Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Update on Mahaloness

Been working in some new paintings and doing lots of travelling this past summer and fall, the blog has been a little slow as a result. I do have a good feeling as winter approaches there will be an upsurge of Mahaloness for my fellow Earth beings. You can also find me on Instagram as ‘Mahaloness’


in the meantime here is a few things I have been working on, enjoy.

Mask No.23

ink to digital

c. hälts ART 2015


Ho’okipa Sunset tide pools

travel docufoto

c. hälts ART 2015


Something new I am trying and great way to enjoy my art, I am now working with RageON! Follow the link to check out my latest stuff! To chck out my hälts ART White Tara sweatshirt all-over print, click hereimage

a new hältsART video production. c.2015 a visual with sound expereince.

I am in rhythm with the night as the dreamtime work continues…(new paintings in studio Mahaloness)image

a new hältsART Buddha commission in flow…image

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Todays Mahaloness is brought to you by the number 23.
fotoMahaloness -paintaverse discoveries made while out on creative explorations. Color theory alone does not explain these discoveries and much further research is required. Color is my first language, the multitude of color combinations I have discovered in the lab is astonishing, and I simply cannot say what the overall effect of all this exposure to color will have on me, I guess I will just have to explore this matter a little deeper.








All fotos are the property of Mahaloness consent is required if you would like to use these images in any way, and always please reference the fotos at the very least. Mahaloness

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Colo(u)r blast

Colo(u)r blast set off in the art lab, no shortage of mind blowing happy accidents, well not really accidents, when you mix as much paint as I do you are bound to come across some truly miraculous discoveries. Also in this installment of fotoMahaloness I begin to work in the details of one of the subjects of my mural, it is really coming together. I have also been documenting this process thoroughly, I really want to put a time-lapse together, might take me a while to get there, with a little patience I think it will happen.



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Red tidfacto

Stone is Ruby
Metal is iron
Musical note is “C”
Prevailing in herbs, clouded lights, glass and Golden fluids acrylic paint, and so on…
passion when seen in aura and as well as fighting spirit
Cures state of paralysis, emotional reaction a precursor, red!
Stimulates body and blood

Tidfacto is a fact but only a tid of a fact, the ‘o’ is for sound only, not taken as masculine such as seen in the Spanish language.
Mahalonessfoto Red examples from paint to digital, this is my art, meaning I made it, if there’s any confusion out there as to whether or not the images I post are my own, they certainly were produced or documented by yours truly, Mahaloness. If you love it and for whatever reason use it, without my knowing, and I know, send a thank you so I can send a you a welcome, this all comes from the same source after all, though I like other artists out there like to live, and I do live by my art. Mahaloness








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Colourful Mahaloness interlude

FotoMahaloness paintaverse, a cosmic treat for the eyes.
A paintaverse is a universe made of paint, oh what wonderful paintaverse you be. And!
Drink wheatgrass, really really good for you, preferably from the soil of a wheatgrass farm, green heart goodness, all the way.
The artist life is a good life to be.
Buddhabear is almost ready for publication. Soon, first sleep, cut down coconuts and a surf on Lady Pacifica.