Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Someone said to me that we live in strange times. Funny though, when weren’t the times strange? It is easy to romanticise about the good old days. When you really look at the past there has been strangeness all along. We have fought in many many wars. We have experienced pandemics and plagues that wiped out large numbers of the population. There have been brutal dictators who took the lives of millions, all in the name of power and fame, or is it infamy. Humans as a lot have been particularly brutal to our Mother Earth, putting themselves above that which provide life for them. This is not just at the hands of the industrialists, it’s you and I, it’s everyone. We drive cars everyday. We jet set to get away form our lives, only finding we have to return to them. We consume goods like no ones business for pleasure; the insatiable need to taste the riches of our own individual successes. None of this is good or bad, it is just what we have done collectively, and collectively we have been swayed by our own arrogance, an ego shell in the form of the roles we play. But wait. There is human qualities that also have allowed us to endure even the hardest and darkest hours on this tiny blue and green dot. We are a resilient bunch, we have overcome so many obstacles and celebrated life when time permits. We praise thee God, the gods, the Creator, the thing that makes this this. We have weathered storms since the beginning of time and before time was time. Now time has stood on its head, by a virus, an obstacle, a messenger, perhaps even a prophet. Days that flew by now take a little longer, things slowing down, this translating into boredom for some. No doubt it would appear that our lives before the pandemic became intertwined with the global economy, codependent on each other to sustain. The desire to always be driven forward, never time to think about, let alone be in the present moment. The present moment an eternity, unchanging, true being, the I house. Nothingness that everything, all this stuff, passes through, coming and going, yet here the I am remains. It is a time to celebrate this life, rediscover our true self, put down our judgements, our guards, a rebirth of cool. Soon calm will follow after the storm. Now let the mind be free.

Note: These are my thoughts and shared thoughts of fellow humans that I have been resonating with during the last few weeks, I have experienced intermittent moments of anger and rage over the things outside of me, outside of my control. Perhaps we all have. We all have our way of dealing or not dealing with that which we face. I have found the hardship and the suffering have opened my heart up. Similar to the lake ice melting, I can hear the cracks, the booms, slowly opening up again after many years of struggle. Thank you Earth, Thank you family, and thank you friends. Thank you. We will be ok. Breathe.


The sky is full of miracles.



3 herons


hälts minimotion ‘millions of dreams’ with soundscape ‘sky bound’



a bee I did for a buddhy, bee like bee, let it bee…



This group of paintings is representative of the thoughts and feelings that have come and go during this pandemic, moments of anger and emotions, moments of primal instincts, joy, and future visions. Ideas that come and go through this house, inner outer spirit remains true, no change. 


one of my roles is care giver for my elderly parents. 


sometimes purple haze

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I went to a lake with my best friend
She had never seen a bald eagle soar
Nor bear witness to an osprey’s dive
Near the water’s edge did we see
All of this
And even a hummingbird
golden eagle
and a blue heron
a pair no less!

fotoMahaloness -birdslife naturally, as above so below.



2 blue herons, which tend to be solitary, these two were displaying some nice synchronicity20130617-132113.jpg





and yes this is bear country, nicely juxtaposed to a windy stretch of highway, Auctung wildlife ahead!20130617-145633.jpg

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The Tao of Mahaloness

With the exception of the mongoose, the weasel looking roadkill, and in fact the only true roadkill, all the other images seen here I found in obscure locations, and can only surmise what happened. The piece of slimy skin looked and felt like rubber, I found it washed up on the beach, it looked like maybe it was from a shark, or from remnants of a shark attack on a dolphin, or something with grey rubbery skin, and the bird with the wings outwards was in the middle of a field next to a cliff on the North shore of Maui, inexplicable, it’s feet we’re missing? The little bird I found in a stone labyrinth, I ended up giving the little fella a burial, under a really old palm tree, it looked to have fallen form it’s nest. The lizard was strange, beautiful coloration, perhaps the casualty of an island cat. In nature there is life and there is death, a ongoing cycle, though not necessarily true for every species, some never return, they become extinct, perhaps this is natural evolution, I do not know. It really is a complex world we live in, full of mystery, or is it strange happenstance. This is a small collection of documented moments whilst exploring, perhaps signs, to be aware of my own mortality, and a fundamental truth, that I will die one day, and therefore take each day as a beautiful gift, however it comes, being grateful, the Tao of Mahaloness.
FotoMahaloness -a few selections of imagery to support the words, or perhaps the pictures say what all needs to be said. Hey Picasso, is this art?!