Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Many Thanks

Many Thanks to those who have been following Mahaloness over the years, as I near completion of my newest mural project I am feeling psyched, stoked and grateful for this life. In celebration of life here is a few fotos of recent work and special offer I have going on for the next 2 days (March 4&5) to get your own hälts wearable art item, bringing deep and meaningful art to you in a wearable form, see details below.


💚’Goddess of Compassion Cashmere Silk Scarf’ (foto of a silk scarf with a painting called ‘White Tara for Agnus’ by ‘hälts’ the artist responsible for almost all of artwork featured here on Mahaloness)

Today and tomorrow I am offering a 20% discount on silk scarfs as well as some sweet ladies fashions with hältsART paintings printed on them (use this discount code: LNP-XVPED3Z). This is a global project from Paris to Karachi to Canada and beyond. You get to enjoy deep and meaningful art on your quality clothing made with care. Check it out in next 2 days (Sat&Sun) and get 20 % off purchases $75+
Here is the link to my little shop, collections will be made in small barches, keeping it limited edition and extra special.


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Mahalo! Merci! Thank you! Gracias!



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Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…

Mahaloness is a portal to CARE. Here you are welcome to visit, all ages, all walks of life, here there is no discrimination, here there is no judgement, it is a place where I share my authenticity, my art, my poems, my words, and my care. Yes I sometimes get angry, yes I sometimes feel sad, yes sometimes I feel lonely, and yes I do feel despair. Some think I am crazy, some ask what drugs I am on, people will say what they want to say, opinions  and gossip propelled by an ignorance of the Darkness, so it goes, and the world continues to mourn. So be it this will not stop me from doing the work that needs to be done.

Mahaloness minimotionpicture show with sound featuring ‘Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…’

Thank you

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Poemahaloness ( defn: (po em ma hä lo nesss) a poem written while tapped into Mahaloness)
What is the state? Where are we at people? Are we here, presently residing, or, are we dwelling in the last wondering how we got here, searching for answers amongst the absurd, wishing. I am wishing on my lucky star, staring up high into the sky. As my eyes travel ahead the light reflected brings me back, I am here. I am here on this Earth next to you and you and you. This place my home, whether I pay rent or not. You want to box me in, hold me down, and feed me this food that is so far from good it makes people cry, ‘why!?’ Why do we feel the need to consume and resume on a course that is so selfish and petty, a drapery so cliche and gaudy, that we cannot even recognize our true lies. The irony, the contradictions, running rampantly around, where do we begin and where do we submit, surrender, commit and be in silence for a while. I stare up into the sky looking in the whole time, until a touch from you brings me to, and peace and oneness caresses my tired bones, tired from carrying the weight and the martyrdom that holds me back, unable to share the light, and offer to you all I can in this life. Well I do. I do submit and will put all of my love into you. And you the reflection of the love will return, a positive feedback loop that will gather momentum and carry us on through. This I feel inside, these are the words that I leave, my breadcrumbs for you.
Mahalonessfoto -I am happy to say I am worth half a billion, very Mahaloness. So if you think I am struggling I can assure you I am doing well and thank you for caring.