Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


many lifetimes

Quiza en otra vida tú y yo fuimos amantes.

I once met a man whose paintings adorn the walls of Dalai Lama’s meditation room. He paints beautiful Thangka paintings, so exquisite is the detail that one loses sense of space and time. When I asked him how he made such detailed paintings he looked me straight into my eyes and said, ‘I am 17 lifetimes old’, at which point I replied, ‘yes, I had this feeling we had met before’.

the ‘man’ is Romio Shrestha, click here to visit his website

ink on paper
‘perhaps in another life you and I were lovers’
Mexico channel sesshin
‘White Tara no.1’ (a painting inspired by Romio)
acrylic on canvas


timelapse presentation featuring the evolution of a painting, click here

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The dharma wheel

Sitting in Cafe Mambo, sipping on Kona, fresh vision in mind, napkin, pen, drawing, and an idea blossoms. The good work is work that is essential to our well being, it is work, it is play, it is ongoing no time to waste. Karmic work, the Mahaloness spreads. This is not the art world, this has nothing to do with fame and fortune, it is about the good work, compassion and working with your gift. The gift is whatever it is, doing what you love and loving what takes place, sharing and planting seeds of goodness. Being thankful, taking action, getting in flow, without hesitation, discerning, and letting momentum build, the dharma wheel spins.