Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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post post modern life

Life is so post squared modern. 


Alchemeyez Conference docufoto c. 2012 Big Island Hawai’i otherwsie known as Mu


Eagle Medicine, Windermere BC , Canada


Gardens are magical places. (Molly’s Garden, Windermere BC)


Crystal Alignment, hälts docufoto c.2014 with Agent R


Post squared modern mask Moleskine ink doodle no.755


Big Hau is real.

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bee on the wall

I am a bee on the wall. (bee stencil art by hälts c.2014)

I am a man walking down the busy city street. (hälts street fotography Toronto c.2005)

I am the shadow in a quiet street. (shadow work, Paia town, Maui explorations c.2012)

I am the social experiment at a festival (Entheos 2011, art experiment no. 55 fotodocument)

I am the Chief on the bus.

(Bassbus c.2011, detail looking at Chief Big Hau, he is based on a Chief from the Siksika Nation (Cluny Alberta)  whom my grandfather befriended in the 1930’s)

I am one with it, yet also insignificant, a small speck surrounded by the infinite.