Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Loving Kindness

Perhaps it can be said that there is not enough loving kindness in the world. This planet is filled with humans, there is hardly a place where you can go that isn’t occupied by other humans. What I find interesting is just how little we know about each other, and how this unknowing produces a lot of chaos. In my humble opinion we have been misguided by the powers that be, and this has gone on for a good long while. As advanced as technology may be, as sophisticated as humans might think themselves to be, the reality is that we are humans not much different from our early ancestors. We have created lots of things with our brains, some good, some not so good. We have technology that given the right application might be useful, whilst  we also have proven to have a knack for using the things in very destructive ways ; all in the name of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, DEMOCRACY, TRUTH, and LIBERTY. Consequently we are left with a lot of problems, which has created a need to find new solutions. Over the last decade I have listened to a many opinions about climate, about Earth, and about how things are. I feel that in a lot of cases the challenge of speaking about Earth and climate is that it is a complex system that has cycles and variations. The one constant perhaps is that is constantly revolving. I studied Earth and Climate at University, I was an average student as I didn’t agree with most of the information being spoon fed into my mouth. I realised that the real mandate for university is to capitalise on youth by promising them a bright future meanwhile forcing many into debt and destroying a lot of dreams. Now this might seem harsh, this was my experience and well nearly every person I know who went to school either made insane sacrifices or they borrowed money for a promise based on not much at all. Now I do not regret going to school, and made the most out of it. I made sure to learn things that I wanted to learn. I made sure to think critically and speak my mind, even when it was uncomfortable. It often was received with blank stares and on occasion threats of being kicked out of school. I took courses in areas of interest and that would be useful for cognition and building mindfulness. I think that we have a responsibility to ourselves to learn about each other, and all living things that call Earth home. In doing so we might begin to grasp just how interconnected we all our and even the tiniest of choices can make a tiny difference instead of doing nothing like a deer in the headlights. This life is a precious gift. It is not for the government to determine how we live or want to live, nor is it their responsibility to take care of us because if they did I would not be writing this blog. I am concerned for the welfare of humanity, I am concerned about the fact we are in a period of extinctions and our reaction has been a pretty good indication of just how little we stand by each other. This being said, there is a new wave of energy that is beginning to bring us a little closer together. By joining individual voices we learn form each other and what was once a tiny voice becomes a giant voice. The time for loving kindness is here, we can choose to keep destroying the precious gift or we can make real and simple changes that will give hope to the new generations, and all life on Earth.


Precious Moments on Earth


Life on the Prairie 


That time I painted at a festival and I simply disappeared. 


Recycled Art series, using materials over and over again. 


Ready to be mounted 


DaliBasquiat Recycled Series no. 123


caught in the maze




one step at a time 

‘Humans and Art are like bees to pollen’ ❤️ took place MAY 11 at the Junction YYC 628 8 Ave SW @junctionyyc 💚 which shed light on some very talented Calgary and Alberta folk including

Shanise Ford @humans_and_art
Suzanne Piechotta
Alexandra Jaco @musicization
Dean Miller (incredible painter artist human featured at the end of the minimo) @deanmillerart  @bluvelvetti  @colville_troy. @dawsonbrown.sickbassbro @gkpainting @mahalones @plasticheartsurgery@saga_of_the_frog

to name a few and representing a new wave of talented art folk from the underground and up.

The Junction YYC Humans and Art Lounge Space open for the next few months for viewing which I highly recommend to Calgarians and visitors alike. If you want to see true Canadian art and fresh perspectives on what it means to be human than do yourself a favour and get down and check out the art before this wave passes.

located 628  8 Ave. SW

The Junction YYC link


the mind is similar to a crystal, it has many facets 


The Blue Medicine Tara dedicated to @gretathunberg in her courageous and necessary stand for a better world and brighter future ❤️

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Now some words from hälts pictured above….

There is a metamorphosis going on, the acknowledgement of pain and suffering as part of the experience and acceptance of its weight. Strengthen spirit, forgiveness, honouring the work done in the passing cycle and arrival to new understanding. Rebirth of compassion while seeking the underlying truth, what lies underneath the veil and exposing the light within. Channeling inner rage and fierceness  into powerful works of art without hindrance, free from fear, expectation and result. Going deep, treating painting and art with the utmost respect and honouring the gift given. 
© hälts 2018 

All art here is my own made my me hälts and also a few collaborations with my foamie family down in southern Mexico. All images are not to be used by people who do not respect the message, if any of these images resonate with you please do use them as a screensaver, print a small poster, whatever you need to do, if there is a connection listen to it. Art is a bridge and and my purpose is to share my art with everyone. This is my New Years gift to you. Any questions please email me at or leave a comment. Let’s make this world a better place this year and say goodbye to the things that haunt us so we can reach our true potential, together. Peace, prosperity and well being to you all. 

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Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…

Mahaloness is a portal to CARE. Here you are welcome to visit, all ages, all walks of life, here there is no discrimination, here there is no judgement, it is a place where I share my authenticity, my art, my poems, my words, and my care. Yes I sometimes get angry, yes I sometimes feel sad, yes sometimes I feel lonely, and yes I do feel despair. Some think I am crazy, some ask what drugs I am on, people will say what they want to say, opinions  and gossip propelled by an ignorance of the Darkness, so it goes, and the world continues to mourn. So be it this will not stop me from doing the work that needs to be done.

Mahaloness minimotionpicture show with sound featuring ‘Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…’

Thank you

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Love and compassion

No matter what gets thrown at me, I have angels looking out for me. Those moments when I am being tested, I have a mantra, ‘love and compassion’. The simple act protects me against those whose desire is to upset my inner peace. In many years of making art I have faced adversity, even when things appear to be hopeless, I dig deep, hand to my heart, for the warrior is strong in me. Thoughts try to sabotage me, especially when I am in a weakened state, it is important to be resilient and not let the fake take stake, for my heart is my temple, my love unabashed, time is precious, and so must Mahaloness carry on.
FotoMahaloness Tara Moderna painting to digi remix and a bit of Buddhabear and Isis





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Sending Mahaloness to Colorado, for the innocent lives lost in a senseless act of cowardice. It is sad that tragedy is so engrained in our collective story, what is the point? Put your guns down! To Colorado and to those affected, love and compassion to you, may you heal from this tragedy.


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This is what I do

This is what I do. No matter what you think about me, how well you think you know me, or what I say, none of it will change the fact that this is what I do. I work with heart and mind in alignment. All the bullshit, all the pressures, the anxieties, the confusion, the ups and downs will ever change what I do. I am an artist, that is the role I play. This is what I do. I choose Mahaloness, I will continue to follow my dream, no matter what, automatic. I make marks, beautiful marks, with beautiful colours, this is what I do, when my time comes, I am aware that the work I make, the art, will carry my light. You want to judge me, you want to doubt me, you want to humble me, go ahead. You want to see me fail, I say to you that I will continue to bloom. I am deep into my work, going 10 years straight, working at it every day, and for better or for worse it has been my choice and I accept that. I paint, I photograph, I write, I build sculpture, I make art. I channel spirit, if you are unfamiliar with spirit or question spirit than this is your choice, and that’s okay too. I am aware of the impact I am making, and as long as I am aligned with love and compassion, than the work I do is exceptional. When the storms roll in and toss me around than the work turns chaotic and flow can be difficult. It doesn’t mean I give up, even if the universe is a beast and wants to eat me up, I am a satyagraha, a peaceful warrior and will overcome all obstacles. I am Mahaloness. I just want to be free, I just want to bring light into the dark times we are in. What else am I to do, I don’t know. I just want to be free, I just want to see my dream through and share it with you. Even in my darkest moment I will shine within. I will find solace in fulfilling my dream, and deliver my beauty, automatic. I am here on Earth to be of service, you want to eat me up, use me up, manipulate me, and challenge me, go ahead, I will smile within and send you love and compassion. I just want to be, I just want to dream, I just want to love and be loved, I just want to live by living and reach out to those who find struggle within. I am aloha, I am joy, I am your friend even if you are my enemy. I will not wait, I will not plan, I will not follow the directive that you give to me, I chose this path and will follow it through with or without your approval, I will love you even if my humanness gets in the way, beyond the superficial, emotional, I am a light being, filled with verve, here to do my work, the good work, the path of Mahaloness.
Fotografica Mahaloness are visual clues I leave, some portray the art, some the energy that feel, the flow that flows through me, channeling creative spirit. I will see it through, if you are an art dealer and you want to pick me up, pick me up. I just want to make art, okay.

The sun and the clouds. I made a sculpture from beach debris at a place called cove near Paia, 2 little kids walked by, they were around 5, as they passed they said to me ‘that’s cool’, the work did what it was meant to do, if a wave came and took it away than I would also say that the ocean loved it too. The paintings are my abstract work, when I travel to a place and there is a lot of stimulation, I tend towards abstract, it is more true to the moment, and channels pure energy without the aid of symbols. The Mona Lisa was painted on the sunshine coast BC it was made on floatsam, sea debris, she is the Sunshine Coast incarnate. Kissing turtles on recycled tike meant for the dump transformed into Mahaloness gold.The green and orange/red picture are energy photos, part of my photografica collection. If you like what you see let me know, especially if you are in a dark period, I can help to the best of my ability. love and compassion is best shared. If you are an angel funder and you like what you see, become a patron, it is never too late, and if you have to make excuses than carry on.









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The dharma wheel

Sitting in Cafe Mambo, sipping on Kona, fresh vision in mind, napkin, pen, drawing, and an idea blossoms. The good work is work that is essential to our well being, it is work, it is play, it is ongoing no time to waste. Karmic work, the Mahaloness spreads. This is not the art world, this has nothing to do with fame and fortune, it is about the good work, compassion and working with your gift. The gift is whatever it is, doing what you love and loving what takes place, sharing and planting seeds of goodness. Being thankful, taking action, getting in flow, without hesitation, discerning, and letting momentum build, the dharma wheel spins.




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Keepers of the good work

It is amazing to this human being, the people out there who are truly the caretakers of goodwill, and Mahaloness. They are from all walks of life, whether it is a WW2 vet who was in Pearl Harbour, who witnessed a scene that no movie could ever recreate, or a man named Berry, or Barry, like strawberry, who is the caretaker of the cooconut tree and witnessed two turtles kissing, or Benny, who keeps the streets clean in Paia, with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen, missing teeth and all, it is truly astonishing. These are the people, hardly known yet known by many through there good work and purveyors of Mahaloness, wow! so amazing, inspiring and every single one of these gentle humans deserving of Noble Peace prizes! It gives me hope, hope in this world, and love for my brother and sisters, the kind of love that has no bounds, no reason, the kind of love that cares for this place, the people, the animals, and Mother Earth. It is difficult to put it into one blog, which I am grateful for WordPress who has provided the channel, a channel where the experiences can be shared, and we as people can learn to appreciate one another in a deep and meaningful way, and if you are out there and shaking your head, or doubting these words, I will say this, keep following this blog, and I bet that frown will turn into the world largest smile, what a beautiful thing to see.