to analog and digital.
(the lost art painting remixed with digital technology. c.2014)

Doubt and fear are two of the most common hindrances I have faced along the artistic journey. Funny enough it is when I am right below fear’s nose that I experience the most calm. The foto below is a detail from a painting called Buddhabear. Following an encounter with a Grzzly bear I decided it was best to paint the experience.


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When digital and Mahaloness mix magical things happen. My hopes is to compile some of these gems and publish it as book, either in digital or hard copy. The digital age certainly has changed the way I look at the world, and just when you think you have seen it all, something magical says ‘hello, how are you?!’
Magicmahalonessfoto the subject matter is courtesy of Mother Earth and my art, from the heart.








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Magical Molly’s Spirit digiportrait by Mahaloness

Here is my latest Digital Spirit Portrait or DSP, it is Magical Molly, a beautiful soul I met in Maui, she radiated radness and that’s what inspired this portrait. She is beautiful both inside and out, to Molly, keep up the Mahaloness.
I am hopefully going to be be able to offer this to those who would like a portrait made, for you or a family member, it is the digital age and I am working on a way to do it do it can be ordered online, it will take a bit of time to get this going, if you are interested you can always shoot me a message and we can make arrangements until I have something official up to facilitate in the process. Mahalonessfoto Magical Molly


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Procreate goes floral or mahalofloradigipaint

Being in Mahaloness one will find magic. Moments when something happens and the jaw drops leaving one dumb founded and with a lingering touch of astonishment. I happened to discover something quite fantastic, and perhaps elsewhere, out there, others may have come across it, the integration of flora and nano technology, and I don’t mean simply using nano as a synthetic step towards the real thing, what I mean is this. I was sitting drawing with my finger, digi finger painting, and low and behold a pistol and stemen falls on the screen of my iPad. ‘It looks like a paint brush’, I think to myself, so I pick it up and I start to use it as a paint brush on my screen, and low and behold it makes a digital mark, a plant that works as a brush on touchscreen technology, brilliant! Next I try a pistol and stamen of the Hibiscus flower and voila similar results, so I try a flower petal and wouldn’t you know it, a mark! I will continue to experiment, and depending on the plants or flower,awhile happen to leave a beautiful scent, are completely biodegradable though some caution is recommended as you might attract bees, perhaps they can make a mark, hmmmmm. I here call it mahalofloradigipaint and perhaps I might find a shorter catchier term, I will ponder this. Until that time, keep on keepin on. I am still looking for unique opportunities out there to produce art for individuals, companies, etc, if you or someone you know is looking please pass on this blog. Mahaloness
Mahalonessfoto with the lovely Molly, or at least her hand, demonstrating mahalofloradigipaint 20120706-180918.jpg20120706-181655.jpg20120706-181712.jpg




Cosmic Creations

Cosmic creations made on Procreate, a great alternative to painting, though I wouldn’t say its a replacement for the real thing. I made the art you see below using a digital paint program for iPad called, Procreate. It is a great tool for any visual artist, from making full on digital art to conceptual design. I love making portraits, and perhaps it is quite fitting than that cyber portraits really do tap the current pulse of western culture. I think it’s time to take it to the next level, I’d like to draw for a graphic novel or something like that. If you like what you see feel free and clear to contact me. Mahaloness Shane
DigiMahaloness respect the heart and the art
This is a work in progress