Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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ancient rhythm

Sometimes I go back, way back, connecting to a time before time, in a feild, on a parallel plane, in a space, in another dimension. Here I find Ancient rhythm.

Breath of Life (Isis)
12x30x2 in.
Acrylic on reclaimed alleyway canvas
‘Breath of Life’ is available as an original art and prints, click here
IMG_5513.PNGnature moments no.2375 thru 2379

IMG_5501.PNGnature speaks in many ways

IMG_5500.PNGwitnessing the great mystery beyond



Dedicated to all the wolves.

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art lovers

I may not make the cut when it comes to online popularity art contests, or making the shortlist for art residencies around the globe, perhaps why I make art has nothing to do with gaining fame or notoriety, heaven knows how foolishly I have tried, perhaps it’s not even meant for people. Several hundred visits in my lifetime ranging from insects to the furry categories, seem to suggest something else is going here, something bigger, and I am okay with that, keep it coming, thats what I say. Otherwise all I have is the rejection letter from the last submission saying, ‘we absolutely loved your stuff unfortunately the level of art was just a tick more arty than yours, please try again next year:)! Alright enough of this banter onwards.
fotoMahaloness art lovers







paint farm20131202-001851.jpg