Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Update on Mahaloness

Been working in some new paintings and doing lots of travelling this past summer and fall, the blog has been a little slow as a result. I do have a good feeling as winter approaches there will be an upsurge of Mahaloness for my fellow Earth beings. You can also find me on Instagram as ‘Mahaloness’


in the meantime here is a few things I have been working on, enjoy.

Mask No.23

ink to digital

c. hälts ART 2015


Ho’okipa Sunset tide pools

travel docufoto

c. hälts ART 2015


Something new I am trying and great way to enjoy my art, I am now working with RageON! Follow the link to check out my latest stuff! To chck out my hälts ART White Tara sweatshirt all-over print, click hereimage

a new hältsART video production. c.2015 a visual with sound expereince.

I am in rhythm with the night as the dreamtime work continues…(new paintings in studio Mahaloness)image

a new hältsART Buddha commission in flow…image

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art present

I enjoy art’s presence.

-I find myself surrounded by an ever complicated world created by us and to which we serve. In being here I will honour my time left in service to humanity and pledge to continue to share my life’s work and artistic explorations and otherwise through the Mahaloness channel. There may be a few changes coming, as time permits, and life exists. Thank you to all and may love continue to be our companion along the way.

let’s take a peek inside the studio.


a repeat here on Mahaloness, this is a drawing I made in 2006, I recently rediscovered this one in my collection, and feel it’s fitting for the times.
Three Sisters: Past, Present, Future
ink on paper
watercolour c.2013
Primordial Future, ancient wisdom within


owl medicine
watercolour c.201320140104-151957.jpg

All art on here is copyright hälts, aka Mahaloness. all rights reserved.


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Cosmic Tribe

A Cosmic tribe calls for cosmic face paint for ritualistic dancing to interstellar vibrations emanating waves rippling outwards to the farthest reaches of the known galaxy and beyond.

Cosmic Tribe link

tea time with Annie

Fotomahaloness -a gallery of cosmic painted faces, healing energy, art and music combine, soul food, and my cosmic art gallery setup, well done Cosmic Tribe! Many Mahaloness Lifetimes to you.











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Art as medicine

Welcome to my little paintaverse.
Explorations in the creative imaginarium, cosmic by nature.

Creativity is a world that we really do not know much about. At the root we love it, at the core it takes roots and can be medicine for the soul, the body, the mind, and the heart. It’s history stretches way back, over 30 000 years back, we think, and it is perhaps the best kept secret going. Thanks to incessant research by human think tanks new discoveries are made daily, yet we are in many ways humbled by the vastness of it all.
Fotomahaloness -Marks I have made, my art, on walls, canvas, feet, published in magazines, it makes no difference to me, it is what I do, also featuring a really nice tree in my neighbourhood.
If you like what you see and would like to support my work you can see and order prints of it here.











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Studio visit (quick time out)

I have been spending vast amounts of time in the studio. Cosmic comes to mind. There have been solo sesshins, and collaborative efforts including recently with Agent R, fantastic every which way, the paintamentary continues! Creativity is even more enjoyable when there is quality company. Everyday I walk to my studio, I have a show coming up and I want to be as prepared as is possible, that is a wise modus operandi because I know from experience that the work put on does pay off. Everyday I get to walk over my favorite river, the Bow. It is a catch 22, I am sandwiched by a river and a busy road. I might have to start wearing an oxygen mask, the car emissions are outstanding this time of year, bravo cars, thank you very much. Without getting bent out of shape too much, as I do ride in cars and I myself have driven them, I do not want to complain, it is something to ponder though. In my opinion I prefer the smell of gas at the pump than I do the burnt emission that cars produce and I can tell you one more thing, I high five as many of those trees next to the road as they are on the frontline cleaning the air with each inspiration. So good job trees.
Fotomahaloness -recent offspring, paintings are like children they require care and attention, even when you may not be feeling it! Art is work, even with all the talent in the world it requires a lot of intensity, for me, and that requires energy, a good internal fire, working and stoking the fire are two secrets revealed, there is always magic, you have to be working in flow to experience it. Last foto a Great Horned owl that Agent R and myself saw the other day, it saw us first no doubt.
Now back to work!









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Self Portrait (Cosmic Wanderer)

This is a digi self portrait, I have upgraded from digi finger painting to using a Wacom pen, and so far I am very happy with the results. I find that the ease of the pen and the drawing program I have been using is a relief to my usual modus operandi, acrylic paint. I am not entirely sure if I will ever give up painting, but I will continue to explore the digital version, and see where it goes.
Currently I am contemplating going to Katmandu, it is a place where I can grow, and where I have the opportunity to learn from a true master of painting. When I stop and think about my adventures I must have some angels looking out for me, and I am grateful for it, the journey has been far from easy, though magical throughout.
FotoMahaloness DSP the Cosmic Wanderer and finalized Magical Molly




Saatchi Mahaloness

This is a very nice link to an online gallery that fearlessly and graciously offers an outlet for my art. It is a convenient way to order prints or even purchase originals. I am slowly opening channels to my work and in doing so hope there are some folks out there that love what they see and feel, and would like to add that energy to a wall somewhere near them, as a high quality print, with options for canvas or poster format, it is my intention to share my work with you. Maybe even as a gift for a special loved one, a little bit of Mahaloness is guaranteed good energy. I welcome you to explore my work on Saatchi’s online gallery, I will be periodically posting new work to the site, to keep it fresh and current. I have plenty of imagery that I would like to continue sharing, and I will! I am beginning to explore the idea of upgrades to my WordPress site, stylize it up a bit, give it a bit of love, thank you wordpress for providing in the interim. I will be working away at it, bit by bit, mark by mark, it’s a challenge to find the extra time, I will, please remain patient. I am looking forward to continuing to share my work with you, and the journey. It is my goal to make my work accessible to as many people as I can, with the help of this blog, and other channels, and who knows maybe break down some of the stereotypes that are associated with being an artist, if I am lucky, though that may be a tall order. I have been blessed to witness the positive impacts my art and words make, it easily overshadows the hard times, please forgive me if sometimes I do go on on tangents, I am an Aquarius, though of the moderate variety, most times, or not. My passion for making art is alive and flourishing, and to be present in such extraordinary times, making art is something I do not take for granted, it is an honor. I will leave you with this, It is true that mistakes are a part of living, and certainly mistakes are part of the recipe for a life well lived. I dedicate my art to Earth, the planet that gives us home, life, water, food, shelter, and thankfully paint. Mahaloness Shane
Buddhabear based on a real life encounter I had with a Grizzly and a hummingbird in the wilderness of British Columbia, outside the grounds of a festival, in a tutu, one summers morning. I go to great lengths to make my art, I have lived a charmed life no doubt.