Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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A quote and the collabomagic continues…

An exerpt from
‘The symbol-producing function of our dreams is thus an attempt to bring the original mind of man into “advanced” or differentiated consciousness, where it has never been before and where, therefore, it has never been subjected to critical self-reflection. For, in ages long past, that original mind was the whole of man’s personality. As he developed consciousness, so his conscious mind lost contact with some of that primitive psychic energy…Yet it seems that what we call the unconscious has preserved primitive characteristics that formed part of the original mind. It is to these characteristics that the symbols of dreams constantly refer, as if the unconscious sought to bring back all the old things from which the mind freed itself as it evolved- illusions, fantasies, archaic thought forms, fundamental instincts, and so on.
This is what explains the resistance, even fear, that people often experience in approaching unconscious matters. These relict contents are not merely neutral or indifferent. On the contrary, they are so highly charged that they are often more than merely uncomfortable. They can cause real fear. The more they are repressed, the more they spread through the whole personality in the form of a neurosis.’

Fotomahaloness -exploring ancient Egypt, a collaboration, or as my title suggests, collabomagic. Agent R and I are working together, the creative flow is swift, the new year off to a good start as winter season unfolds, short days, cool nights, and ancient mystery in my mind’s eye. I have always appreciated the symbols, the ancient languages that have stood the test of time, encoded into our collective psyche even if evolutionary forces have worn away at its relativity. The ancients certainly did leave us clues about who they were, even though they are also heavily shrouded in mystery. It seems to me that the magic that prevailed than is here with us now, and that whatever the Egyptians were tapped into, that we too have the capability to do so as well. It is food for thought, and with that it is again time to paint, until the next one, Mahaloness.
Like what you see, you can order one of my paintings as a high quality print, or the original, shipped right to your door, here is a link to that painting featured on my Saatchi online gallery, it is called ‘Breath of Life’
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Collaboration with Agent R

In the right conditions, collaborative efforts with two or more beings will produce an exponential spike in creativity. This is also perfect conditions for feeling the joy of sharing in creative process, and when it works the efforts will certainly speak for themselves. Even when I create on an individual level, such as being in the studio bunker, late at night, headphones on, deep into it, I sense a presence, perhaps this is spirit, it channels through me and that is also, in one way or another, a form of collaboration. If this is something that interests you may I suggest you look up William Blake, British spirit painter and prose. Love and peace to all beings.
Fotomahaloness -fruition made possible with Agent R, we have yet to come up with a title, so untitled awesome is what it will be for the moment(s). Agent R suggested this painting is reflective of the feminine form and energy, a female reclamation, which is for me a great honor to be part of that process. It deepens my appreciation for what Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology called the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind; the animus in myself, and for Agent R her inner anima. It is the yin and the yang, the balance, judgement, planetary influence, and the all-seeing eye, both waking and dreamtime. It is partially surreal, abstract and conceptual. We did not plan this one out, now that we have worked together we are considering a bit of a strategy for the next one. I would like to say that this kind of process sharing is healthy and healing, it is through the simple act of creativity that walls disappear.
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